Entertainment Update: Never Gone, The Starry Night The Starry Sea, So Young + MORE


Here we go for another round of stills. This one is pretty packed! I am still mad they pushed Old Nine Gates for the beginning of July, but at least I have a lot of other dramas to look out for in the meantime… *sigh*

Li Yifeng started filming the movie 心理罪画像 Evil Minds alongside Liao Fan.


Eddie Peng will be collaborating with Deng Chao for an upcoming movie: 缉凶者. The filming will take place in Shanghai.

Victoria will take on a supporting role in the movie 反转人生 starring Xia Yu and Yan Ni. Additional cast include Wang Baoqiang and Zhang Xinyi.


Pictures of Ma Ke for The Journey


More gorgeous stills of Liu Yifei for Never Gone

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Pretty new stills for drama The Starry Night The Starry Sea with Feng Shaofeng and Bea Hayden.

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More posters for So I Married My Anti

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Skiptrace with Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing releases more posters

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Pictures of Angelababy for Independence Day

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I Love that Crazy Little Thing with Nicholas Tse, Tang Yixin, William Chan and Jessica Jung  

So Young with Ma Ke, Zhang Danfeng, Yang Le, and Chen Yao gets an air date for July 11th, 2016.

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More still for drama Decoded with Chen Xuedong and Ying Er. It also got a release date for the end of June! [edit: it is currently airing!]

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First look of drama Once Loved You Distressed Forever starring Tang Yixin and Jang Dong Gun.

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New High school romantic movie Crying Out in Love starring Ou Hao and Zhang Huiwen

William Chan released a new song for The Mystic Nine. The drama is pushed for July 4th, which in my opinion, really, really sucks.

New trailer for drama Ode to Gallantry.

Zu Mountain will get busy soon! Season 2 of drama Legend of Zu will be in filming phase again with Nicky Wu as the producer.


In the same direction, there will be a new adaptation of drama 《新蜀山劍俠傳》Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain.


Handsome Zhang Han hard at work with Go Junhee for upcoming drama The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream. Those legs! *_*

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A photoshoot of second female lead Song Yi.

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Yang Zi on the set of her new drama The Legend of Dragon Ball (raw translation of the title).


Zhao Liying after a hard day of work filming for Princess Agents.


Some picture of the girl for her new advertisement with ivvi phones.

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Janine Chang at a late Shanghai Film Festival Red Carpet


An old picture of cutie Fan Bingbing resurfaced on the net 😉


Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen in sexy and gorgeous photoshoot.

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16 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Never Gone, The Starry Night The Starry Sea, So Young + MORE

  1. I would be happy if 2 season of Legend of Zhu be less episodes than first was but I know it won’t. I heavily finished it, middle of drama was full of irrelevant arcs and some action were quit annoying, Besides I don’t image what will be second season about, probably same unhappy sh*t again lol But definitely I anticipating Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain! Movie was brilliant, I hope drama will be decent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Annie says:

      Yay, another Entertainment Update!

      Agreed. I fast-forwarded so much of Legend of Zu that I don’t think I can claim that I watched it. I just hope that my favourite actors aren’t returning to this train-wreck of a production. Why oh why is Nicky returning as a producer?!

      I’m not upset that The Mystic Nine has been pushed back to July. I gotta wait for subs anyways. hehe


      • Yah! Happy Wednesday!
        Haha, same boat as you! Nicky is coming back since he was the main producer the first time and he probably made lots of money LOL But entertainment wise, he should think harder on the new script…
        Tss, what about me?! Joke, I am contemplating rewatching old dramas. snif snif


    • Haha, period drama = got to hit the 40-50 episodes! I watched the beginning and the ending, does that count as finishing it? xD The cast looked very pretty, but the story started to bore me starting episode three if I remember correctly. It ended on an open ending so maybe they will keep going from there or they will cast a whole new team! Oh, Zu Warriors was a movie? Will change what I wrote on this post then, oups 😛 Same, curious how they will adapt this story!


      • Honestly, there is nothing decent in this series. I watched only because of Nicky and Liying and nearly skipped other parts of drama because is boring and most of it like I’ve already seen in other dramas.
        Yeah it’s HK film with Brigitte Lin


      • Yeah, I am also disappointed Nicky chose to go the safe way (idol xianxia drama without much content) instead of trying to bring out an amazing never seen type of drama. Ohhh, I love Brigitte Lin. Maybe I should check it out then…


  2. maymay says:

    I am reading more of Princess Agent. So not surprised ZLY in in such a state, her character goes through hell, like multiple times!


      • Maymay says:

        Well, I am still not done. But she has more near death experiences than I could count..and all of which comes after intense fighting. Like a few against hundreds or a few hundred against thousands. The fight scenes are all pretty epic so I don’t know if it will translate well onscreen if they don’t pump enough moolah into the production… well I don’t think she has to go through a JOF disfigurement..and the one she loves doesn’t want her dead..so yay?! But she is one hella strong lady despite all that..I mean she does get saved a lot but not before putting one hella fight.


      • Poor girl. But it sounds badass already. It is rare for girls to be generals and even more for them to have epic battle scenes (especially in non-wuxia context). I hope the stills and the trailers will be released soon because you are picking my curiosity. I wonder how they will adapt it!


  3. I though Decoded already aired on China? It is also licensed and already up on Viki. I ‘ll try this one for Cheney Chen (Chen Xuedong) and Ady An once they finishing the subs.


  4. Hannah says:

    Legend of Zu was a disaster. ZLY was the only saving factor.

    Ode of Gallantry looked like a mess from the trailer. TVB’s version was pretty good although not completely accurate from the novel.

    I’m waiting for new dramas to air. Ahhh…the anticipation


    • Haha, agrees! Although I didn’t check everything in Legend of Zu to give an accurate opinion.
      Ode of Gallantry: I loved the stills and MVs way more than that messy trailer. Hope the next trailers will be better.
      Same, girl, same. I am waiting veryyy patiently for my summer dramas to get out! grrr


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