Novoland Castle In the Sky Release Goodies for July 20th Release


We are not over with our none stop release of posts these days… Novoland Castle in the Sky is expecting a release date on July 20th, via Jiangsu TV. Starring Guan Xiaotong and Zhang Ruoyun, this drama will be the first drama to officially introduce us to the fascinating world of Novoland!

New Trailers for Novoland Castle in the Sky

New MV/trailer. Looking good!!

New Stills

2 3 4 5 6 7'1 2


14 thoughts on “Novoland Castle In the Sky Release Goodies for July 20th Release

      • creidesca says:

        I’ve been following the drama’s weibo, so D-6 the focus of the teaser was on the characters portrayed by Liu Junxiao and Zhao Jian; D-5 Zhang Luyi, Liu Min, Chen Ruoxuan; D-4 SNH48 member Ju Jingyi. MV of the subsong performed by Ju Jingyi was released on D-5.

        Also, each day of the countdown, a new poster with the countdown number was also released. D-7 was of Liu Min, D-6 Zhao Jian, D-5 Chen Ruoxuan, D-4 Ju Jingyi.


  1. intellectualkitten says:

    We have been releasing? 8D more like only you ^^ Still good job! Also, the trailer looks very nice, a little too pastel for my taste of drama though 🙂


    • We are a team of course 😉
      The trailers catches my eyes because it is so pretty and the costumes are so nice! I don’t mind pastel xD But I don’t feel the acting of Zhang Ruoyun right now, like he looks so stiff and angry.. :/


  2. Ashley says:

    It says Novoland only has 20 episodes. I just watched the 20th, and it seems to be missing parts from the previews. The story feels unfinished in a way.


  3. Lizzie says:

    I am really enjoying this show – up to ep 17 now and although I feel that BTJ is completely wronged by YFL’s dad, I cant help but root for YFL and FTY. Archdisign – give ZRY a chance, he has a reason for all their anger ,,,,,,, 🙂


      • Lizzie says:

        Hahaha. I am allergic to Zheng Shuang so not gonna be watching that drama. Trying very hard to continue with Chusen but LYF blank face is starting to really get on my nerves. His sifu is kinda unbearable but I get why he gets annoyed by him! Did you watch Decoded? Cheney Chen plays a guy with behavioral issues but a math expert in Repubkican times and although he has difficulties being in touch with his feelings, the blankness he portrayed in his face was with emotive! LYF is just…well, blank!


      • I used to not like Zheng Shuang but the stills for that drama is just too good to pass. Hope I am making the good choice by anticipating it ^^ Haha, I actually like the Shifu. He has a good heart, but sadly can’t express himself well. And since I am also starting to be annoyed by Xiaofan, I understand him a lot more XD I didn’t watch Decoded sadly, but I know Chen Xuedong did a great job! ^^ Ahh, if only LYF didn’t feel so stiff here… Shouldn’t had accepted a role that he cannot pull off, even if it has a hit drama potential…


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