[Feature] Video Games VS Drama Adaptation


This post is motivated by many beautiful beautiful pictures I found when I first got into the Xianxia genre. Tangren definitely do the best ones and I hope they come out with more exciting ones in the future 🙂

Note: If you are interested to learn more about Xian Xia dramas, I suggest reading this post by Archidisign 🙂

Chinese Paladin 1


Chinese Paladin 3

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Xuan Yuan Sword

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Chinese Paladin 5


Qin’s Moon

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Ancient Sword

Zhu Xian

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Just a Smile is Alluring

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Legend of Zu

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Hua Qian Gu

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Currently filming XuanYuan Sword : Cloud of Han Dynasty



19 thoughts on “[Feature] Video Games VS Drama Adaptation

  1. Awesome post! This definitely shows the evolution of both video games graphics and live-adaptation costume/image quality. All in all, I miss a bit the older styling, but this is definitely going toward a more positive future!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Thank you! :)) Yes, the old dramas were a lot more genuine, but the beautiful graphics and editing is so much easier on the eye


  2. Maymay says:

    I thought some of it is made the other way around. HQG is a book first…made into a drama..and then a videogame to capitalize on the hype.
    Even dramas like whirlwind girl has a video game version..
    Well you never did say all the ones you listed are drama adaptations of video games though .haha.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes, you are totally right xD I should have been clearer… I am doing more of a comparison than showing original work VS drama adaptation. There is actually a lot of other video games sponsored by C-celebrities on the market(Dong Fang Bu Bai have one sponseored by Chen Qiao En!), but it would be too tiring to add all of them to one post 😛
      I guess I just like nice graphics ^^


  3. unforgetableme says:

    I’m kind of watching CP5, but does anyone know if it’s staying true to the original storyling. I really, really like Long You and Ling Yin together (even though she may be a bit much), but they have great chemistry (all thanks to thr charming Joe Cheng!)…. But just wondering if he ends up with her, Xiao Man, or by himself… Not really into him and Xiao Man, but eh.

    But so far, I’ve loved most of these series. My favorite is CP3 because I’m a fan of ALL the leads… And, I’m secretly a Yang MixHu Ge shipper! Lol.


    • Lizzie says:

      You and I both!! I think they have great chemistry – Xiao Man is like a child and to date , zero romance demonstrated towards her by LY. I hope LY acknowledges his attraction to Ling Yi despite the obvious chasm between the two and do not make him suddenly in love with XM!

      I also like the main OTP actually – although YF’s character is less complicated than LY hence rendering him bland by comparison. EH is a god d actor, he imbues earnestness without overdoing it and rendering himself a nuisance.


    • Long You and Ling Yin might probably end up together, if Long You doesn’t leave her or be killed. Xiao Man weather die or go back to shrine. She obviously won’t have happy ending.


  4. Annie says:

    This is my favourite genre! The people, costumes, settings are just so pretty. I even like all the crazy action and weird storylines. In Ancient Sword, when Tusu and Qingxue were exploring a new land, they were shown its history. The land apparently “remembers” past events (even the mundane ones) and projected a few select holograms to its guests. WTF?! Oh, alright…let me suspend my logic for a little while…until the next WTF plotline.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      WTF plotlines xD Haha… I remember in CP3, when they had to jumps from one stone to the next and not fall in the larva. So video game that I became speechless :”D
      Yes, the costumes are definitely the best. It is similar to ancient dramas but have that fantasy kick to it ❤


  5. In some cases would be good if they transect some original costumes from games in to shows. Qin’s Moon for example, despite that drama was complete trash at least costumes from animation could give some relief.


  6. Cass says:


    One thing that bothers me and do not let me truely and completely enjoy the experience of watching Xianxia and dramas from RPG’s is that the visuals are not pleasant to me. I can forgive when the script and the characters make me a fan.

    XuanYuan Sword : Cloud of Han Dynasty is full of new and fresh faces that I like.
    I’m starting a prayer circle to pray for good script, good styling and great visual effects.


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