Entertainment Update: Just a Smile is Alluring, Border Town Prodigal, Chinese Odyssey 3


A lot of stills and press conference in this article! And guess who is back?… Intellectualkitten ^^

Yang Rong‘s Memory Lost got an air date for October [not July as my previous typo stated… sorry] on IQiYi. Better than nothing, right?

Memory Lost

The team behind Go Princess Go announced (again) the production of the season 2 and the movie version of this hit webdrama. Also, it seems that Korea bought the rights to adapt it too!


In other exciting sequel news… it seems that the success of Old Nine Gates/The Mystic Nine will result in a series of movies! They announced that they will produced four movies focused on the characters and the first one will focus on Er Yue Hong (2nd master). Let’s see if Lay will have time to film it! They did the booting ceremony this week.


For anyone in need of a a romcom, the Taiwanese adaptation of Korean drama Baby Faced Beauty. This one is called 必勝練習生 and will premiere in both China and Taiwan, on TTV.

Drama Just One Smile Is Very Alluring is showing us that even handsome geeks need best friends! I didn’t know that Rachel Mao was in this drama, but this makes everything look even better!

4 5 6 7 8  10

At the same time, the movie version released stills! It is so hard to choose which couple I like the most…

704_1967357_102944 704_1967356_551215 704_1967353_745511 704_1967352_378380

A picture of cutie pies Zhou Dongyu and Lee Junki for Never Say Goodbye


Another lovey dovey movie: Crying Out in Love with Ou Hao and Zhang Huiwen


Playlist of songs for Zhu Xian as well as a new MV. We also get some new character stills (actually not that new, they just changed the background).

1 2 3

And for people who missed the 20minutes trailer (I uploaded it later on the press conference post), here it is again. Honestly, it looks like such an amazing drama. The quality is really good and I am curious of the story for both the leads and the supporting cast! (I may skip childhood years though because that part didn’t hook me as much.)

Press conference of Ice Fantasy with Victoria, Feng Shaofeng and Ma Tianyu. Bonus: PSed selfies of the cast!


Press Conference for Chinese Odyssey 3 starring Tang Yan and Han Geng

704_1970211_622478  704_1970222_924611 704_1970224_446349

Zhu Yilong and Viann Zhang at a press conference for Border Town Prodigal. Viann looks so much like Fan Bingbing it is amazing!

1 2 3

Two more posters and MV for the show:

1 2

Another project worth mentioning: the movie Bonjour les couleurs de l’amour will star Bea Hayden, Seungri, and Zhang Liang


On August 7th will be released new spy drama Code Name with Kimi Qiao. Yes! This puppy is finally getting his lead role!


Drama Lover’s Lies with Jia Qing and Jung Il-Woo released character stills.

3 4

Ying Er and soon-to-be-married Chen Xiao on the set of their drama If Love chilling.


Hot pictures of Ji Changwook for drama Whirlwind Girl 2.

1 2 3

Huang Lei is headlining a new parenting drama, A Love For Separation. What a perfect role for him! It will be released for August 15th, 2016.


A BTS picture of William Chan on the set of I Love that Crazy Little Thing.


The Voice of China now called Sing! China is ready to kick off the second half of summer with its new season. If you are curious to learn why they changed name (lawsuit between the producers), here is a nice blog post about the say subject. ^^


The boys (Jing Boran, Wang Kai and Jackson Wang) from Fighting Man looks handsome while filming the variety show. Wang Kai especially looks amazing in that white shirt.

2 4  6

Zhao Liying is promoting as Bi Yao for the video game version of Zhu Xian2

Yang Yang for A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂


Luhan playing basketball.


Beautiful video of Liu Yifei for Dior:

Guess who is coming on Happy Camp in two weeks? 😛

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45 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Just a Smile is Alluring, Border Town Prodigal, Chinese Odyssey 3

  1. angie says:

    Jesus Christ someone call the doctor, Yang Yang’s handsomeness in that red outfit blew me away into fantasy land of our wedding. 😀

    Can’t wait for this week’s happy camp with William and Zhao Li Ying!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Annie says:

      You and I have the same taste in men…and fantasy. hahaha!

