[Movie] League of Gods with Godly Casting


This is definitely an… interesting project? When I see these pictures, I feel both excited and offended. So much bling bling for the eyes @_@

  • Release date: July 29th, 2016
  • Produced by Huayi Brothers
  • Based on the legend Feng Shen Yan Yi




OST无痛的痛苦 by Xiao Jingteng

Are you ready for the crazy stuffs? These pictures honestly made me go awe in front of all the leading actors:

Jet Li as Jiang Ziya (Qi Tai Gong). He is a military strategist who helped the Wu of Zhou King overthrow the Shang Dynasty.

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Louis Koo as Mahamayuri (Peacock Prince)


Huang Xiaoming as Er Lang Sheng (my favourite character in Journey of the West!).

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Angelababy as Mermaid (obviously, a new character.. she is pretty! But something is off with the character? :P)


Tony Leung as King Zhou of Shang, the last king of the Shang Dynasty.


Fan Bingbing as Da Ji

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Wen Zhang as Nezha.. wait what?

006rn2WWjw1f5ma8a9fu4j30ji0rsgst 006rn2WWjw1f5ma92zo0xg30b4069e81

Jacky Leung as Lei Zhenzi

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7 thoughts on “[Movie] League of Gods with Godly Casting

  1. Cass says:


    If the intent was to make Jet to look so much older than he looks in reality they achieved success.

    This project looks not too appealing to me at all. It kind sounds messy.
    I hope the trailers give me good vibes when they come up.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD Agree, I really didn’t recognize and double checked it is indeed him

      The casting is definitely a plus and the special effects look on point. I doubt the story would be interesting (even in the trailer, there wasn’t much interaction between the roles). I would probably watch it though ^^


  2. s says:

    I think so. Look up 2006 or 2007 The Legend and the Hero. I tried watching, but to me, it was very slow. I also didn’t like the stuffy Emperor (actor Ma Jing Tao). I stopped very quickly. Leo Wu Lei of Nirvana_IF may have been child Nezha. Huge cast.


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