Entertainment Update: Whirlwind Girl 2, LOCH, Flying Daggers, Blind Date


Hehe, felt like putting a refreshing picture at the top today. It is so hot!! *_* Is everyone surviving alright at the summer? This entertainment has tone of goodies and beautiful stills that got released. Enjoy! :3

Before we jump into this new entertainment update, let’s look at which drama is getting the most hype online these days. Decoded is leading with ratings, Old Nine Gates is leading with online attention and Zhang Yixing is leading in online attention for an actor/actress!

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Nicky Wu is busy at work to produce yet another (xianxia?) drama! Working with JiangSu TV, he will create new drama 許仙 Xu Xian. They will start filming in October in both Japan and China.


So Young started airing this week and is receiving positive attention. Check out the trailer below if you wanna give it a try too!

New stills and BTS video of season 2 Whirlwind Girl finally focus on second male lead, Chen Xiang.

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Stills of the OTP together in the pool, you know, chilling!

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New stills for Flying Daggers starring Hawick Lau and Yang Rong.

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Sun Yi and Elvis Han have awesome Chemistry in these stills for Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian《人生若如初相见》.

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The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream officially wrapped up filming!

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Jiang Xin and Lu Yi look awesome in their drama together, Blind Date.

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New BTS pictures for Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016.

1 2 4 6

Some new character stills too.

1 2

More stills for drama Border Town Prodigal starring Zhu Yilong and Viann Zhang.

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New MV for the say drama.

New stills for The Warriors Gate starring Ni Ni.

1 2 33

New concept poster for L.O.R.D


A BTS picture of the cast


Go Fighting recently ended season 2.


Nicky Wu is currently in Taiwan to promote his show The Legend of Zu. As he participated in a local variety show, he shamefully didn’t recognize his own wife Liu Shishi‘s child picture. Oups, good luck explaining that to wifey!


It is ok though, because, on Laws of the Jungle this week, he showed his amazing talent at riding horse! ><

1 2

JiangsuTV’s new variety show Fighting Man will have Jing Boran and Wang Kai.

2 3

Finally, the ladies of Up Idol filming another episode by challenging Chinese Classic Opera.


The girls are already taking selfies together to show their newfound friendships!

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8 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Whirlwind Girl 2, LOCH, Flying Daggers, Blind Date

  1. So pumped for ‘Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian’ gotta love me so pretty Republican era :DD

    Yes, I’m up to episode 8 now! ‘So Young’ makes me go all soppy when I think back to my school days though I gotta admit, the maturity levels of these supposed uni/college characters is perplexing. Why so childish?! It feels more like a high school environment than a university.
    Despite that, I love all the main male characters — drama version males are pretty similar to the film version’s counterparts, though I reckon Ma Ke makes a better Xu Kai Yang than Zheng Kai’s portrayal ^_^ hahaha sometimes, it feels like he’s Sha Jie Jie all over again, trying to protect Zheng Wei eeeee. I like both Han Geng and Zhang Dan Feng’s versions of Lin Jing. Totally not because I like both these men ahahs. I swear, much of this reminds me of ‘Hua Qian Gu’.
    And the locations are so lovely! Beautiful landscapes. I feel like the standard has risen since ‘Nirvana in Fire’ in that aspect. V v v keen for Legend of Chusen. From the trailers, the settings look stunning and magical af.

    Ahaha ‘Fighting Man’ must be to fill in the void left after ‘Race the World’. That show, IMO is heaps better than ‘Running Man’. PD team did awesome job at fleshing out the participants’ narratives :3
    Do you know when ‘Fighting Man’ will air? Bring on the bromance!

    Is Yuan Hong guest hosting for ‘Up Idol’ or is it for all episodes? I saw on Qian En jie’s weibo of all the happy snaps and aaaah this is only FILMING HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WAIT. Angie Chiu looks devine ❤ still so graceful and beautiful after all this time.

    Aaaah Song Yi looks angelic in that photo 😍😍😍😍 keen for that to air as well.


    • YES! That Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian drama looks really good based on the stills! Curious to see a trailer now 😛
      Haha, yeah. I have been wowed by so many stills and trailers this year. The quality is definitely going up each year, to my full enjoyment! You make So Young sounds a lot more interesting than I first thought if it. I already like the trailer so maybe I will give this drama a go 😛
      I just saw some pictures of Fighting Man released today and it already looks very promising! Wang Kai looks so good! I am not sure if it will be as good as Run Brother, but this one will definitely be a rating winner. The cast is just wow.
      Yuan Hong was announced as the second MC of the show, supporting Wang Han. That’s probably why you see him so much on the pictures hehe
      You don’t have to wait long because Up Idol should be released for July 22nd!!
      Yeah, Song Yi looks as amazing as always!


  2. Jo says:

    YANG RONG!! 💐💐💐 Elvis has chemistry with everything and every one!! The Summer Dream actors look so chic, Blind Date looks watchable, LOCH kids look adorable and shame on Nicky just kidding😂 and Idol Up just gorgeous


    • Yang Rong’s drama Memory Lost got picked up for release on IQIYI for October. So far, but at least we can see her soon.
      Elvis is shining so much in these stills. Makes me want to check it out!
      Summer Dream cast are all super skinny and have perfect proportion. It will be like watching a live fashion show xD
      Blind Date’s stills are really not that bad 😉 but I feel like it is targetting an older/more mature audience.
      Yeah, tsss to Nicky! 😛
      Up Idol is definitely something I will check out when it gets released.

      Liked by 1 person

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