      Zhao Li Ying looks so cute as Bi Yao but is it just me or does that green dress look odd?

      Chusen looks really good and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the storyline and characters. Subs can’t be fast enough.


      • angie says:

        Omg who else do you like? Maybe we can start our own fantasy man land…

        And the green dress does look really odd, kinda like they made the sleeves and front hanging thing and then forgot to finish the rest of the bottom portion of the dress…

        How big is the subbing team so far for Chusen? Maybe I’ll sign up to translate to make the process faster…


    • intellectualkitten says:

      It is a lime green so it looks very unreal… but I guess it is appropriate for a video game? She looks cute ^^

      Yes, please call the doctor… I think my heart rate is too high for some X reason…


    • Annie says:

      I still like the old guards: Wallace Huo and Hu Ge. I can’t believe I’m calling them old…but I guess in this industry, they are considered old.

      Oh, if you can help with the subs, then I’ll be very grateful!

      Now now, you need to stop fantasizing or you won’t get any sleep! Or at least use that time to watch more dramas! hahaha


      • Annie says:

        Forgot to ask who are your favourites?

        BTW, did you get any sleep last night? Fantasy man land can be a dangerous place. 🙂


  2. Jo says:

    Yayaya Hello Intellectualkitten!! Welcome back💐💝🎉🎉🎉. My lovely Yang Rong is also back😘😘😘 happy about Go Princess go and I hope SK does it some justice but it probably won’t be or feel the same and I binged watched Old Nine yesterday, need 13-16!! I think Im falling in love with all the C- high school movies this year, Im ready for. Crying out love😜 Yes, to Odyssey 3 and Bonjour les couleurs de l’amo has everyone I like


  3. llmoreno says:

    Welcome Back!!!!!!!
    Jing Boran is so cute i love himmmm ¡! He looks so good with Angela Baby
    I don’t know about season 2 and the movie … is going to be a continuation of the season one or one of the finals?? Is going to be a new story??? Korea and his remakes … um I don’t know what to think … in this moment I don’t like it, please don’t let them do Nirvana in Fire please please let nirvana alone.
    Yang yang and zheng shuang they are so cute … can they be girlfriend and boyfriend in real life?
    Nobody can decide between angela baby/ jing boran or yang yang/zheng shuang.
    I don’t know what to think about ice fantasy … the trailer looks so good but I don’t like how feng shaofeng acts… probably im going to give it a chance for ma tian yu and his love story
    I was thinking the same about viann and Fang BingBing int those photo they look like sisters.
    Im watching fighting man is nice im hope it get better … I have to thank Jackson fans for subbing it, wang kai, lil bai and jing boran look so good … it’s a show for girls with all of those candy guys.
    Ahhh why Liu Yifei is soo pretty I hate her … nahh love her


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Thanks!~~~ I missed making posts
      Haha, I know right? This pictures remind me of high school and have such a gentle feel to it. I wonder what will happen in the movie but I am also excited, the drama had such a dream team.
      Then ZS will finally find her prince charming, yes, it would be really nice (but she already has so many haters… I don’t want YY’s fans to bash her even more)
      I actually think Ice Fantasy’s trailer is very anti-climatic… but I will watch for sure the first episode ^^
      Do you know how the international fans feel about the cast members (apart from Jackson)? They are indeed treats to the eye @_@
      <3<3 My bond girl


      • llmoreno says:

        we miss your post too
        some people said the movie have the iconic scenes of the book… i want to watch the drama and the movie i love yang yang and jing boran
        ahh i like zs but she seems so down and skinny and with a horrible bad luck in love
        i thought ice fantasy was THE SUMMER DRAMA that everyone is going to watch
        what fans think about them ???? I love them they are so handsome but maybe fans knows jackson and not the others


