Entertainment Update: Just A Smile is Alluring, Novoland, Jade Sword


Wohooo! End of another crazy week 🙂 Let’s celebrate with an entertainment update… You guys have no idea how happy I am this week is finally over 😛

We finally get know who the mysteries girlfriend of Show Luo (if any of you watch Go Fighting :P). Her name is 周扬青 and is a Taiwanese beauty personality. They have been dating for some time but their relation got more and more public during the last few weeks.


Her photo looks heavily photoshopped

Rain attends the press conference of Endless August


Sun Li and Chen Xiao‘s upcoming drama 那年花開月正圓, which will start filming in September, released a first poster! Although it looks like a photoshop of the leads from their respective previous works Zhen Huan Zhuan and The Palace, I am still happy to see their cute smile toward each other. ~~


Popular singing/variety show The Voice of China officially changed their English name to Sing! China. Ready to embrace season 5?


First poster for Wallace Chung and Maggie Jiang‘s drama 一路繁花相送 is released!


Hawick Lau has an upcoming drama! 莽荒纪 The Legend of Jade Sword is set in a world controled by the four elements: air, earth, water, and fire (they call it a xianxia drama on the promotions).

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New stills for Just a Smile is Alluring

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The trailer is also released, which is a short scene directly taken from the drama. Cute!

New trailer for Border Town Prodigal starring Zhu Yilong and Viann Zhang. The drama will be released on July 18th!

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New pictures for Singing Along!

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New trailer for Novoland Castle in the Sky!

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Some pictures for My Best Friend’s Wedding

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Pictures and promo trailer of She is Pretty starring Dilireba and Sheng Yilun are released!

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New BTS video of everyone in Zhu Xian. It seems that a lot of fanwars are happening right now, which may cause the whole production to be aired in July.. Sigh, that will not be the prime of the summer and we all know Xianxia dramas, it is better to release them slowly during the whole summer period. Also, with the Olympics coming up, maybe the interest of people in dramas will slow down during August. This video is hence a fresh breath as everyone looks so happy and chummy in it together.

BTS for Legend of the Condor Heroes.

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One minute trailer for Godrey Gao’s Remember Lichuan.

New stills for drama Hero Dog 2 with Zhang Yunlong.

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Drama My Catman starring Korean actress Chae So-bin release character posters.


OTP for So Young.


Upcoming movie Beautiful Accident with Chen Kun and Ouyang Nana has EXO members Suho and Chen sing the OST

Victoria and Ma Tianyu are going to guest on Happy Camp!


Zhang Han went on variety show Hello Summer.


Guli Nezha for game promotion Sword and Love.


Zhao Liying looking pretty for mysterious event in Shanghai.


The cast of Princess Agents hard at work:


Tang Yan looks gorgeous in new photoshoot.

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Finally, a CF with Liu Yifei

23 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Just A Smile is Alluring, Novoland, Jade Sword

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    LOVE (almost) all the projects in this post :DDDD Surprised Hawick Lau is already back with a new drama ^^ Also, definitely is going to watch Happy Camp with Victoria ~


  2. Jo says:

    I feel like I’ve watched three or four Hawick dramas this year (I guess ill add this on my list) Im so ready for Singing Along!Novaland looks sooo pretty so I may watch and OMG DILIREBA AND SY IN SHE IS PRETTY?!! YES AND YES!!!TY and ZLY look gorgeous and also Dilireba is too cute for words omg Im so ready!!


    • Good job! *_* Hawick has so many dramas and he never stops. There is this one and also the one with Jiang Xin as his upcoming projects, plus Flying Daggers that he filmed last year with Yang Rong. I think this one can get some pretty cool contents if they chose a good actress!
      I am so ready for Singing Along too!! I hope I will have time to check it though. I am currently checking Old Nine Gates and Demon Girl as well as some varieties: not enough time to check them all!! @_@ I knew this would happen, stupid bad schedule management.
      All the girls look so pretty, so hope they all do well in their respective projects.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        I am ready for a Yang Rong drama!!! Hawick is an added bonus 😜 and I understand, Im trying to watch ONG, Decoded(only for Ady An) and Demon Girl, and other dramas but I can’t watch them all haha but WILL make time for Sing Along


      • As for Yang Rong, Memory Lost sounds the best for me, but I also remember she filmed a lot of other shows that never got aired.
        *Holds hand* We will survive this summer together!!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Ann says:

