[Anticipation Post] Ice Fantasy with Feng Shaofeng, Victoria Song and Ma Tianyu


Their slogan is Ice or Fire Battle in the Summer and it is because, for a very cold themed drama, they really want a summer release date! Starring Victoria, Feng Shaofeng, and Ma Tianyu, get ready for the Hot vs Ice drama of the summer, Ice Fantasy!

  • Chinese name: 幻城

Summary by wikipedia:

The story is set a hundred years after a war between the Empire of Snow (Ice Tribe) and the Fire Tribe, where the Fire Tribe was defeated. However, the war was fatal, leaving Prince Ka Suo and his younger half-brother Ying Kong Shi the only royal heirs and pure-blood ice illusionists left in the Ice Tribe. Conflict ensues after Ka Suo reluctantly ascends to the throne as his lover, Li Luo, and his brother go missing.

Ka Suo also accidentally discovers an evil presence lurking in the Ice Tribe’s holy shrine. He and his companions enter the mysterious shrine, and defeat head of the shrine, Lady Lian Ji, who is actually possessed by Yuan Ji, only to find out that all the chaos was triggered by him. Ka Suo also experiences hardships in trying to find his lover and brother, not knowing that his brother has lost all of his memories and has become the Fire Prince under his mother’s command. A war between the two tribes commences once again, with the two brothers pitted against each other.

Picture time!

We have been preparing this post for weeks (months?) now so there are A LOT of stills. Be ready to roll! Honestly, these stills are all very similar, but they had a few details change each time that made us debate whether to include them in this post or not. xD

Trailer Gifs

005zonqQgw1f4xyzbj921g30f806rqv5 005zonqQgw1f4xyz821rjg30ds07xqv6 005zonqQgw1f4xyz8y3u2g30ds07xb29


Character Posters Round 1

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

(Character) Stills Round 2

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Round 3 (smaller one)

0 1 6 7

Round 4

e574ade5jw1f4s96iq062j20h60qe78j e574ade5jw1f4s96kl8b9j20h60qe0z0 e574ade5jw1f4s96naqw5j20h60qeafl e574ade5jw1f4s96tiv9rj20h60qetd8 e574ade5jw1f4s96u7jzfj20h60qe77x e574ade5jw1f4s96uq5raj20h60qeaea e574ade5jw1f4s96vers2j20h60qewj8 e574ade5jw1f4s96w17m3j20h60qe430 e574ade5jw1f4s96weuq8j20h60qe42i

Round 5

1 2 3 4 5 6


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Round 2 of stills

5 20 21 22 37 38 40 41 448

BTS Bloopers

Finally, Victoria looking gorgeous as always!

752ad62egw1f4s38k6whej21zo2zi7wh 752ad62egw1f4s38lg699j21zo2zigyu


18 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Ice Fantasy with Feng Shaofeng, Victoria Song and Ma Tianyu

  1. I have been waiting like forever for this drama to start XD
    I love FSF in period dramas, hey I even watched Jade Palace because of him even though I hated the Qing hairdo for men! LOL

    Now, praying hard it gets subbed fast!
    Thanks for the pictures, they are simply beautiful!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hopefully the subs come out soon!
      This drama is catered to a younger audience and I am not sure if I will find it to my tastes. However, the pictures are beautiful 😀
      Tell me what you think!


  2. Cass says:

    Count me in!

    Three hours after the first episode airs, I’ll keep on refreshing MapleStage all the time to see if it arrived there.

    Maybe DramaCool will do it too hours after the episode airs.

    I don’t know if there is another streaming site faster than them when talking about Chinese dramas.

    I hope I like the first episode.


    • Dramacool is pirate site, they steal subs from other sites. You may check out viki or dramafever. They both a legit sites. As for Korean Drama there’s also another legit sites:viu and ondemandkorea


      • Cass says:

        I know.

