Entertainment Update: Fan Bingbing, Time Raiders, Sweet Sixteen


Yeahh! Fridays are the best :3

Eastern Palace has a poster!!! I mean, I remember rumours of this drama since last fall so it really is time to see some sample product. It was rumoured either Zhao Liying or Fan Bingbing would star in it. But now that we know Fan Bingbing‘s agency has the rights for the drama, I think we can all agree Fan Ye will want to play the amazing female lead! I found novel recaps online and it really is an awesome story! The drama will be called Good Bye My Princess.


Not only this one, but the say agency Tang De will also produce a new high budget palace drama, Win The World. Will Fan Bingbing be the lead in this one too?


Talking about the lead actress, pictures of Fan Bingbing for Feng Xiaogang’s I am Not Madame Bovary are revealed

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Movie For a New Bullets starring Lin Gengxin was released last week, July 15th. It seems to be receiving positive feedbacks on weibo in case people may want to give it a shot ^^

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Sweet Sixteen for August 5th

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The MV 从此以后 sang by Kris Wu is also released!

The XXX starring Vin Diesel and Kris Wu finally released the trailer! I know I said this movie may not gain international recognition… but it looks really cool! Hope it does well ^^

Never Say Goodbye for August 9th


New stills for Love 020

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The movie also released the first OST 最初的梦想 by Jing Boran

The drama also released some awesome pictures

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Promotion pictures for Hide and Seek starring Wallace Huo

704_1972968_585741 704_1972967_759302

Zhang Han and Yu Xiaotong at press conference for webdrama The Ten Deadly Sins.


New MV for Border Town Prodigal. Many commenters had showed their love for this drama and called it similar to the old classic wuxia ones we all love. Could be worth a try! 😀


Look who it is, @wuli韬韬! 8D Tao Huang looks quite good in his upcoming drama Journey to the West Love You a Million Years 大话西游之爱你一万年.

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Get excited because… Wu Xin season 2 will come soon!


Jiang Jinfu officially started filming for his drama 回到明朝當王爺之楊淩傳.


Yuan Hong and Ruby Lin promoting Singing All Along


Zhang Xinyi in her new drama She Is Beautiful. Looks like Yuan Hong will appear as a cameo 8D

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More stills for Blind Date with Lu Yi and Jiang Xin.

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A picture on the set of Ice Fantasy… the drama will be released in 2 days!


Talking about Qi Wei, did you know she is starring in a new modern drama called Hello Joann 你好乔安. I totally missed out on that information, but here is a trailer and some stills. It is a drama about a strong woman in the business world. Sounds like the perfect (usual) role for her! The drama also has Wang Xiao Chen.

6 7

Final posters for Whirlwind Girl 2 as it got released on July 20th. So many dramas these days @_@

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Gorgeous photoshoot of Xie Na (Happy Camp host) and Zhang Jie (popular singer)

704_1971897_976600 704_1971898_819399

Group pictures for Up Idol

704_1973088_355196 704_1973102_413070 704_1973104_473220

The movie Time Raiders releases more stills

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Ever wonder what an older version of Luhan would look like? < A little like Hu Ge!

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Pictures of another handsome man… Yang Yang 🙂

704_1971767_461158 704_1971770_515145

Adorable Zhao Liying!


More teasers for next week’s episode of Happy Camp!

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I wanna see this episode so badly ><



34 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Fan Bingbing, Time Raiders, Sweet Sixteen

  1. Ann says:

    Omg I love this update! Eastern Palace sounds like a great project, can’t wait. I don’t think ZLY will do two historical dramas back-to-back so I am happy FBB is taking this on 🙂

    Yang Yang always looks so handsome. Actually, Han Geng is the lead in Sweet Sixteen (Kris is the second male lead). Oh, and Tao’s drama is actually titled A Chinese Odyssey! The director, Jeffrey Lau, is the same director of the soon-to-be-released A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three starring Tang Yan and Han Geng. So exciting!! There’s some clearer pictures of Tao now (just so freakin’ handsome in period clothing) *swoon*

    Hahah the last gif!! Have you seen WC + ZLY in the backstage interview for Happy Camp? So adorable ><"

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lia says:

      Wrong. Kris is the lead of Sweet sixteen. Hangeng’s role is not even as important as JooWon and Kris and Hangeng himself is not taking part promoting it. The character XiaMu played by Kris is the most popular character among the fans of the book.

      The soundtrack Kris sang is beautiful 😀 and I’m looking forward to all of Fan BingBing’s productions because I love her

      Liked by 1 person

      • Paige says:

        what.. you sure. I saw the poster and HG is bigger on it or maybe they are equal, didn’t read the book though


      • Ann says:

        Sorry! I could be wrong, I don’t follow Kris and just read somewhere that Han Geng is the male lead but I never read the books so I might be totally off


    • Lily says:

      In case people are epically shipping William Chan and Zhao LiYing, sorry to remind you that Happy Camp is all scripted. Like 95%.

