Entertainment Update: Ruby Lin, Yilufanhua, Love 020, and Delicious Destiny


Love is in the air 🙂

Let’s start strong with.. BAM! A poster for Nirvana in Fire 2. Called 琅琊榜之風起長林, they will start shooting in November for 120 days. Even if it says season two, expect to see a different story with new characters.


But, wait there is more! The season 2 of Ode to Joy was announced to start shooting in September this year and… they will have mostly the same cast! They are expecting 110 days of shooting for this one.


In addition, Sandra Ma has been casted in a new drama General Above


Fighter of Destiny with Luhan and Guli Nezha gives you a few first stils and BTS.

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Drama 大唐后妃傳之珍珠傳奇 The Glory of Tang Dynasty held their booting ceremony with lead actress Jing Tian, Shu Chang, Qin Junjie, Mao Zijun, and more. This drama was first announced to have Tang Yan so I am disappointed she is not in it anymore…


Fan Bingbing attends the press conference of League of Legends

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Ice Fantasy hosted one more press conference and the leads performed for the fans!

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Movie Love 020 releases one more trailer and many stills

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Yilufanhua starring Wallace Chung, Maggie Jiang, Aaron Yan, and Li Chen released some stills! Not dashing, but everyone looks good!

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Beautiful Alyssia Chia for her new drama Angel Wings.

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First stills for drama Delicious Destiny starring Mike D’Angelo and Rachel Mao.

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New drama with Chen Xiao and Ivy Chen. So many nice captions of food! I so want to eat ><

Happy Yuan Hong and Ruby Lin are promoting their drama Singing All Along. A 30minutes trailer was also released for the curious people ^^

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Drama Legend of Condor Heroes releases the character posters of Ouyang Ke. What do you think? I feel like he went to a full service spa… and came out looking refreshed!

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Gorgeous pictures of Ruby Lin! The girl is so happy recently!

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And the biggest news for Ruby Lin is… that she and Wallace Huo officially sent the wedding invitation! It is happening next week-end (July 31st)! ❤ Guys, don’t wear jeans! ^^


26 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Ruby Lin, Yilufanhua, Love 020, and Delicious Destiny

  1. Cass says:


    I’m following so many of the same dramas as you.

    Thanks for posting the pics for Delicious Destiny. I did not see them in the sites I go to yet.

    I’m happy Aaron has gone to CDramas. I hope he does something a little bit different from what he is used to do in Taiwan.

    General Above had Zhang Tian Ai’s name linked to it for some time.


    • Ann says:

      I really liked Zhang Tian Ai in that webdrama, but haven’t kept up with her. What is she doing now?! Ruby Lin was my first girl crush in Princess Pearl. I am so happy she found her true love and is glowing 🙂

      Not really interested the rest of the dramas, but Wu Qian looks adorable in that still. I may be the odd one out, but I don’t find Luhan attractive, while he would be such a pretty girl, I don’t think he’s that good-looking as a man. Also, I’m kinda allergic to Guli Nazha on/off-screen, which sucks since she’s in so many productions lately :\

      Jing Tian is a great actress, I’m sure she won’t disappoint 🙂

      But, China does have a limit for the number of historical dramas that TV channels can broadcast per year. I think it’s around 8-10 in total. So, I wonder how many of these historical dramas we’ll actually be able to see / be released within the next year. In the guidelines, I believe xianxia dramas count as historical dramas as well

      Liked by 1 person

      • tokkita says:

        Zhang Tian Ai’s moved onto movies now! Can’t remember the name of the movie she’s filming but it’s an adaptation of one of the stories from Hua Xu Yin. I wanna see her in dramas instead though :/


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yes, she has a movie with Yang Yang and Bai Baihe soon 😀 Definitely going to watch. Also, she was a recurrent character on My Fair Lady.

        Luhan looks too pretty for me at times, but overall, I like his looks 😛


      • xingfenzhen says:

        The limit is 15% of Channel drama air time max are for historical dramas . So number of episode times time per espisode should not exceed 15% of all dramas from that channel. So for historical dramas to make the 15% limit they cam either go to channels that has maxed out yet, or the channel can make tons of modern dramas to increase the over all baseline. Which basically mean long historical dramas are very costly for the channel.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I think someone else told me about this before! 😦 This is pretty sad since a good periodic drama beats a modern drama or even variety show any day. When you say historical drama, do you also include fictional ones (like Nirvana in Fire), Republican (The Disguiser) or Xinxia ones (Hua Qian Gu)?


    • intellectualkitten says:

      ^^ np
      It is Archidisign who found these pictures, she uses a lot of different sources (from facebook for example) whereas I only check on weibo & sina. I think it complement very well 🙂
      Aaron seems to have the typical flower boy haircut in these stills so he will probably play a very shiny character? 😛 But I am also happy to see him in cdramas… more interactions with my favs ><
      Yes, I also heard that


    • Haha, you always found a treasure in entertainment update 😉 Joke aside, I am sure we are also missing tones of news.. but we try to cover as much as we can ^^
      Same! Aaron going to China will probably improve his acting. Even if he choses to not stay in China and go back to Taiwan one day, I am sure his experience here will motivate him to try out more mature roles 8D


  2. Jing Tian is a great actress. Her acting is not worst than Tang Yan, even better imo. Ban Shu has taken my heart. Anyway, she is a movie star rather than TV series. She has work with big HK actors Jackie Chan, Chow Yun Fat, Donnie Yen, Andy Lau,…. She has joined some big HLW projects, as a female lead in Zhang Yimou’s “The Great Wall” (along side Matt Damon), a supporting role in King Kong 2 & recently she is the female lead in SMART CHASE along side handsome Orlando Bloom. She is a good female action star. I’m glad she acts in another drama.

