Entertainment Update: Love 020, So Young, and Many MV


New entertainment Update 🙂 I added some more gifs of Kris Wu and Liu Yifei because I am a sucker for rom com ><

These newbies were trending online this week for their amazing performance at this year’s Chinese College exam. Best friends Guan Xiaotong and Zhang Xueying appeared in Legend of Banshu together. Guan Xiaotong impresses especially with her near perfect grade, but both of them deserves congratulations ^^

P.s. I am watching To Be a Better Man right now and Guan Xiaotong’s acting is so impressive. I think I just found my new girl crush 🙂

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Awesome project announcement. Man Man Qing Luo is a hugely popular online novel in China and it is getting a drama adaptation. It will be directed by Gao Yi Jun and the production team behind Empress of China. The story is about lady Li Qing Luo and two men, Liu Jue and 4th Prince. Anticipating to see who will get casted! 8D


Posters of Just a Smile is Alluring with Angelababy and Jing Boran

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Luhan for Fighter of the Destiny

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New stills for the girls of Zhu Xian!

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More pictures from the supporting cast of Three Worldsddaade39gw1f58vz8j5zpj20k00qo79g695e464ejw1f58mtyruxnj21w01eykj1 ddaade39gw1f58vzc8njzj20k00rhjw7

So Young with Ma Ke and group 🙂

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I am so excited for this movie!! It does now star our crushes.. but I love anything with Zhang Ziyi and Ge You. 罗曼蒂克消亡史 is going be awesome ><

Ma Ke‘s The Journey added a few new goodies.

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Michelle Chen and Zhu Yawen promoting for their movie together, City Still Believe in Love.

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Sneak peek at the chemstry between leads of upcoming Cdrama Blind Date with Jiang Xin and Lu Yi.

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Movie the Warriors Gate with Ni Ni.

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New movie the Legend of Beggar King and Big Foot Queen casted Ning Jing!


Deng Chao created a new program Super Theater and invited all his cool friends 😛

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Crazy cool new MV of The Mystic Nine centered on William Chan. Love! ❤

Demon Girl released two new MVs.

Awesome shipping video of Zhang Yishan and Wu Lei. Wu Lei gives me such a cute and friendly upcoming flower boy image while as Zhang Yishan gives me the more crafted and cunning man. Wu Lei is white and Zhang Yishan is black and together, they are one hell of a great combination. Click here to see more fanvideos of Yu Zui, shared my mookiehyun on her blog. ^^

A quick video of all the kiss scenes in Chinese dramas.

Liu Yifei sings the OST of Never Gone

Some more gifs of the two together >< They make me so happy :3

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YoonA sings Red Bean by Faye Wong


11 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Love 020, So Young, and Many MV

    • No, but they are both trending as the it boys of the next actor generation! They both started acting really young and won the public over with their outstanding talents. To be fair, Zhang Yishan is trending crazy these days thanks to Yu Zui so he is been shipped with a lot of people (see the link I shared for the blog post by mookie). I just especially liked that video so wanted to share it too ^^


  1. xingfenzhen says:

    Guan Xiaotong killed in her math score, 131 out of 150. However, while 552 is indeed a pretty high score, it is still far from the perfect scre of 750. Supposedly, Hu Ge had a really high score in the 600s…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m watching To Be A Better Man as well and I have to agree – Guan Xiaotong is killing it! I love watching her. I was living under a rock so I didn’t know So Young was coming out with a drama version, time to finish the reading the original novel which I abandoned halfway 😛 I really liked the movie so can’t wait to see how the drama will turn out. I think the movie of Never Gone is going to be a disappointment if compared to the novel but the gifs make me feel like even if it’s a flop, I’ll still be willing to sit through it grinning at the cuteness of everything hehe. Thanks once again for a great update 😀

    PS: Can someone explain how the gaokao results work? I’ve been seeing photos of results but I’m not sure what they actually mean


    • j says:

      Guan Xiaotong has done several roles similar to the one she did for To Be a Better Man. Some of them are: 一仆二主, 我们的纯真年代. I hear there are many others.

      Liked by 2 people

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes, I watched all the To Be a Better Man episodes in three days… I will let you guess the headache I got after 😛
      I think Never Gone will be good, the trailer makes me think of a japanese movie and it is a good thing imo

      Hmm… Someone posted about this before, the exam is out of 750: 3 mandatory exams (Eng, Chinese, Math) each worth 150 and three electives each worth 100. I think people are impressed she got 131 in math 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow..Man man qing luo was next on my reading list…once I finish Princess Agent (I am slow I know..but I am slow reader haha and easily distracted)…


    • Take your time, I am sure you will at least finish reading it before the drama is done airing 😉
      It is not the first time that Man Man Qing Luo was announced as a drama project, so I really hope they will start casting soon. It looks like such a good story!


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