      Last time they were on together for Zu Mountain, the producers told William to mention their 3 hour make out on set, and had them dance.

      As you saw the backstage, it was completely scripted – they were practicing the dance behind the scenes hours before. The show made it seem spontaneous. All the people on Happy Camp are told about the show, and they build the chemistry up on purpose for entertainment.


    • Yeah probably! Princess Agents is going to be so good! But I also really liked the novel Eastern Palace so I wish she could have played in it… Oh well, Fan Bingbing will definitely do that role justice, so no worries ^^
      Thanks for the information, will keep them in mind when writing the next posts! And let’s just say both Hangeng and Kris Wu are leads hehe
      Noooo, I didn’t! I want to! I just saw the video today where Liying said she decided to play in Mystic Nine only after confirming William Chan is playing the male lead!!! 8D My fangirl heart is so happyy

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ann says:

        There’s still the movie version of Eastern Palace right? It’s still possible for Liying to play the female lead in that. Liying always picks great roles that are somewhat different/unique and suitable for her so I anticipate her next project!! It’s funny, Liying is just eating while Xiao He (that bodyguard always dressed in black is talking to her and William Chan)

        And yup, variety shows are definitely scripted, but their closeness/comfort level with each other isn’t haha. They are often pictured holding hands and hugging (at the same time) behind-the-scenes by fans. I think they must be very good friends or he would feel awkward bringing up kissing scenes and why would his mom invite her to eat dinner with them or why would they often go to karaoke together? Agreeing to talk about all that means they are friendly with each other 🙂 I don’t really ship them, but I like that they’re good friends! p.s. I kinda want to know, do kissing scenes normally last 3 hours?


      • Lizzie says:

        Although happy Camp is scripted, I think ZLY and WC have an easy camaderie – whether it’s romantic I can’t tell but his bubbly, jumpy character makes a nice counterpoint to ZLY which maybe why they have great chemistry. 🙂 I suspect that WC is very career focused at the moment so an actual relationship would be difficult.

        Now, can someone please point me to the link where ZLY said she only joined Mystic Nine after knowing that WC is playing FY? 🙂 🙂


      • True, hopefully! *_* She has a wild range of successful dramas, but her movies are a lot more lowkey. I think at her popularity level now, she can very well get bankable projects. But the key in movies are not the actors, but the producers and writers.
        They are such good friends that I hope they maintain their good relationships forever!! Shipping or not, as long as they don’t get into weird fights, than I am happy.
        Of course not! xD Especially when it is pros like ZLY and WC. But I am sure this was more for media play then anything else. Or maybe.. they really are attracted to the other? wink wink!


  2. Lia says:

    Adding to my comment, I disagree that XXX3: Return of Xander cage won’t get much international recognition, especially with an INTERNATIONAL cast.

    Simple, there’s Vin Diesel, who’s one of the most bankable action stars. Then there’s Donnie Yen who will pretty much cover the audience for HK and SEA market. Then:

    Kris: China
    Deepika Padukone: India. she’s basically the biggest actress in Bollywood now
    Nina Dobrev: Vampire diaries fans
    Rubyrose: She has a lot of fans on the internet
    Tony Jaa; Thailand
    Samuel L Jackson: Who’s another bankable actor even if he cameos in some movies.
    Neymar: Brazillian footballer…….they basically have most of the football fans covered

    And these kinds of movies usually appeals well to men.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      You may be right 🙂 I was skeptical when the project was first announced since a lot of internationally casted movies are not that famous, but after watching the trailer… I am pretty excited! Also, I just realized Vin Diesel was a lead in Fast and Furious so you are probably right, this movie can be very bankable


    • With Vin Diesel as lead, I think this will be one action drama lots of people will want to check out!
      I remember checking xXx years ago and finding it fun to watch, for the action scenes 😉 This could be something fun to check out. Kris is really lucky to get all these great projects!


  3. Lia says:


    I can’t reply to you, but there is a new poster and Kris got a huge chunk of it. Kris is the centre of promotions and even the new trailers all centre around his character Xiamu. You don’t see Hangeng doing promotions and getting special teasers on his own do you?

    like, this one is most recent


  4. Hannah says:

    I’m surprised Qi Wei is doing smaller projects compared to her peers. Don’t think she has a hit drama yet.

    FBB’s acting is ok. Is she producing? Her productions can be very glamorous lol

    I look forward to ZLY’s next collaboration. I prefer her in ancient dramas though. 😊


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hello Joann is a big budget project I think, I saw a lot of promotions for it in 2015 and all the pictures looked really gorgeous. We don’t add them periodically to the Ent Update anymore because she isn’t that well known internationally 😛 Agree, the girl needs some bigger project, she has the potential!