    Lu han is more beautiful than Gulinazha, Lol.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Humm… I haven’t watched anything starring Jing Tian but her name is often attached to big projects (like The Great Wall). I should definitely pay more attention to her ^^

      XD Totally agree >< But to be fair, Gulinazha has one of the pretties figure of all c-actress, I am in awe when she attends Fashion Week.


  3. Interesting dress code for the wedding of Wallace and Ruby, colour-wise. Normally the bride (and groom) likes to stand out, as we saw last week with the double Chen wedding… If WR go for a Western-style wedding, everyone is going to look like angels in white/beige lol. Maybe that’s the look they’re going for? Or maybe they’ll be in traditonal wedding gear and then they’ll really stand out amongst the whites. Idk but I do know I’m heaps excited!!! ^_^


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Oh woah, I didn’t even realize! Every man in white will definitely look weird. Hope no one wears beige… it is a nice color on its own but when everyone is wearing clean white clothes, it looks awful and even secondhand.
      Yes, this is so unusual :O


  4. Wow, so many dramas to look forward this year and next year…

    Ode To Joy 2, NIF 2 and Wallace+Aaron… im super duper ready!

    One Smile drama also will air on the next month right?

    Congrats Ruby and Wallace. Wow… i bet, so many celebs would attend this beautiful wedding. ❤


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes ^o^ I want more trailers!!

      Hopefully, the date announced is August 22nd, but I won’t be surprised if it is pushed back 😦

      Yes, 😀 But it is in Bali so I suspect a low key wedding. Still can’t believe it will be next week!


  5. tokkita says:

    Oooo finally some news about NIF 2 XD

    Wu Qian and Rachel Mao are such cutie pies!

    Ruby & Wallace XD 10 years of friendship turned to true love. That is so sweet ^^


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes! But I don’t know about the cast :/

      Yes, they are so sweet. Wallace Huo is so secretive these days, I wonder why ><


  6. I need some help in finding a drama but I can’t remember the name of it. I only saw a little bit unfortunately. I think it was a period drama. The only scene I remember is a very short one and tbh Idek if it was a major scene.

    So a young woman is travelling alone and she wants to go this place to find this man but she only knows his surname. She is probably the daughter of some rich family. I think she was looking for her long lost cousin? Idk why she was alone. Maybe bc plot. Anyway, this creepy-looking dude tells her that he knows but he takes her out to the forest (I think there was a river nearby?). They stop at this stone pavilion thing.

    Creepy (fat?) dude then tries to undress her and assault her. When she tries to fight back (this is a well-to-do lady, mind you, so she’s not exactly great at self-defence) he hits her and she goes unconscious.

    Close by, there is this young man who is trying to look for some herbs I think? He heard the young woman’s cries and sees Creepy Dude on top of the woman and because the young man is kinda naive, he’s like “excuse me, you shouldn’t be doing this in the open” but Creepy Dude pays our young man no attention. Young Man goes up to Creepy Dude and then something happens which I can’t remember but he knocks out Creepy Dude and is about to walk away when he sees the unconscious lady.

    He sees that she’s not fully dressed cos he sees her singlet (the historical equivalent of a bra? Idk) and he becomes super embarassed and is like “miss please wake up, you’ll catch a cold”. Eventually he realises she’s not gonna wake anytime soon so he takes off his coat (not really a coat, more like the outermost piece of clothing. Idk what it’s called) and throws it over her. He doesn’t dress up her because he cannot touch her. You know, to reinforce that he is kind, traditional and respectful? That he completely abides by the ancient Chinese rule that prior to marriage, men and women cannot be too close together? Anyhow, I remember the coat being a blue colour? Maybe. He then carries her piggy-back style and reaches for his basket bag but cos our hero here isn’t super strong, he falls over under the weight of everything.

    He’s like “save the lady, or the medicine for my master? Gotta save the damsel in distress. I’ll come back for my bag later. I’ll deal with Master when the time comes. He’ll understand.” So our hero goes off, carrying our dishevelled lady, with his coat between her body and his back. He heads off (I think back to the town), leaving behind his medicine bag.

    That’s all I remember.


  7. Thanks for this entertainment update!! What sticks to me the most is how beautiful Ruby Lin looks in this photoshoot! Excited to her in wedding dress this week-end. Can’t imagine we are going to see Ziwei finally married!!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hmm… it is really hard to say. Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han definitely didn’t end the relationship nicely and I am sure there is catfight between ZS and Guli nazha behind the scene. Out of the two projects named, 蒲公英之恋 is most likely to star Yang Mi and 相交的平行线 does not have any official name attached yet. Honestly, I would be surprised if the two decides to collaborate together 😛


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