[Actress Special] Guan Xiaotong’s Rise to Popularity


Let me tell you, after reading this post, you will find no flaw in actress Guan Xiaotong. She recently rose to fame thanks to her performance in To Be a Better Man this year and for receiving high score at the Chinese College Entrance exam. But did you know she is a child actress who started acting when she was six years old? She acted along famous people such as Yang Mi, Li Bingbing, Nicholas Tse, Ruby Lin, Yang Yang, Sun Honglei, Lay and many more. At barely 19 years old, she will lead the upcoming hit dramas Xuan Yuan Sword Han Zhi Yun and Novoland Castle in the Sky. Right now, she is known as the nation’s daugther (China version).

Most information comes from this post from Sina entertainment. I will go through her amazing portfolio as an actress, singer and student. Here comes a in depth introduction to probably the most upcoming actress of 2016!

Born in 1997 from a family of Arts intellectuals in Beijing. Her grandfather Guan Xueceng is a famous Beijing pianist and her father is an actor. Since young, she loves dancing and playing piano. At six years old, she started filming with her father, debuting her celebrity career.


In 2003, she acts in the movie 电影往事 Electric Shadows where she plays Jiang Lingling. In November, she acts in movie Nuan adapted from a novel. This second movie received high praise and awards from both China and Japan. Of course, she was still playing a supporting character.


It was in 2005 when she acted in the movie The Promise as young Cecilia Cheung that she really started to receive the attention of the public.

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From there, she kept playing small roles to build up her portfolio, including in Dali Princess in 2006, 惟有承诺留我心 in 2006, 救我 in 2007, Zai Sheng Yuan in 2007, Treasure Hunter in 2009, If You Are the One 2 in 2009, The Vigilantes in Mask in 2011, Painted Skin 2 in 2012, 101 Confessions in 2012, Personal Tailor in 2013, Switch in 2013, and Flowers in Fog in 2013. See full dramawiki link for her projects. Her list is sooo long.

Now, here comes the big gun projects that you have even higher chances of hearing about!

In 2014, she played in 大丈夫 May December Love as the daughter of the male lead. Although less known to the internation public, this drama received high ratings during its broadcasting period.

8 9

During the same year, she acted in the drama Servant of Two Masters. The two roles were similar and a bit bratty, just like your usual teenager!

10 11

In 2014 was a huge year for her because it was also her first participation as main cast in variety show Amazing Race China.


In 2015, she starred in the first Alec Su produced movie Left Ear as Jiang Jiao.

13 14

She also played a student in Legend of Banshu with her bestie Zhang Xueying.


Later in 2015, she played in the comedy movie Romance Out of the Blue as a stewardess.

15 16

To end 2015 in beauty, she released her first singles and mini albums. She is now ready to dominate 2016!

At the beginning of the year, she played in drama 搭错车. In it, she played a sweet daughter role and gained more fans.

17 18

Next, she filmed a webdrama called 老师晚上好 Hello, Mr. Right with Korean actor Lee Dong Gun.

21 22

She then participated in a short sketch for the Chinese New Year festival with Ma Tian Yu.


Next, it was the release of her drama 我们的纯真年代.


Finally, we arrive at her first big summer project. She acted as Peng Jiahe in 好先生 To Be A Better Man, romancing EXO’s Lay and having Sun Honglei as her pseudo dad.

25 26

During April 2016, she released a shot of her score from the Beijing Film Academy‘s interview, getting first place with a score of 90.41. She also released a video of her dancing performance for the say interview, which also received high praise.

127 28

With the high performance, she ended her life as a High School student.


Later, at the end of June, she joined other students by seating for the Chinese College Entrance Exam. It is a moment of high pressure for the young students aspiring to enter the college and program of their choice, who worked hard all these years for that one exam. On 23rd of June 2016, Guan Xiaotong released her grades from the exam. Although not a perfect grade (which is out of 750), she still nailed the exam pretty hard with 552 and received the praises of fans and netizens alike.


She also released a picture of her graduating.


On 7th of July 2016, her father shared the good news on weibo that his precious daughter got accepted at the prestigious Beijing Film Academy’s Performing Arts program where stars like Zhao Wei, Yang Mi and Liu Yifei graduated (see our post here for more famous names).


Next, her project 九州天空城 Novoland Castle in the Sky will be released for July 20th on Jiangsu TV. She is actively participating in events to promote the drama.


At a press conference:


Currently, the girl is filming for the upcomming drama 轩辕剑汉之云 Xuan Yuan Sword Season 2 Han Xuan Yuan Jian Han Zhi Yun.


Wow, that was a lot of information! Finally, here are some pictures of our lady at a recent photshoot! I am starting to really like her so I hope she will gain more success in the upcoming year.

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9 thoughts on “[Actress Special] Guan Xiaotong’s Rise to Popularity

  1. Chloe says:

    the International students at my school like to compare gao kao scores and they said that 552 is below the minimum score needed to get into any arts program in China if your home province is Beijing so how did she get into the Beijing Film Academy?


    • I dunno exactly the standard for Gao Kao and 552 is definitely not the highest score (I would assume the best to get around 700 points). However, she did get a lot of praise for her score online so I am sure it must be high enough to deserve praises (maybe your international friends are super smart?). Or else, people are more surprised that a celebrity studies to get into university instead of depending on celebrity status?
      I know that normally, if you live in the city where the university is, you have an easier chance to get in (e.g. here, she is a Beijing person applying to Beijing University). Another thing is that her application to Beijing Film Academy is depending on both her in-person interview/performance and her Gao Kao score. She seems to have done well on both AND she is already a celebrity with tone of projects. Maybe that can explain her acceptance at the BFA?


    • Miss Attache says:

      Really? I read somewhere the standard for Beijing students for the gaokao is 548… but maybe I was wrong or the source was incorrect…


      • Ann says:

        Hmmm is BFM is an easy school… if so, meeting the standard should be enough. But, isn’t there a lot of protests about Chinese universities not being able to accept hundred of thousands of students? I read that a lot of people have to retake their gaokao to get into university


  2. intellectualkitten says:

    Oh woah… I am so impressed.. her porfolio is so long! Maybe I should stop procrastinating this much… and try to be half as productive as she is?
    Also, I am impressed you translated the whole article… quite the waste of time 😉 (joking, thanks for this ^^ Love her too, girl crush)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Cass says:

    Thanks to To Be A Better Man I found this girl. I still did not finish the drama. She is doing amazing with her character.
    I decided to watch other of her works and I only watched the webdramas where she is in because they are short. Guan Xiao Tong is a great actress but there is still room for improvement.
    I hope her team choose the best projects for her future.


    • They definitely chose two of the most hyped ones (Xuan Yuan Sword 2 and Novoland Castle in the Sky). I agree because a lot of her roles sound similar: the daughter or the mary sue girl. But now that she is becoming an adult and tackling more lead roles, I think she will be able to improve herself a lot. :3


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