Whirlwind Girl 2 Prepares For Release on July 20th


Tada! Here are some new and fresh stills for the upcoming summer idol drama hit, Whirlwind Girl Season 2! Starring Ji Changwook, An Xuexi, Chen Xiang, Wu Lei and Tang Son Yun, this season looks so similar to the first one I am nearly worried. Hope they will be able to bring more interesting plotlines than three guys chasing after a hard working girl.

Whirlwind Girl season 2 released a new trailer full of their trademark awesome taekwondo moves!


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11 thoughts on “Whirlwind Girl 2 Prepares For Release on July 20th

  1. Cass says:


    I can only hope the drama has better script and better acting than the first. I’m just just asking for a little better. I know I’m being too greedy.
    I’ll miss Yang Yang but there is a good number of eye candies so I’m not sad at this aspect.


    • Me too! But I also feel like the stills and the trailers so far look nearly identical to seaon 1, except it changed leads. Which honestly is not very promising. Haha, it is not greedy! I am being worst as I made my mind to not watch it unless it gets positive review. I got caught last year due to the eye candy, but I will not make the same mistake this year. Also, you can catch Yang Yang in the upcoming Just a Smile Is Very Alluring if you want 😛


  2. mari says:

    I will definitely watch this because I want to know how the story progresses. Plus, the original novelist is penning the script herself, so I’m curious to see the difference. Also, interested to see how they incorporate Ji Chang Wook’s storyline. He decided to do this drama based on the writing and I thought Season 1 was an easy and enjoyable watch with nice pacing – so I anticpate Season 2 will be just as good.


    • It probably will, I definitely see the same pattern as in season one! Ji Changwook is busy with both Chinese and Taiwanese promotions these days and this will be his first aired project in mainland. Curious to see the results :3


  3. Autumn says:

    I will skip this. Im still so angry how they left us hanging without some proper ending and now they start with a new main cast!


    • Same! Can’t believe it didn’t have a proper ending considering how simple the plot was. They ended it badly because they wanted us to stick for season two… excep that Yang Yang is not to be found anymore 😦


      • mari says:

        I read that Yang Yang decided on a different drama which is airing soon, but it probably left this drama in jeopardy. But can’t blame him – probably doesn’t want to play the same character and instead try something new 🙂

        But that’s why I want to see Season 2 – to see how they will deal with how they ended Season 1. And what happens to Yang Yang’s character. I have a feeling that he’ll be back, at least eventually.


      • A new drama airing soon.. you mean Just A Smile Is Very Alluring? This drama was filmed last year so I don’t think the two dramas would have been scheduling problems (Whirlwind Girl 2 was filmed at the beginning of this year). I can’t blame him either, this drama was a bit boring and I personnally didn’t feel the OTP chemistry much. He has brighter future ahead of him!
        Humm, I am also curious. I feel like they filmed flashbacks scene for him and Hu Bingqing’s characters.


  4. I watched a few episodes of first season and wasn’t impressed. I am seriously hoping Wu Lei, Tan Song Yun and Guo Jun Chen can salvage the second season. Those three haven’t failed me so far.


    • I personnally find Guo Jun Chen’s character very dull during season 1. Hope the writers can change that! Season one’s best entertainment moments were acted out by Wu Lei and Tan Song Yun so hope their story will have some evolvement this season!


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