Full Love with Hawick Lau Releases Stills


Mr. Lau is officially the most efficient Chinese actor as he easily does a few hundred dramas a year. Joke aside, it does feel like his number of dramas is increasing like crazy. Just last week was he announced for upcoming xianxia drama The Legend of Jade Sword, Hawick Lau is back for another modern drama, Full Love.

I think we shared some character stills for this drama before, but it is only today that I noticed the lead is Hawick Lau! Oups… The name of the show reminds me of his lattest release a few months ago, First Love with Guli Nezha and Sun Yizhou. This time however, he will partner up with Wang Ou, Zhang Meng, Zhu Yong Teng and maybe a cameo by Yang Yang. The drama’s Chinese name is 周末父母 Zhou Mo Fu Mu which can be translated as Week-End Parents. Hence, our loving daddy Hawick Lau will play a dad in this modern drama.

The released stills

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12 thoughts on “Full Love with Hawick Lau Releases Stills

  1. Jo says:

    I guess I need to add this to my list and agree, him and Yang Mi are workaholics but I love them both so bring on the shows and movies!!!!


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