  4. Thank you so much for these updates
    what caught my mind is the release date of Lost Memory
    i mean it is not usual for a Chinese drama to get a release date right after wrapping up filming
    this is pretty fast.
    It seems that web dramas are becoming our hope 🙂
    Im glad because i am waiting for 3 detective dramas
    Lost Memory , 10 deadly sins and When a snail falls in love
    first two will be shown this month
    I hope for the snail to run fast as well 🙂
    The reason is that cinematography in this kind of chinese dramas is pretty well on another level from the rest and typical ones.
    Again, thank u so so so much


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I hope When a snails falls in love gets a TV drama release date 😛 It is my most anticipated detective drama by far… are you going to watch all 3 of them? Yes, instead of character focus, these dramas are a lot more plot centered. Instead of only looking at facial expressions, we ACTUALLY seen them in action!
      No problem :DDDD


      • Yes hopefully and i am planning to translate them too. Not to English but from English to my Native language. I ve translated Love me if you dare and it went viral in my blog 🙂
        Well the same goes for me , The Snail seems to be more decent . Ten Deadly sins is directed by a famous Korean director and it only has 11 episodes so why not give it a try ?
        BTW, Do you know how many episodes Memory Lost has? The exact release date?


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Oh woahh… congratz ^^ So nice to know Chinese dramas are well liked everywhere 😛 Love Me was really good, but I lost motivation to finish it @_@ However the acting in that drama was so good ^^
        Memory lost will have 36 episodes, will you sub it? :O


      • 36 episodes for a detevctive drama seem a little too much.
        I will sub it hopefully and i hope it won’t drag or yumama won’t kill it with his unrealistic silly events
        thanks for your response


      • Better late than never
        As you said at least it got itself a release date in the year of its filming not like so many other dramas. For example I am still eagerly waiting for Happiness of an Angel since 2012 hhhhhh
        because it is a remake of one of my all time favourite dramas ever which is the Korean thank you.
        Pretty sure It won’t air . SIGH


    • Hi there! Just to say I wrote a typo because I originally wrote the release will be in July, but I was thinking October!!! >< My mind was really off…Sorry..
      But yeah it has a release date, right? :'D


  5. Paige says:

    Welcome back! I think Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen’s wedding is today.. It’s trending on Weibo but such is the power of WC+ZLY chemistry that the Zhao Li Ying and William Chan couple tag is sitting pretty at #1 with double the hits


  6. OMG, you caught me at the William Chan+Zhao Liying combo pictures >< Although I don't think they will appear this week (based on the trailer it is Lee Yuchen and TFBoys this week)…
    Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang looks like a better combo to watch so I am a 100% sure I will check out that drama in August!! Sing! China had a few nice songs sang by the mentors/teachers if you ever wanna check those out too. ^^
    Thanks for the hard work and welcome back 😛


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Ahh no 😦 I heard people say the episode was soon, now I am disappointed ^^

      My most anticipated project!
      ^^ No probs


  7. Lizzie says:

    Yay! Yang Rong!! Cant wait. Welcome back intellectual kitten!

    Will you be having a post on WC/ZLY Happy Camp appearance? please do! Their chemistry is rocking in Mystic Nine. Only up to Ep 10 but ZLY is just too spute! (spunky + cute) and your gif about FoYe smiling after she moves away is priceless!!

    I like both ZLY and YZ but I cant stand LYF – still thinking whether to watch Chusen by liberal use of FF. Am more keen on ZLY show with Shawn Dou and Lin Geng Xin – the former has charisma but LGX did not impress me in the recent show with Yoona (cant even remember the name now!)


    • Yes! For sure, this already sounds like an episode full of moments I will be giggling at. So as long as I have time, I will write about the episode!! :3
      Based on the trailer, I think I will enjoy all three leads’ scenes, but I feel like I will already skip the childhood part. Nothing against the TFBoys, I just find that part of xianxia hero life really boring xD
      Haha, in Chinese Hero aka God of War Zhao Yun? Yeah, he disappointed me in that too. Hope he gets his act together because my chemistry fairy (Zhao Liying) can’t do all the work! that would not be fair 😛

      [Edit] Hi! Also wanted to point out that the release for Memory Lost will be in October, not in July. I miswrote above and made the change as soon as I noticed today when I got back home… Sorry!


