[Part 2] Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Wedding


Ready for part 2? What, there is a part 2?? Yes! The couple is a very intercultural couple as Chen Xiao is mainland Chinese while as Michelle Chen is Taiwanese. Hence, on July 21st, they held their second wedding in Taipei, Taiwan. Michelle Chen personally invited the 300 guests. Congratulations to them and be ready for tone of dreamy pictures! Because one thing is for sure and that is they are getting pro at organizing wedding!!

Some gifs from the previous wedding ^^

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Beautiful beautiful pictures of the setting >< I think I am in love…

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Pictures of the wedding 🙂

Chen Xiao waiting for his bride (again). This guy is sooo handsome.


Michelle Chen waiting for the X moment.

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When the two are finally united together.

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With guests, here the couple is with Rainie Yang.


It felt like they organized a huge event and they even had a red carpet ready! No ok, there was no red carpet, but all the guests posed for the camera.

Terri Kwan


Kristen Ren


Ady An




Finally, Rainie Yang performing for them.


That’s it! This is the end for this ChenChen wedding saga. I am happy they are together, happy and ready to face the beautiful days waiting for them. They will have a new baby next year and I just know they are going to be amazing parents. There is no need to bring back old exes back in the picture, either by them or the public. Whatever the press or the media says, they are a happy couple in love.


27 thoughts on “[Part 2] Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Wedding

  1. Alyannah says:

    Although I’ll never be able to bring myself to ever support this couple onscreen, their wedding is beautiful. Not gonna lie, I never want to see chen xiao’s face again. It makes me wanna throw up. But hope they enjoy their life together and never come in contact with my baby Li Ying again


      • DY says:

        What happened between Liying and Chen Xiao, he did not cheat on ZLY with Michelle did he? I thought it was just crazy fans making up rumours that CX and ZLY were dating.


      • Lily says:

        A lot of people thought they were just rumours. Chen Xiao actually went on some TV program to say that their relationship was just staged. LiYing has never publicly admitted to dating Chen Xiao.

        However, about 1 month ago, a mutual friend came out to reveal that they were actually dating and that they lived together.

        Looking at the timeline, with Michelle Chen’s pregnancy and all that – it seems like Chen Xiao moved on a little too quickly. This obviously led to speculation of cheating.

        Of course, every single time ZLY gets asked about Chen Xiao (including recently about attending his wedding), she’s SUPER cold, and acts like she doesn’t even know the guy. I remember last year at Hua Qian Gu’s promotions, they were asking her about these questions and she never ever responded to one.

        So it’s pretty clear she doesn’t like him, and that they’re not even friends at this point. So something must’ve happened between the two to cause this kind of tension, and of course – the cheating speculation fits the role.

        Then of course that friend said in her twitter congrats to Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao about “meeting the right person at the wrong time”. WRONG TIME? Lol I wonder what that means…if you’re both single, why would that be the WRONG time?

        All we know for sure is – Chen Xiao and LiYing dated, he did something to her that caused her to hate him, he got with Michelle Chen, they are now married and she’s pregnant, LiYing has a CEO boyfriend but no one really knows anything about that relationship cause she keeps him out of the limelight. Pretty sad ending for Female Prime Minister Fans lol. Whatever though – hopefully they’ll never come in contact again and live their lives happily APART.


      • That “mutual friend” is not a friend, she is probably just an attention seeker wanting her 5 minutes of fame, or else, she would care about her friends a bit more. I always believed that Chen Xiao and Zhao Liying dated, but I am also fine that they are over each other now. The media should really stop trying to bring this pairing back, it is over! I don’t think Chen Xiao moved too fast because, they are at the age to get married… There must be familiar pressure to make him want to marry soon! 😉


    • intellectualkitten says:

      They probably took pictures before hand and wanted to do a more intimate wedding for the second part? But yeah… the empty rooms feels very underwhelming xD

      Yep ^^ Best wishes


      • Miss Attache says:

        The photos showing empty tables etc were probably taken BEFORE the ceremony started. It’s very normal for couples or event organizers to do that, because they want to show the venue and the decor. We see similar pictures from Nicky and LSS’s wedding. What I notice from the two receptions is the different taste between the bride and the groom. Chen Xiao seems to like it flashy and whimsical, while Michelle is more into romantic/classic style.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I definitely likes Michelle Chen’s style more, maybe because I am a girl and believes in fairy tales ^^ I am stroke by how much details were put in the design.


