[UPDATE] Kris Wu in a Dating Rumour: True or False?


No ill feeling in this article! I just want to write some facts for you guys!

Update: I know some people still come to this article, so I added more information at the end.

Chinese Canadian girl, Xiao G Na, posted a weibo message for Kris Wu which created a big buzz. She asked him why he isn’t answering her messages and accuse him of giving her the cold shoulder because he is breaking up with her.


Many c-netizens criticized her post, calling her insane and delusional. (I loved how in one of the top comments, a fan wrote, “You call yourself his girlfriend but how come you don’t know his trajectory as well as his (hardcore) fans?”)

Today, more people, presumably his ex-girlfriends or flings, released pictures of Kris smoking and in bed. This news became one of the hot searches and as of right now, the tags 撑你到底吴亦凡 (Always Support Wu Yifan) and 疑似吴亦凡床照 (Suspicious Bed Pictures of Wu Yifan) are the Top 2 and Top 3 on weibo.

Reasons why it is Kris on the pictures:

1- It looks a lot like him

61e7f4aajw1f4v6hzrjf5j20dw0iiacz 61e7f4aajw1f4v6hzxt6ij206d06d3yi

2- There are more people than just one that are releasing testimonies

Reasons why it is not Kris on the pictures:

1- Fans declare the form of the ear is very different.


2- Also, Kris is missing some hair in the back


3- Kris’s company has released official statement declaring Xiao GNa is not his girlfriend


Updated information

As of June 22nd, Kris Wu officially requested a lawsuit against Xiao G Na for defamation of character for 220 thousand RMB. This probably means the two knows each other; otherwise, the lawsuit would have been for “false claim”. If you are curious about what is happening with this whole situation, here are some information from @Lia. High likely, the girl knows Kris and tried to use him to debut as a celebrity (:”D I will not comment on this). We added these information to the Ent Update here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.12.54 PM

Xiao G Na released professional pictures on the same day she posted her infamous weibo message:

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.13.16 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.13.25 PM

New information: the photographer behind these photoshoots had no rights to share the pictures. Xiao G Na declares she doesn’t want to debut.


19 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Kris Wu in a Dating Rumour: True or False?

  1. angie says:

    Just popping in to say that I saw a posting about this on Netizen Buzz, here’s the link: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2016/06/picture-of-kris-in-bed-leaked.html

    According to the NB commenters, if you scroll a little past the most popular comment, it’s a lookalike? I’m not sure who to believe, but it’s food for thought. The lookalike mentioned is this person: http://a.disquscdn.com/get?url=http%3A%2F%2Fimgur.com%2F3yTlmcH.jpg&key=vFiiu0eqhyqEoGjWnAgJww&w=600&h=463


    • intellectualkitten says:

      hey! thanks for the comment 🙂 this picture is not trending on weibo when i checked but a lot of people are assuming the picture is Kris, but manipulated 🙂


      • angie says:

        No problem! If there’s anything I’m confused about, it’s Xiao Gna’s post to begin with! If he broke up with her or is breaking up with her, why would he want to talk to her afterwards? After all, I don’t contact my exes or get contacted by my exes after a true break up unless it’s years later for a random reason.

        Also I agree with the other commenters ^^ he’s a 26 year old man, his relationships are his business and it’s unlikely that he’s celibate although he should date girls who respect him more…

        Liked by 1 person

      • intellectualkitten says:

        Xiao G Na sounds like an “attention seeker” from her posts about Kris so I am not even sure she dated him!… but if she did, she should have shown some respect for him. The only reproach I have towards Kris is… he should choose who to date more carefully 😛


  2. Ann says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see what the big deal is… he’s a 26 year old man. I’d more surprised if he wasn’t dating or seeing people… People seem to be overanalyzing this


    • BeerDeer says:

      Who knows, maybe he has a some weird “toilet” fetish like that guy Park Yoochun? These asian boy sure have problem with their little johnsons


      • intellectualkitten says:

        haha… I am following Park Yoochun’s situation very closely… I am sure he is not the only one with these underground activities.


  3. I also agree that it is not big deal. I don’t know if the people on Netizenbuzz are right and who is that lookalike, but the pictures do look like Kris :/ Anyway, a twenty-sixth sleeping with girls? Shocking! *sarcasm* Seriously, he is talented enough to survive this kind of trivial “scandal”


    • Ann says:

      Exactly, my only comment is that Kris should be more careful about who he’s sleeping with… if they’re all rushing to broadcast the fact that they’ve been with him (and are apparently taking pictures of him sleeping in bed), he probably should look at the kind of girls he’s been seeing.


      • Totally. That girl was ready to ruin his career just for her own five minutes of fame. Maybe he told her he would actually date her, but it sounds like he wanted to be more casual then anything else. Kris should be more careful choosing his girlfriends.


  4. Lia says:

    It’s not true. The wechat she presented as “evidence” is actually doctored because the fonts are not the same.

    If it’s true, he’s a 26 year old man, who’s handsome and famous. Who won’t want to sleep with him? Did people expect him to ‘save for marriage’?

    But I think mainly it’s not true because I do follow his movements and he’s usually bombarded with events and his studio won’t be able to take legal action if it’s something real.

    But to shed good light on things….he just signed with JACKIE CHAN’S COMPANY!!! For his Chinese activities. So nothing can bring him down


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Omg, seriously? I thought Kris was already with a super famous company… why did he feel the need to change?
      Also, glad to know that picture is fake :))

      EDIT: Just read the news on weibo. Feng Xiaogang also gave him best wishes… woah


      • Lia says:

        Kris was NEVER with Huayi. Sure he is close friends with a lot of key people there but he never signed with them. He was independent the whole time.

        He has said a lot of times he doesn’t want to sign with any big company because he don’t want his creative freedom restricted.


        He said it in People’s magazine interview. You can read the whole thing there.

        Jackie Chan’s Sparkle Roll Media is new. He’s the first artist signed under them, so I believe he will still get the creative freedom and final say in what he takes. That is the luxury he won’t get if he’s under a big company like Huayi or EMedia


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yes, I knew he wasn’t with Huayi. I remember when Kris started in Cent, there was a lot of talks about which company he will choose, since a lot of big ones talked with him. It is better to go with a small one, this way, he brings more money home and there is a lot of freedom.

        Jackie Chan is also slowly moving in Korea? I heard he started a kpop band before 🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      sorry, sometimes comments take time to be approved and I didnt have the chance to come on the blog these days… I will get back to you soon 🙂


  5. Lia says:

    Could not reply your comment, but Sparkle Roll Media is Hong Kong base. It’s not the same as JJCC the group he started in his company in Korea which I think he half arse.

    Liked by 1 person

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