[Quick Recap/Review] Yu Zui Season 2 Episode 1-12


Brace yourself! I will basically recap the whole season of twelve episodes in this one post. Haha, that’s me and my crazy ideas! I know not many of our viewers are watching this drama, but I still felt like finishing what I started.

Drama information

  • Chinese name: 余罪
  • Adapted from a novel of the same name, check baidu page here.
  • 24 Episodes
  • Length: 45min/episode
  • They will do 2 seasons, all will be released for IQiYi VIP membership.
  • Cast: Zhang Yishan, Chang Rong, Wu You, Zhang Jincheng, Du Ziming, Wang Ge, Ge Zheng, Zhang Cheng, Bai Yihong, Sun Jiayu, Zhang Yujian, Yu Xiao.

Story: A group of young students at the Police Academy gets into a fight at a local restaurant and are at risk to be expelled from the profession. Then comes in a high rank from the police authority, ready to offer them a second chance. If they can succeed his training, they can become policemen and all their past crimes will be erased. However, the training is very atypic. They will drop the kids in the middle of an unfamiliar city with nothing else than a cellphone (to call if they chose to drop from the training) and a bracelet (to keep track of their location). They will have to survive forty days in this city by themselves. One of the student, Yu Zui doesn’t want to follow the instructions and chose to find everyone else to ally together…

All twelve episodes were released on June 13th and I pretty much watched them all in four days: I got addicted. I originally read that there were supposed to be three seasons, but seems like they changed their mind. Either way, they wrapped up the story nicely in the 24 released episodes and it ended on an open ending. If they kept going with another season, then I may be worried the male lead will die by then…

Go check out first four episodes recap here, epsiodes 5-8 here and episode 9-12 here.


Ep. 1-4

Second boss Zheng Chao tries to trap and eliminate Yu Zui by calling the police on him. Yu Zui fights with his old classmate Jie Bing and survives again. Using ruse, Yu Zui allies with Fu Guosheng to lie to Zheng Chao, leading him to betray Fu Guosheng and admit his past sins. In the meantime, police supervisor Xu Pingqiu accepts Yu Zui’s request and puts his old classmates/friends as Yu Zui’s sidequicks in this dangerous spying mission. Now that Zheng Chao is finally eliminated, Yu Zui is considered one of the small boss of the drug market mafia.

12 38 4518 20

Episode three and four was mostly about Yu Zui’s difficulties as the new small boss. Fu Guosheng still tries to test Yu Zui by setting a trap for him (and he nearly felt for it). Other bosses are not happy with the rising star Yu Zui and comes to pick a fight with him. His good friend Zhang Meng gets caught during this fight and neither policeman Xu Pingqiu nor Mafia boss Fu Guosheng wants to help. Hence, Yu Zui decides to go to old classmate Jie Bing for police assistance. The problem was hence solved, but the police division is unhappy with Yu Zui’s behaviour. Hence, enters into this spy game Lin Yujing, older scary sister/policewoman, as the girlfriend of Yu Zui.


Ep. 5-8

Yu Zui and Lin Yujing act out a romantic relationship in front of Fu Guosheng and his wife Chen Jiawen to gain their trust. When Yu Zui receives a letter about the engagement of Jie Bing and An Jialu, his crush, he decides to go to the event to offer his congratulations and say faraway to his love. However, it turns out that the event was a trap and as full of police. Yu Zui runs away and An Jialu is furious to have been used like this. Later, Jie Bing keeps trying to find Yu Zui until they are both discovered by Fu Guosheng. Understanding that Yu Zui was doing a mission, Jie Bing tries to lie about their relationship, but Fu Guosheng is not convinced. Unless Yu Zui kills Jie Bing, he will not trust him again. Hence, Yu Zui fakes Jie Bing’s death through drowning and now, Jie Bing finally has to keep a low profile.


Chen Jiawen calls Yu Zui out for a new drug trafficking mission. Hence, these two, Lin Yujing and two other mafia dudes meet up for lunch. It is then that Lin Yujing recognize one of the two guys to be the killer of her fiance. Unable to controle her feelings, she hits him until he is unconscious and Yu Zui has to lie that it was because he tried to touch his girlfriend… Later, Yu Zui goes out to eat with Fu Guosheng and meets his father in the street. Yu Zui faints to not recognize his father, but it is too late: Fu Guosheng sends Jiao Tao to his house. Jiao Tao finds a picture of Yu Zui in police uniform with his father and decides to kidnap daddy Yu. In the meantime, Yu Zui and bad guy #2 are caught by the police and both escape together. Using this occasion of being together, Yu Zui calls Lin Yujing and they both take revenge for her fiance and kills him. When Yu Zui goes back to Fu Guosheng’s house, he is being confronted about his police uniform wearing picture… Hence, Yu Zui is being beaten up to nearly death. When father finally arrives, they are able to explain the “situation” saying the picture was photoshopped and the real spy is actual the loyal Jiao Tao.