    You guys so good about keeping up with everything!! I didn’t even know there was a drama version of My Catman too. Hawick Lau is so busy. And so many historical/costume dramas coming up! Isn’t there a limit to how many TV channels can broadcast a year? Btw, the new drama remake of Journey to the West kicked off with Huang Zitao as the lead


    • Haha, it is not the most hyped project and I nearly missed it too (I am not too into Korean actors in cdramas). Hawick Lau and Yang Mi are amazing people, can’t believe they have a kid! I am sure there is a limit and that is why so many of my fave projects have difficulties to find an air time 😦
      Really?! OMG, I was waiting for that! Will try to find them and maybe write a post hehe.
      EDIT: Didn’t find them yet 😦 But I will cover it when I see them 😀


  4. Haha hawick is everywhere… Any news about his marriage life? He’s so busy filming how about his family?

    Im sooo ready for one smile alluring — *cant remember the title-sorry* bcuz i just finished reading the novel last nite.

    And wallace’s new drama. What is it about?

    Anyone watch liu shi shi’new drama? There’s no review yet 😦 im curious..


    • Chloe says:

      I heard the news about Yang Mi and Li Yifeng is real. They had an affair, but that Hawick Lau and Yang Mi have an open relationship…


    • I think both of them are crazy busy! They probably don’t have much chance to pass time together, but I also feel like they should be doing well. I remember seeing pictures of them at the airport together to go back home to see their daughter a few weeks ago. There is also rumors that they have issues, but they existed even before their wedding so I don’t mind much those.
      Haha, nobody knows for sure… Everyone just call it Just A Smile Is Very Alluring xD The novel is apprently really good since it comes from an author I like. Will definitely watch it too!
      Wallace Chung’s new drama is about a couple who first falls in love, then gets seperated, and finally meets again after 10 years of seperation. It is based on a novel called 路繁花相送 if you are curious ^^
      Liu Shishi: are you talking about Precious Youth? I watched the first episode and didn’t like it that much. Maybe others tried it out 😛


      • angie says:

        Oh my god if you guys are talking about “precious youth” with Liu Shi Shi avoid the drama at all costs. I had high blood pressure from watching it and I truly only watched it because I love Liu Shi Shi and Zheng Kai. I want my time back though, because the drama was horrible. Imagine every cliche on Earth rolled into a ridiculous drama and sob at the horror. I’ll write a short synopsis of the drama in a moment so anyone who still plans on watching look away or read at your own caution. Also keep in mind that these are my opinions, although it seemed as if a lot of the comments I was reading on the videos mirrored what I thought: most people stuck around only for Liu Shi Shi’s beautiful self and hated themselves for putting themselves through the drama.

        ———-SPOILER ALERT FOR “Precious Youth”———

        It starts out alright with the entire crew being students and having complicated relationships that carry over into their adult life. A bunch of unnecessary stuff happens and they’re pretty much all grown adults trying to adult and failing at it. I’ll skip the really really secondary characters and focus on the meat of the story. Liu Shi Shi and Zheng Kai’s characters love each other yet can’t be together because Zheng Kai thinks he’s doing the “right” thing by pushing her away as he has no stable career and is poor; classic example of a character being a noble idiot. Of course he regrets this and spends the majority of his time chasing after money/building his career and looking at her from afar. In the mean time one of the secondary leads from their school crew is chasing after Liu Shi Shi’s character romantically. Long story short, he’s a psycho and a huge backstabber who tries to ruin Zheng Kai’s life, but somehow cons Liu Shi Shi’s character into marrying him. It’s a horrible marriage built upon lies and backstabbing and he never gets over the fact that Liu Shi Shi and Zheng Kai’s characters once dated. It drives him cray cray actually and he does a bunch of really underhanded things to get her to stay with him including not letting her go to Paris for a one year fashion design internship or something at a famous fashion design place, switching out her medicine to make her especially fertile, and the list goes on. Eventually he snaps because he doesn’t believe that she is “just friends” with Zheng Kai’s character and he beats her, causes her to miscarry, and attempt to murder her with a huge vase. I know, it sounds incredibly stupid. What makes the drama worse is that her character is somewhat passive the entire drama. Zheng Kai’s character is a noble idiot. The multitude of side characters are also touched in the minds — the secondary female holds an entire wedding ALONE giving her sob story about how much she loves Zheng Kai and wants to marry him, while he’s off saving Liu Shi Shi’s character. If your eyes are rolling into the back of your heads I understand. I was ready to spew blood at this point in the drama which thankfully is almost the end in this point of my summary. But it gets worse. For absolutely no reason at all, after Liu Shi Shi’s character gets her divorce from the psychopath and starts an ambiguous relationship with Zheng Kai’s character again she goes off to Paris for the mentioned prestigious fashion thing and everyone merrily becomes friends again. Yes. Including the psycho. For no reason at all everything is fine again after he ruined the reputation and business of multiple people, sabotaged their businesses, beat one of their friends (Liu Shi Shi) which caused her to miscarry and then attempts to murder her, and is a general asshole of a person, they all become friends again minus Liu Shi Shi who is in Paris. The drama ends with Zheng Kai’s character going to Liu Shi Shi’s character’s fashion show in Paris and they stare at each other. The last 20 minutes or so are also so cheaply produced I’m amazed it was even aired, you’ll know what I mean if you watch it. Imagine someone using Windows Movie Maker from back in the day, that’s how cheap it looked. So I finally spat blood at the end, just kidding I didn’t spit actual blood but I was close to it, and thought to myself that if I could use a time machine I’d go back in time to tell myself that watching the drama isn’t worth it. Never have I ever felt so genuinely frustrated at a show, the characters, and the productions team. I’ll admit, the characters all looked physically nice minus the psycho who I ended up just hating on sight by the end of the drama. I wish Liu Shi Shi had chosen any project but this one, because she spends the majority of it looking so miserable that I wanted to pat her on the shoulder and tell her that things would be okay — her character I mean, not actual Liu Shi Shi who is living a great life. So that’s the end of my long summary of that horrifying drama.

