Angelababy and Wallace Cung Are Eye Candies in General and I


Some teaser pictures for General and I starring Wallace Chung and Angelababy. Let me raise my thumb for the stylists of this drama… you are doing a great job!

  • About 50 episodes
  • Chinese name: 孤芳不自赏
  •  Hatton Media Production Team


Bai Pingting (Angelababy) is the smart and talented servant of He Xia, the lord of Gui Le. One day, because of an attack, Pingting was seperated from her group and woke up in a human trafficking business. Soon, she was sold to a local rich family, the Hua. While playing the qin, she catches the attention of a passerby who turns out to be… the Lord of Zhen Bei and brother of the emperor, Chu Beijie (Wallace Chung). As Beijie fell in love with her melody, he came to the Hua to listen to her play. One thing led to another and after threatning her, she becomes his servant. Hence, her heart starts to go toward Chu Beijie even if her head and loyalty is still with her old master, He Xia. The thing is, He Xia and Chu Beijie are enemy…

This is a very popular Chinese novel. If you want to learn more about this story, here is the shushenbar link so that you can download the Ebook and the audiobook. There are also English translation available on moonbunnycafe. You can finally also read the manhua version up to chapter 12 on Mangafox and they have some nice discussion about it on their forums.

Now.. the pictures!!


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Wallace Chung


Gan Tingting


Sun Yizhou



8 thoughts on “Angelababy and Wallace Cung Are Eye Candies in General and I

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I just googled who Joey Wong is 😛 (I know, shame on me ><) She is so pretty! Both have very strong yet feminine and delicate feautres

      Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      OMG, I love your username. There is a brand of ramen called Oolong man and I used to work in a summer camp. All the kids love instant noodles and wanted to be Oolong men XD
      Sun Yizhou actually stars in a webdrama, it is a shame his dramas aren’t more popular.


  1. Lucy says:

    The stills look so pretty but Angelababy is way too pretty imo to Pingting but I have a feeling Wallace will be the driving force of this drama he always seems to overshadow his female lead no matter what type of role


    • intellectualkitten says:

      In Best Times, were he starred with Janine Chang… I liked her acting a little more 😛 But yes, Wallace nails every character he plays and I hope this drama succeeds as well ><


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