Ep. 9-12

Fu Guosheng makes the decision and decides to kill Jiao Tao. Afterward, daddy Yu tries to convince Yu Zui to end his mission as spy because he cherishes his son’s life too much. Fu Guosheng decides to lay low for now while his wife Chen Jiawen keeps selling drug with other boss Mr.Hu. Yu Zui is caught in drug addiction to smuggled some sample and they notice how recent portions have higher concentration of drug. Then starts all kind of final movements from both sides. Another drug smuggling operation takes place and the police finds not only drug, but a clock bomb. All in all, everything was saved and Fu Guosheng gets captured. His friend Shu Biao gets seriously injured.

Yu Zui is send in the interogation room to talk with Fu Guosheng. They have an emotianl talk, but throughout, Fu Guosheng still doesn’t want to betray his lover Chen Jiawen. But that is enough as the police now has enough information to track down lady Chen Jiawen.


Yu Zui and Lin Yujing are to the sea for the big final. Through their confrontation, both parties’ boat collides into a huge explosion and Chen Jiawen disappears. It seems that now, Yu Zui and Lin Yujing are an item ❤


At the last scene, everyone is ready to welcome Yu Zui back in the ranks of the police. However, he then receives a note telling him to come by himself to save his old lover An Jialu… [Yes, this is an open ending]

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I already wrote so much so I will try to keep this review short. First of all, this drama is finally picking up on the ratings. *_* I say finally because this one technically started airing since the beginning of June although there weren’t much views before because it was airing on iQIYI’s VIP membership accounts. Here are the ratings of two recent view days (I know I am being biased by choosing these two days when it was doing especially well, shuuuut!).

3 4

3 2

Honestly, this drama was carried by Zhang Yishan. Not that the rest of the cast was bad or didn’t do their parts. But Zhang Yishan is just on a whole different level. His acting improved so much he better receive all the awards and all the attention he deserves *_*. I think that this drama was so far, my favorite of 2016 and if I ever reminisces about it, I will remember the breathtaking performance of Zhang Yishan. He keeps you going throughout the whole drama, delivered each sentence, each action as Yu Zui the little brat/spy in the mafia world. He makes you worried for him, love him and makes you want to root for his every move. His character is smart, but also human. Sensible to other people’s distress, but also understanding that the world is not only black and white, and sometime, sacrifices must be made. It seemed as if the whole police and mafia organizations both were under his controle and he could reason out what each sides’ optimal next move should be. He is also human enough to make errors and gets beaten up pretty hard so many times. He survived multiple suicidal missions to the point that half way through the second season, I wondered how Fu Guosheng can still believe him?! xD Anyhow, it was such a pleasure to watch this drama and I am excited at the prospect to see even more of his projects in the future. This dude really mastered his acting craft and I want to be his fan throughout his career in the show business!


5 thoughts on “[Quick Recap/Review] Yu Zui Season 2 Episode 1-12

  1. Wow impressive! Entire season recap in 1 episode. Out of point but I can’t believe I never followed your new blog! Just started actively scrolling through my wordpress reader again recently and realised I haven’t seen any updates from you guys for a long while… Turns out it was my bad, I am ashamed 😡 On the bright side, I got loads of posts to marathon now xD


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Omg! You surprise me so much 😛 I was like, how come skimmedmilk haven’t posted in such a long time >< Talk to you tomorrow, off to bed 😛 Hope you have fun marathoning everything ^^

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    • Haha, omg, just saw all your comments ❤ You are so nice!! We wrote a lot and some of the posts may be boring v_v No need to be ashamed for not noticing our change. We should be the ones ashamed for running out of picture data haha
      I know, I went a bit crazy over that 12 episodes in one post thing, but I mean, I did pretty much one shot this drama 8D

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      • Hehe the blog’s recent comments is now all spammed by me :p The funniest thing is that I actually saw that blog post about you guys moving sites the very first time round so I knew about it and thought that I already followed your new blog haha. You guys are really fantastic, dedicated and very hardworking! I cannot imagine posting at half the frequency of you two. In fact, I think it’ll be a long while before my blog will run out of space… You guys are my blogging role model! 😀


      • Haha! Wait for me to take controle over it soon 8D
        Thanks so much for the compliment! I think we are still full of flaws and I look up to you for better quality posts!! I actually agree, xD We are a bit crazy with the posting (cause we are often super excited to share new stills), and know, it sometimes feel tiring to keep track of everything happening in the c-entertainment!
        Haha, we are the bad model 😉

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