Zhu Xian Holds Press Conference With Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying and Yang Zi


OMG!! These pictures are amazing. I have nevBefer been more excited for a press conference as I am now. Be ready for a lot of eye candies ft. Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying and Yang Zi for upcoming summer hit Zhu Xian. They announced a release date for August 2nd, 2016. Hope it will stick to schedule!

Edit: Sorry, I messed up. The air date seems to be August 8th, 2016. I also added the new trailer to this post. Sorry again. v_v

ps; I couldn’t resist putting lots of Zhao Liying so sorry for that! hehe πŸ˜›

Li Yifeng on his way to the conference.

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Before the big press conference, the cast attended a shorter introduction one (at least that is my guess).

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Spotlight on Zhao Liying.

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Red Carpet moment for Zhao Liying. I am not going to lie, this is my favorite dress of her this year!!

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Yang Zi (sadly didn’t see many pictures of her 😦 )


At the press conference

Li Yifeng looks amazing here. Did he cut his hair? Because this new look combined with his smile is just jaw dropping.

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Ending it all by eating cake…

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But wait! This is not over yet! Here some fan taken pictures for even more fangirling moments!

Zhao Liying and Yang Zi talking together before the event starts off!


Zhao Liying and Li Yifeng together! My new OTP!

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They announced the drama will be released for August 8th! *_* This is awesome! Hope they will hold on this promise. Honestly, there isn’t much posts online about the release date, so I am basing this info on one article and the date on the cake. :’D Hope I am not wrong with the date again… ><

The new trailer. Sadly the TFBoys couldn’t attend the event!


28 thoughts on “Zhu Xian Holds Press Conference With Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying and Yang Zi

  1. Pauline says:

    Starting on the 8th will hurt zhu xian with the olympics going on too. Zhao liying looks stunning though. I like zhao liying and yang zi, but my conclusion is that yang zi should never next stand to zly.. she looks manly in comparison. It’s so terrible, never noticed how small zly’s head and figure is before. It makes yang zi’s shoulders look broad, her neck look thick, her head look large, and her look big in general. Her dress doesn’t help


    • Maymay says:

      Lol. Now I cannot unsee what you just pointed out. I love ZLY’s dress but I think someone with a fuller figure might be more suited for that dress. In some views it seems like the front dress is ’empty’ and hollow and sags down..making her torso looks disporpotionate…


      • Pauline says:

        It’s likely the design of the dress itself.. it’s the two panels in the front, zly has all her clothes customized actually because she doesn’t fit into normal sizes


    • That’s true… but I don’t watch much Olympics anyway so it is not too bad for me individually. πŸ˜› But it is a shame that such a good drama with so much potential (Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying, Yang Zi, TFBoys, Tang Yixin, and more) gets such a rushed release 😦
      Zhao Liying looks amazing here!! *_* Yang Zi is really pretty in general, but she isn’t a 100% suited for period drama. Here, her dress is so unflattering. I like her first more casual outfit! I saw some photoshoots of Yang Zi before and she was way better then!


  2. Sweetstrawberry says:

    Is there some changes made to the airing date? I watched the live stream and at the end it was announced and even on the cake didn’t it said 8/8? Olympic is 8/5


  3. Ann says:

    Wow, I feel so mean saying this but Yang Zi prob does need photoshop. She looks nothing like her photoshoots here ><"

    I can't help but agree. Side-by-side comparison of Yang Zi and ZLY is just brutal. But then again, prob very few people could stand next to ZLY and look good. I agree, ZLY's dress is stunning! Her and Li Yifeng look compatible as OTP, I'll ship it! πŸ™‚


    • Pauline says:

      I don’t think Yang zi should film xian xia or ancient chinese shows.. she doesn’t suit the classic look imo 😐


    • >< Oh no! This was definitely not the event for her to shine and she didn't look her best.. She looks a lot better in action I think, because I love her sassy attitude! I have to agree that she has a larger head compared to the average actress..
      Yeah! Let's ship together *_* They look beautiful as a peer! Although I am not sure if their character will have many romantic scenes together…


  4. Hannah says:

    First, thank you for sharing! I’ve been deprived of ZLY. 😝

    Whoa…I love that purple dress, but it is a bit loose on her. ZLY looks elegant nonetheless. ZLY helped William’s popularity in Zu Mountain. I wonder if it’ll be the same for ZLY and going forward. She’ll be the “it” girl to promote newbies lol

    That’s Yang Zi? She looks better in modern clothes. It could also be her hair for ZX – makes her less pretty than these pics.


      • Sweetstrawberry says:

        I don’t follow any idol just Zhu Xian but from what I know LYF is not a newbie and I think they are both equally famous, correct me if I am wrong though.


      • Hannah says:

        ^ Not saying LYF is a newbie. But I don’t think his popularity is the same as ZLY. I know he had that one drama with YM, but there were mixed reviews. So this could be his drama to hit it off.

        William wasn’t also a newbie, but I think his and LYF’s acting are newbie-ish – plenty of room for improvement lol


      • I think LYL is more of an “idol actor” and yeah I agree, he hasn’t really had a representative drama yet. His role is Zhu Xian seems complex from the previous shorter trailer – it’s a good opportunity for him to show if he’s improved in his acting.