        At Viki I usually have trouble with their video player hopefully this time I won’t have any. Thankfully they have license to my part of the world so I can watch it.
        DramaFever very few times I went over there.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I use LeTV and the videos are working fine 🙂 If you don’t have access, you can also add a VPN 🙂


  3. Lucy says:

    dramafever already has the episodes.. sadly, I don’t like it at all. I hoped to, however, everything from the costuming, the weird angles/poses, and abrupt cuts make it unbearable. Wish more work went into the editing, dialogue, and the horrible white messy hair is just.. nope.. I didn’t expect much cause vic is an idol, not an actor, and william feng is an okay actor, but even their prettiness can’t save this drama for me. I’ll wait for legend of chusen to come out.. hopefully won’t disappoint like this one did


    • intellectualkitten says:

      😦 Yeah… this looks a lot like an idol drama, so much posing and beautiful scenes… and then that’s it.

      Legend of Chusen will probably be good, since I really liked the trailer


    • Lily says:

      Woah really? I feel like Mystic Nine was a much smaller drama. It wasn’t even that hyped. Ice Fantasy was supposed to be one of the biggest dramas of the year along with Zhu Xian and 3 Lives 3 Worlds.


      • Paige says:

        Ice Fantasy isn’t getting a hot response from the general public. If you saw it, you would know why.. the editing and storyline are god awful. Didn’t even see Ice Fantasy entering the hot topics at all today even with 2 more epi out


  4. Lily says:

    I just finished episode 6, I agree the special effects and editing are a little lacklustre – I would expect more from one of the most expensive dramas of the year!

    But I am really liking the story though. I can tell why the Novel was a best seller! The pace of the story is good, plot is pretty cool. So many love triangles getting formed and not all the characters have even been introduced lol!

    Soundtrack is pretty amazing. I hope Cindy Yen’s “Heart” (ending song) gets a full version release.

    I wished they released episodes faster! 62 episodes drama…is this going to go on into September?


  5. So Ice Fantasy is not doing well? But I see a lot of comments about people watching it.Especially international audience. Unlike most of the Chinese dramas which are rarely known to people outside China or those not into Cent,it is creating buzz among drama watchers. it seems that it is more famous than recent Chinese dramas?

    I like it btw.Although the editing is a bit off,the plot is fine,acting is fine and we have a nice brotherly love,for now. I ship the two brothers more than the main couple.


    • tiffy123 says:

      Yeah the major complaints about it is the editing especially the hype surrounding the budget. Hopefully it will get better from now on (the trailers show some solid editing from later scenes).

      From Baidu Rankings, Ice Fantasy is already the 2nd Most Popular Drama in China right now next to of course my girl Zhao Li Ying’s Mystic Nine.

      However, Mystic Nine did take several weeks to get there, where as Ice Fantasy has been released for like a few days lol. I am pretty satisfied with the story so far in Ice Fantasy.

      I think Ice Fantasy will eventually be the #1 drama, due to the International Hype, novel popularity, and popularity of Fantasy dramas in China. Only competition will be of course – Zhu Xian set to be released this WEEKEND!! I hope Zhu Xian does well, since I want my girl Zhao Li Ying to have the most popular drama of the summer like last year! And I don’t think Mystic Nine will be able to ward off the Ice Fantasy hype for long.

      Either way, I like Ice Fantasy so far. Ice Fantasy and Zhu Xian are going to make this summer AMAZING!


  6. Paige says:

    Nope don’t think it is.. comments are pretty mixed. In china, it’s not doing great at all esp since it had a huge budget and the best time slot. It’s losing to mystic nine right now and that drama had no promotion and not even a tenth of ice fantasy’s budget. I’d say mystic nine is being more watched/liked in general but internationally, since that drama is more about protecting china and fighting the japanese, I doubt it would gather ppl’s interest as much as a lord of the rings remake. It’s not absolutely unwatchable I guess but there’s better dramas out there in terms of storyline, acting, and editing


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