      Aha… are we thinking about Empress of China? 😛

      Yes, something like Nirvana on Fire would be nice ><


      • Hannah says:

        I’ve only seen Qi Wei in that detective drama with Bosco. She seems to be in smaller budget dramas than her peers – YM in Gong; LSS in BBJX, and Tiffany right? I guess she’s also not that popular. I wonder why…

        Yes! Haha FBB is all about the glam. 😁

        Yup. I like that she has different partners each time, so I look forward to her next collab.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Qi Wei got married the year after she got crowned as a Dan Flower and didn’t do any projects for a really long time. Her upcoming projects (Singing All Along and Hello Joann) were both filmed 1-2 years ago… hence why she hasn’t got a hit yet. It is also possible she is just unlucky? 😡


      • What? I didn’t see any promo until today >< So I was shocked that this drama was ready to air without much media play. Qi Wei always play serious and more mature (career centered) woman. She is a well known name in China, but it is true she receives less attention from the international fanbase.

        Liked by 1 person

      • s says:

        Qi Wei was the 2nd female lead in a few well-known series like Hu Ge’s Unbeatable …, Roy Qiu and Tang Yan’s Waking Love Up. She is the titular character in Still Lala. These are only the ones that had English subs.

        She is 1st or 2nd female lead in the upcoming period drama Holy Guizi (?). Holy Guizi has a huge cast. Probably a big budget production. Set around the Warring States period. Duan Yi Hong and Zu Feng are 2 male leads. They are big names in China. Known for quality acting. DYH has been in many movies. He is known among art-house international movie critics etc. ZF is probably more known as a TV star.


  5. xingfenzhen says:

    So 潘金莲=Madame Bovary in the eyes of translator/English name creator. Someone have to rein those guys in, they are too “clever” for their own good.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Wait, what do you mean?? I just read the story of Pan Jinglian on wiki and it looks kinda similar to Madame Bovary. What are the differences between the two? 😛


      • xingfenzhen says:

        Kinda similar is not the same though, it would be like to translate the new testment as The Life of Buddha…


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I only read Madame Bovary and it was *spoiler alert* about a woman longing for a romantic life she couldn’t have.
        Pan Jinglian seems to be about a woman getting the extravagant life and successfully staying with the man. I see the difference but if FXG is only trying to represent the feelings of a romantic woman, the translation is pretty smart 😛


  6. Cass says:


    回到明朝當王爺之楊淩傳. is another drama I’m putting into my list of “must wait years to watch I hope not no to forget”. Thankfully there is a popular actor in it and his work usually do not take years to be released.

    I so hope webdramas do not ever and ever go the same way as the ones made for TV when it comes to release date.


    • Welcome! Yeah, it seems like a project that will get enough attention to get a fast filming and release.
      Haha, in the sense, ending up with no air date? xDD Same, Chinese airing date scheduling is one of the worst in the world. Hopefully it gets better as more attention are paid to dramas these years.


  7. Thanks for this update 😀

    Luhan looks suaaaave :3 I mean, let’s be real– who doesn’t look good when dressed in this era’s clothing?! I see what you mean haha there is some resemblance to Hu Ge!

    I just finished rewatching ep1 of ‘Up Idol’ because I cannot get enough of Qiao En jie!! I knew she was tough having seen her on ‘The Greatest Love’, where she was attacking a wall savagely to get dirt off her slipper… but ‘Up Idol’ revealed the fighter within her. She was really giving it her all when she was boxing against Xi Meng Yao :0

    ‘Up Idol’ S2 is off to a great start IMO. None of that popularity competition stuff from S1 which I’ve been constantly complaining about on your website! 😛 I always wished that we would see the women do something that wasn’t traditionally considered “appropriate” for a woman. Something more adventurous. Episode 1 granted me that wish with actual boxing matches (guest coach is Xuan Xuan’s papa Zou Shi Ming!), and then an adrenaline-racing activity 233m (764ft) above the ground at the Macau Tower’s Skywalk! Losing team has to do the Bungee Jump from that same height! Won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen the episode.

    Ah, I know some viewers prefer the first season: 1. They miss He Jiong but Idc about him bc Yuan Hong is great as well; 2. They liked S1’s “warmth and closeness”. AHEM I reckon it’s too early to judge and besides, S1 had Lin Qing Xia who was (is?) virtually everyone’s idol (lol not mine but that’s another story) so of course there are expectations.

    Guess we’re all going to have to wait another week for Zhao Li Ying and William Chan’s appearance on ‘Happy Camp’. Next week’s guests are Chen Xue Dong (I swear he was on just a fortnight ago), Lin Geng Xin, Charlene Choi, Gulinazha, Bao Bei Er, Jia Ling, and the peeps from ‘I Am A Singer’. A LOT of guests! Maybe I heard wrong? Maybe this is for the next couple of eps? Idk :/

    Oh Yang Yang 😊😊😊


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