      • Hannah says:

        ^ Yup. I think he’s stepping away from the “idol” label. This drama is his opportunity to showcase his acting OR it could hurt him being next to ZLY. Like William in Zu Mountain – he was pretty awful lol


      • Lily says:

        In terms of fame, LYF is actually around the same fame as Zhao Li Ying. Forbes ranked him in the Top 10 Chinese celebrities last year (Zhao Li Ying was at 43). But you’re right about the acting. LYF is known for IDOL acting – let’s face it, the guy is SUPER hot. His fame isn’t because of his skilled acting, but by his idol status, kind of like Justin Bieber in the US. William Chan on the other hand was definitely less famous than Zhao Li Ying, and she definitely brought his fame up by acting in Zu Mountain and now the Old Nine drama.

        LYF and Zhao Li Ying both help bring each other’s fame. Kind of like Wallace Huo and Zhao Li Ying in Journey of Flower. When two big superstars collaborate, very successful dramas come out!


      • Hannah says:

        ^ Ah, I see. Maybe because LYF hasn’t had a representative work yet, so I feel like he’s not that popular. But then again he’s an idol actor. I’m sure he has a lot of fans lol

        I think Wallace helped ZLY since he’s more popular. But after the success of HQG, ZLY can hold it on her own now.


    • 8D Welcome! Watch Old Nine Gates if you have time πŸ˜‰ she appears starting on episode 10 and she is really cute in it!
      Now that I read the comments, I do realize the dress had a few flaws. But the first time I saw the pictures, I was in love ❀ So pretty!
      This may be my opinion, but I actually feel like Zhao Liying didn't promote William Chan. William had a strong fanbase way before Liying and I remember his fans yelling a lot louder during the Legend of Zu promotion period. As for Li Yifeng, he is nearly the most popular (idol) actor right now, right after Kris Wu. He has so many fans too, so I wouldn't call him a newbie xD
      Yeah, sadly, Yang Zi didn't shine much in this press conference v_v


  5. Jo says:

    How can Li Yifeng look good in casual clothes?!! Everyone looks gorgeous and I loved ZLY’s conference dress and Yes to her red carpet dress(was the light making the dress change colors?) she looked like she was gliding 😘 and wish the TF boys went😳 hopefully I can watch this because there are too many dramas coming (Im not complaining hahaha)


    • I don’t know, but when I saw those pictures, I was fangirling! And I am not even his (hardcore) fan. Haha, that smile. And also his haircut is really attractive ❀ Am I being weird? haha
      I think yes! That dress was perfect for the red carpet moments and gosh does Liying know how to pose! TFBoys weren't able to attend, but they filmed a short video for the event. Awwn
      Haha, same, feeling overwhelmed but still ready for more dramas!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Lily says:

    I read somewhere that Bi Yao (Zhao Li Ying’s character) dies off midway through the story. Maybe that’s why they had Yang Zi as the main female lead (which caused the controversy a few days ago when the Zhao Li Ying fans fired back on Weibo).

    Maybe they changed up the story to have ZLY stay longer? But judging from the reports, Yang Zi spent MUCH longer filming – so it looks like us Zhao Li Ying fans are going to be a bit disappointed.


    • Pauline says:

      I haven’t read the book, but my friends tell me that bi yao dies one third of the way through and she has to die for li yifeng’s character development and the plot to move along so there’s not much the writers can do to give her more screen time imo. I don’t think liying will get much screen time at all. Yang zi did spend 4 more months filming but she was a newbie at xian xia dramas though, she even said that she needed a lot of help and many takes when filming so she might have taken longer because of that too.. we won’t really know until the drama is released :\


    • Hammah says:

      Yes. The character BY woll sacrifice herself to save the male lead. It was originally for ABB, but she couldn’t take it. Therefore, ZLY stepped up. Either actress has more star power than YZ, so that’s the catch to promote the drama.

      I see why fans of both are upset. ZLY is kind of like a guest, but she’s featured more. And fans of ZLY probably want to see more of her. Oh well. Just enjoy! 😊


    • Hannah says:

      Yes. The character BY will sacrifice herself to save the male lead. It was meant for ABB, but she was busy. Therefore, ZLY stepped in. Either actress has more star power, so that’s the catch to promote the drama.

      I see why fans of both are upset. ZLY is more like a guest, but she’s featured more. Also, fans of ZLY want to see more of her. Oh well. Just enjoy! 😊


    • Yeah, honestly, the Zhu Xian producing team is such a mess. It would have been a 100% better if they were able to announce the cast right away from day one instead of taking months just so they could cast all these big names. Now that they have a full mouth of a casting, they don’t even know how to promote them properly! With confusing air dates to battle for the female lead role, I just hope the drama itself will be worth watching (which should be based on the trailer).
      It is highly possible. Zhao Liying is super fast at filming (honestly I am still amazed at her efficiency), I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up having as much screen time as a female lead. But then again, based on the novel, her character dies by the middle of the story. I don’t mind the quantity of time she gets, I want quality!!


      • O_O
        Actually, I am not that surprised considering they had been putting Zhao Liying foreward on all the posters as the female lead :/
        Haha, I like the pairing so I don’t mind the craziness! hihi, but I do have to say, I hope the drama will be worth the hype. I mean, based on the trailers, I didn’t see THAT much OTP moments…


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