TFBoys Will Grew Up Well in Zhu Xian


Two of the TFBoys have their child-to-adult pictures revealed in upcoming summer drama Zhu Xian. Wang Junkai as Cheng Yi‘s character and Wang Yuan as Li Yifeng‘s character. I wonder what happened to Yi Yang Qian Xi. Poor puppy will have to wait for the next batch of the stills to be revealed. I also added to this post some official stills of the actors on set.

Wang Yuan as child Li Yifeng


Wang Junkai as child Cheng Yi

15 16

Some pictures of the whole cast studying their scripts seriously.

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6 thoughts on “TFBoys Will Grew Up Well in Zhu Xian

  1. Ann says:

    So, with the help of Google translate, I figured out that Hunan TV is planning to broadcast Zhu Xian every Sunday night (2 episodes per week), City of Fantasy on Mondays and Tuesdays (4 episodes a week), Tornado Girl every Wednesday and Thursday (4 episodes), and Stay with me every night in July.

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    • intellectualkitten says:

      Thank you Ann for this information 😀 I am so disappointed they will only release 2 episodes per week. That is so little! With my attention span, I think it is wiser to wait until every episode to be released before watching the show 😡


      • Ann says:

        I totally agree. I’d rather just wait, but at least The Mystic Nine is airing soon and that’s 4 episodes a week (Mondays and Tuesdays). It’s going up against City of Fantasy when that releases in the same time slot. I’m just excited for Zhao Li Ying’s dramas to release though 🙂


      • intellectualkitten says:

        True! I realized this week Iqiyi is starting to be super strict on Youtube 😦 Hope we will still be able to watch these summer diamonds…


    • Wait is City of Fantasy = Ice Fantasy? Never heard of City of Fantasy before lol. Which one is more anticipated Ice Fantasy or Zhu Xian? I heard Ice Fantasy was super high budget, but the story is very complicated. Personally, I’m just excited for Zhu Xian to finally see Zhao Li Ying to be in another Big production since Journey of Flower. Legend of Zu was ok (nothing too good), and Lucky Tianbao was a bit boring. Hopefully Zhao Li Ying shines in Zhu Xian!


      • I think City of Fantasy is Ice Fantasy, maybe the raw translation of the Chinese name. I don’t know, I would bet on Zhu Xian because it is trending more on weibo, but honeslty, both are highly mediatised. Ice Fantasy is Guo Jingming’s famous first book and Zhu Xian is a really loved video game. The cast is also top notch on both! Yes, this is definitely Zhao Liying’s main summer project and I can’t wait. But for now, I am all in for Old Nine Gates!


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