    • Yeah! 😀 There were more guests (300) including some famous Taiwanese celebrities. But I nearly didn’t know anyone.. I am so out of the loop when it comes to TW-ent xD


  2. Lucy says:

    Have y’all heard the latest from that actress, sun yaoqi, she said ‘two right people meeting at the wrong time is unfortunate’ about michelle chen and chen xiao. Oh and that she’s going to sue whoever is “misunderstanding” her. Apparently, everything she said was all true and they support her. Does this really help their defense? It makes li ying seem more like a victim of third party interference imo

    Sorry, this couple disgusts me


    • Paige says:

      Chen xiao and li ying dated, a lot of rumours said that he cheated on her with michelle chen. When congratulating this couple on their marriage, this actress added that it’s unfortunate to meet the right person at the wrong time on her weibo basically confirming that chen xiao and michelle chen met when he was still living with li ying and also confirming that chen xiao did cheat on li ying with michelle chen


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Rumors that she and Chen Xiao dated but didn’t end on good terms. The media is putting so much focus on the two and for everyone’s sake, I hope they don’t have too many interactions in front of the media 😦


    • Lily says:

      Chen Xiao and Liying dated, lived together, was the dream couple in Legend of Lu Zhen – suddenly he’s with Michelle Chen, gets her pregnant, etc. Every single fan of the Female Prime Minister drama was like WHAT THE HECK!!!! Speculation that he cheated on her.

      Of course, the fuel to the fire was everytime ZLY gets asked about Chen Xiao she acts like she barely knew him. Making it seem like Chen Xiao did wrong her big time.

      That random actress who was mutual friends with both of them did an online video confirming ZLY and Chen Xiao’s past – but denied that Michelle was the third wheel to break up that couple.

      Of course – nobody was gonna buy that stuff especially with Liying’s major shade at Chen Xiao every time she’s asked about him.

      Long story short, Liying was Chen Xiao’s ex – something happened – Liying pretty much hates Chen Xiao now – and the media is hyping this up big time because it’s a juicy scandal story. Seriously, every online media that mentions Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen is bringing Zhao Li Ying into the picture.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Alyannah says:

        Ying Bao really doesn’t deserve this.. I feel wronged for her. She’s had such bad luck with men when she’s a goddess. I don’t get it.. how can anyone cheat and leave Liying. I guess she can’t have everything, but what really annoys me is that Chen Xiao likes her weibo posts and all that. LIKE WHY. You CHEATED and LEFT her. Now leave her alone. I doubt she wants anything more to do with this. He already got another girl pregnant and married her, so just stop. UGH it makes me so frustrated.. I wonder how my Ying Bao is handling all this


      • >_< I know… and this sucks so much. Wish they left the two parties alone. Whatever happens, Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen are happy as a couple now. Zhao Liying used to be friend with Chen Xiao, they ended on bad terms, but I am sure she wants to forget all this (instead of getting her name dragged into this everytime)…


  3. Jo says:

    Wow!! Chen Xiao kiss moves are on point!!😜 the whole set up is gorgeous. The ChenChen look so in love and aww I missed Rainie😀 this whole thing was just so beautiful

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t really care about the couple but enjoy the pictorials which are beautiful, not as grand but thanks for sharing it with us. The C-Ent are more open compared to K-Ent so this is fun to watch!
    Waiting for the next one, Wallace & Ruby, can’t imagine what it will be like, grand or simple?

    I believe in karma, don’t care about the gossip or rumours, I look at it as our girl ZLY is lucky to find out about CX now, earlier rather than later. Life goes on, ZLY will get a better guy than him!


    • Welcome! Yes definitely, they were ver open with the public and the pictures all came out great!
      Everyone wants a beautiful wedding and I am sure Ruby is no exception! I do wonder if they will hold their wedding in China or in Taiwan (as both are Taiwanese, but work mostly in mainland now). Either way, it is going to be amazing.
      Yes! It was the end of their relationship, but the beginning of something even better *_*


      • Miss Attache says:

        Weren’t there news/rumors that Wallace and Ruby will hold their wedding in Bali by the end of this month? I’m curious who will be the groomsmen… if Hu Ge is one of them again, Katherine Heigl might ring him up 😉


      • HAHAHA. Yes, they said the end of July, no? I have yet to see photoshoot pictures, videos and wedding invitations! Ruby Lin is probably busy with the currently airing Singing All Along’s promotion so maybe they are pushing the dates to a bit later? Anyhow, as long as it does happen, then I will be happy. Can you imagine them in wedding attires? Godly!
        I remember ikitten telling me that she read somewhere Hu Ge said he will not be the groomsman. Hope it is not true though :/


    • Ann says:

      I’m so excited for Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s wedding!! A perfect match 🙂

      I think it’s for sure July 31st in Bali, but we’re not gonna get many pictures because they already declined sponsorship for their wedding 😦

      Supposedly, they just want an intimate wedding with no media… perhaps we won’t even see a photoshoot. And the MOH is Tiffany Hsu, best man is WH’s agent and long-time friend!


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