Entertainment Update: Summe Desire, So Young, The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream, She Is Beautiful


A new entertainment update with more modern drama/movie news! What a fresh breath from the usual heavy stills 😉

Gui Mi, aka Girls, will have a second movie! Returning stars include Ivy Chen and Fiona Sit and welcomes new cast member Janine Chang!


Filming starts for Tao Huang‘s drama Journey to the West: Love You a Thousand Year aka Chinese Odyssey


Same goes for the Chinese version of Coffee Prince


New animated movie Big Fish Begonia hit the theater on July 10th and received high praises so far. May be worth a try!

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Upcoming drama adaption of the novel 何所冬暖何所夏凉 by Gu Xujie stars Wang Ziwen and Jia Nailiang.


Wu Lei will star in the upcoming movie Asura. This A list project has been prepared for 3 years and has a budget of 100 Million US dollar.


Lin Gengxin and Zhang Jingchu‘s For a Few Bullet will be released in 4 days! 60ca8a58jw1f5pub9wv5bj20qe0hln3j

Cecilia Cheung and T.O.P. (from Kpop group Big Bang) will star in movie Out of Control.

Stills from Zhang Han‘s drama with Go Junhee, The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream.

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Pictures of Ma Tianyu for Ice Fantasy. The drama has been pushed to July 24th

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Last two posters for Never Gone (I swear ><)

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Pictures of Summer Desire starring Huang Can Can

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BTS pictures for Legend of Han Cloud


BTS of Gui Zhong Mei Ren including Chen Yao and Hu Bingqing.


Actress Fang Lu in upcoming drama Huang Fei Hong 国士无双黄飞鸿 that will star Zheng Kai and Hayden Guo.

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Drama So Young released more character stills and stills. It was released yesterday, on July 11th.

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Stills for Time Raiders with Luhan, Sandra Ma, and Jing Boran


Beautiful Accident with Ouyang Nana


More stills for Legend of Condor Heroes xD


Did you know Qiao Zhenyu and Yang Zi have a drama together? I nearly forgot! It is also called Great Marriage Custom. Here is a sneak-peek of their chemistry.


Drama He Is Beautiful has the six male leads’ character stills: Guo Jingfei, Zhu Yong Teng, Chen Zheyuan, Liang Dawei, Wang Shuo, and Zhao Qi.


Pictures from the press conference of Love 020. Aren’t you guys a bit too close :’D

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Kpop star Suzy will have her own wax figure at Madame Tussauds Hong Kong


Happy birthday Liu Tao!


The wedding boxes are out for Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen‘s wedding :))


OMG, people will never let this festival die :”)



The gang deciding on the wedding ceremony order this year. HOW the convo went:: Wallace: Let’s get married after Hu Ge finds someone, can’t leave my bro alone. Ruby: Then we are never going to get married! Yuan Hong: Dude, just find someone. Nicky: I wanna join the convo!!

11 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Summe Desire, So Young, The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream, She Is Beautiful

  1. Yui says:

    Happy bday my fave jie, liu tao!!

    I have a lot to say but then end up getting speechless at the last gifs… Why soooo cute aaaahhh….

    Hu ge, i bet he’ll be in a rush this year hehe… Jiayou ge!


  2. Pauline says:

    Liu Tao is so beautiful and truly ageless. Most looking forward to the drama remake of Chinese Odyssey. Tao’s real name is actually Huang Zitao. Tao was his name in EXO. I’m happy to see him take non-idol roles like he said he would. I’m watching Old Nine Gates now, and the producers/directors behind Old Nine Gates, Lost Tomb, and Zhu Xian are working on this. Just can’t wait to see him in a drama, I expect he’ll live up to his one-take Tao nickname


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes!!~ I was actually struggling to decide if I should but Tao Huang or Huang Zitao, but I like his stage name (same goes for Kris, Lay and Luhan 😛 SM is good at picking names!) His movie with Jackie Chan is coming out soon and hopefully, he will be more in the spotlight!


  3. Pauline says:

    Yea can’t wait! Tao has 4 movies coming up, either lead or second lead behind Jackie Chan and none of them idol movies. And this drama. I think that’s a good direction seeing as he’s so talented with martial arts, he doesn’t need to rely on his looks. Before, he received a lot of hate, but it looks everything’s turned around for him because in popularity rankings, he ranks really high now! Even before Lay, surprisingly


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Oh yes, I remember his flipping and kungfu videos on youtube 😀
      Tao has a good fanbase and he is handsome 😛 I believe the more projects he will do, and the less the general public will remember the lawsuit/EXO fiasco


  4. Cass says:

    Thank you for everything!
    Somehow you summoned up many of the projects I’m following.

    Jing Boran and Angela look so chummy together. I saw other pics of the press con where they were so extra.
    He is looking way too hot and handsome at the press con. Oh my eyes!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hehe ^^ Me=likes to collect pictures for everything xD
      Yes, they are so pretty together! But at the same time, I can sense HXM’s shadow above them… Jing Boran needs a new project with Ni Ni, they would be so beautiful together!!


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