        ———-END SPOILER ALERT FOR “Precious Youth”———

        Hope that was enlightening for anyone who read that!


      • *____* OMG, first of all, thanks so much for writing such a great and detailed synopsis about the story and also give your opinion. Such dedication for finishing the drama until the end. I watched the first episode (which already had the annoying mother to pull me off) and since I remember how bad the trailer was, I decided not to watch it! I am sorry for your bad experience and thanks for sharing again!! I actually feel like it would be a shame to let such a great comment dissappear in this entertainment update :’D Would you let me post this as a real post on the blog so more drama fans can see your it? I will of course give you full credits on the post :3


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Hey! Just popping out to say I also read the whole comment. As a huge Liu Shishi fan, I made the mistake of watching Bubujingqing for her. It was the most WTF drama of my whole life… with the nice guy turned bad (Sun Yizhou), the evil guy turning good and getting the girl (Nicky Wu), the mean girl (Liu Shishi/Annie Liu) doing plastic surgery and suddenly has a change of heart, etc. Oh, and add some kidnapping in the desert, crazy memory lost, plastic surgery, heir of big company plot, and you have your fiasco.
        Reading your comment actually makes me want to write a summary for Bubujingqing 😛


      • v says:

        Many thanks for the blog post and also to Angie for her generous summary. I did also have a feeling that Precious Youth would be quite a terrible show to watch after watching 20-30 mins of it. The story sounds ridiculously melodramatic. I find this kind of story very mundane. I have gotten very tired of series with horrible mothers. (Cough * Both of Huang Xuan’s series this year * cough. That is around 100 episodes).
        Surprisingly, I was drawn to “Decoded”. I was a bit afraid to watch for a while since I was never a fan of Ying Er. And I usually avoid watching series with a lot of guns. I have never watched Chen Xue Dong’s films before. He does a sensitive portrayal of the lead character. And thank goodness there are no horrible parents, horrible spouse etc. I hope Mainland will do more good series that do not have terrible parents and relatives.


  5. angie says:

    Sorry for the late reply, I got sick and was out cold for a while! Feel free to use my rant as a post, wow I can’t believe you liked it enough to make a post out of it though. 🙂 I feel honored!

    Also @intellectualkitten, I feel you…I watched Bubujingqing with my mom because she loved bubujingxin and we both WTF-ed. You should write a post about it, warn other Liu Shi Shi lovers of the pain they’ll suffer if they watch it! If only I had known…I probably would’ve skipped it. By the way, does anyone feel like Liu Shi Shi suits ancient setting types of drama much more than her modern ones? In her modern dramas I feel like she doesn’t act as well as in her dramas that are period dramas and the like.


    • Now that you mention it, I feel like all my favorite dramas of her are ancient drama! Quite surprising considering how talented as an actress she is. Maybe she just have such a perfect visual for period dramas that those ones always end up good?

      Yeah! I will write the post and release it before the end of the week since there are so many articles to write these days… ^^ Thanks!


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