Entertainment Update: Jackie Chan movies, Gui Zhong Mei Ren, Press Conferences


How is everyone’s Wednesday going? Not complete because you weren’t able to read an entertainment update yet? 8D Joke aside, here is a new batch of stills, press conference and trailers. As the industry still didn’t recover from the highly mediatised Shanghai Movies Festival, the movie land is busy at work.

This is pretty cool: Wallace Chung has a new modern drama. He will play in upcoming novel to drama adaptation of 一路繁花相送 with actress Jiang Shuying.


New trailer for Ice Fantasy! What do you think?

Badass picture of all the costars of Jackie Chan for all four of his upcoming projects! Is this what you call squad goal?


Some character stills for Skiptrace


The other movie, 铁道飞虎 Railroad Tigers, will come out in December. It stars Huang Zitao, Darren Wang, and Jackie Chan.


My Best Friend’s Wedding held a press conference.

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And so did So I Married My Hater.


New poster for Chinese Odyssey 3 with Tang Yan and Han Geng.


Angelababy started filming for Independence Day, the Hollywood blockluster. Looking good!


Bai Baihe and Jin Dong will be collaborating in a medical drama,外科风云, of 30 episodes. They started filming this week.


Some eye candy pictures of William Chan for I Love that Crazy Little Thing.

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More stills for Gui Zhong Mei Ren.

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Press conference for Whirlwind Girl 2.


New drama 因为遇见你 with Sun Yi released a poster.


The movie version of Summer’s Desire is finally in motion. The movie stars Zhao Bin, Him Law, and Huang Can Can.


Stills of Zhu Zixiao for new drama Son of Hero. Please be a good guy this time because I really want to root for your happiness!

1 2 3 4

Pictures of Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen. Just get married already guys! ❤

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Disneyland in Shanghai opened their doors today! Celebrities who attended the VIP premiere includes Tong Liya, Sun Honglei, Sun Li, Chen Sicheng, Jiang Shuying and Lin Zhiling.

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For twelve years now, Ouyang Nana had celebrated her birthday with music. This year again, she will hold a concert. I am always amazed by her talented she is.


Finally, guess who is back in the studio? Are you ready for a new jam by flower boy Yang Yang?



6 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Jackie Chan movies, Gui Zhong Mei Ren, Press Conferences

  1. Please keep YY away from singing

    I hope Gui Zhong Mei Ren have interesting plot because I don’t want watch this drama only for set which I’ll obvious do. This drama worth to watch just because of Vic Zhou in it. Although I don’t expect much.


    • Nut YY is so adorkable when he dances/sings. :3 And his Chinese New Year song was so good, I still have it on my phone!
      Gui Zhong Mei Ren has a plot?! Joke, I am just looking at the pretty and I am satisfied so far. Definitely curious to see a trailer soon because it looks too fairy tale and colorful right now, I need some action! Exactly, Vic Zhou will definitely deliver. I just hope the female leads will be good too.


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