    • j says:

      Welcome back intellectual kitten! Can we abbreviate to iKitty? :- P

      Thanks so much, archidisign and iKitty. There are just too many cMovies and dramas. Thanks for the news and all.

      @Lizzie, We must be twins separated at birth. I have the same problem with Chusen. +1 for both ZLY and YZ. -1 for LYF.

      LGX was better in the Tsui Hark movie, The Taking of Tiger(??) Mountain (??) with Tony Leung KF, Tong Li Ya, (Yu Nan?) Chen Xiao. But the movie wasn’t my cup of tea.

      Liked by 1 person

      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yess… you can xD I say Ikitten too *lazy like a cat :33*

        Li Yifeng has so many fans.. but he looks too old for this role :x… hope the chemistry will be there!


    • Annie says:

      I can’t wait for next week’s Happy Camp. Even though I will not understand what they’re saying, my eyes will be satisfied. Brain can go to mush…

      Can someone sub the cute moments? Pretty please!


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Just fyi.. but by next week… I mean in two Saturday >< Hopefully someone writes a sub, but we will definitely do an article for it 😀


  8. Quick question, why is Yang Yang’s game outfit for One Smile is Alluring in red? It’s supposed to be white. But then again, that might be his wedding outfit for the game. lol. Either way, it’s so cool! 😀


      • Ahh, i remember now, “A Chinese Ghost Story” is the online game that they play in the drama instead of “Dream Vovage of River and Lakes” in the book. That makes sense. So…this means we’ll probably be getting some new scenes of the couple. I CAN’T WAIT!! August seems so far away right now. 😦


  9. Ohh Han Geng dipping Tang Yan and the way he looks at her as he does so ohhhhh *fans self*

    I was going through my Republican and spy drama list the other day and was like, hmm when is “Code Name 代号” getting released? Now I’ve an answer, thank you!

    Hahah your comment about Wang Kai wearing a simple white dress shirt reminds me of that “Happy Camp” episode where they made Yang Yang, Zhang Han, William Chan and Kris Wu (?) show their white shirt style (and various *cough* questionable *cough* other fashion styles). “Fighting Man” has already started airing on Jiangsu TV aaah too many goodies, not enough time!

    Aah I was like yay Zhao Li Ying on “Happy Camp”! Then I checked the trailer and I was shot down. Maybe next week :DD I know Qiao En jie and Ming Xi will be on “Day Day Up” this coming week ^_^ must be for “Up Idol” which isn’t many nights away if I’m counting from the date you gave me (July 22nd?!!)

    Indeed, Yang Yang is looking GOOD in that pic though that’s for the game “A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂”… I think? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2iJ5TetBmDc


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I miss Han Geng in the spotlight. His character also look fun, I want to watch it. And Bounty Hunter too, so many good projects

      Hehe, you are welcome from @archidisign

      Happy Camp knows exactly what the audience wants… 8D so happy the summer schedule for variety shows started… I need my laughter!

      Sorry I let you down :””D Haga, it looks like you know the dates a lot better than I do. They prepared a lot of guests for episode 1 so I am expecting a lot~~


  10. unforgetableme says:

    Do you know if Border Town Prodigal is airing every day? Or just a few days a week??? I’ve seen the first few 4 eps and I like it! The action scenes are very good!!!


      • Cat says:

        I am watching it. Lighting is really good. I am happy with the set. The colors are pretty. The FX is better than 5 cent buns. While I will continue to watch it; it has deviated a bit too much from the original novel. Also, I think it is mon- wed. Six episodes per week?


      • unforgetableme says:

        Yeah, I think it definitely deviates from the story. But it’s enough to keep me watching (hopefully!!!). ^_^


  11. I am watching Border Town Prodigal, and it is really good so far. Main reason being that it reminds me so much of the old-school Wuxia dramas. Everyone is so pretty as well!


    • :O That sounds like something I would watch… But then again, I really don’t like Viann Zhang and Zhu Yilong’s haircut in this is not promising at all… I think I will wait to be more free to check it out though since many people are giving positive feedbacks ^^!


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