[Revisited] The Disguiser at Anhui Ceremony


I finally got around and watched this drama! So good!!! >< Since the drama was heavily promoted (the cast, the couples, the friendship, etc) at the Anhui 2015 Ceremony … I wanted to write a more detailed article about the interactions 🙂 If anyone else watched, I would love to hear your opinion!

The cast are introduced: we have Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Jin Dong, Song Yi, Wang Ou, and Wang Le Jun.

The guys are asked to reproduce the famous “Brotherhood Fight” where Ming Tai realizes he has been following the orders of his double agent brother Ming Lou since the start.


I swear.. the scene is a lot better in the drama 😛 Here is the clip:

Then they had to choose a dance partner. Hu Ge chose Wang Le Jun, the girl he fell in love in the drama. Song Yi plays the girl who secretly loves Hu Ge and… her glance in this picture says all.


Wang Kai choose Wang Ou (the evil Japanese sergeant who is plotting against the Ming Family)… the love interest of Jin Dong XD… Wang Kai declares he can’t dance so the MC told them to pose for the camera. So cute ^^

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Despite declaring himself as been old, Jin Dong choose Song Yi and they had a very nice dance for the camera >< I love how Hu Ge is the one who looks the most intensely:

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Jin Dong wins the award for Most Capable Actor of 2015. He receives the prize from Wang Ou, who played her nemesis and love interest, and Liu Min Tao, who played her big sister.

The clip they choose for the nomination. I have to say, it is a really good one!

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Wang Kai receives the Best Newcomer Award from the directors Kong Sheng (Nirvana on Fire) and Li Xue (Nirvana on Fire and The Disguiser

He also won Favourite Actor for Nirvana on Fire


Hu Ge wins the Best Actor Award. However, he won it for his performance in Nirvana on Fire.

Song Yi, who portrayed the memorable military spy Yu Manli, was nominated for Favourite Actress.

Liu Min Tao, who portrayed the big sister of Ming Family, was nominated for Favourite Female Character.

Finally, some group pictures 🙂 I seriously love the cast of this drama. It is fully translated on Viki (very useful since they sometimes speak in Japanese) and I can’t recommend it enough.

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8 thoughts on “[Revisited] The Disguiser at Anhui Ceremony

  1. Woooo!!! Finally joined the band-wagon! Better late than never, ey?

    Yes I very much enjoyed that dance sequence between Jin Dong and Song Yi 😍😍😍

    Also fun fact (in case you or other readers don’t already know): Liu Yi Jun who plays Wang Tian Feng (Wasp) is in ‘So Young’. His scenes remind me so much of ‘The Disguiser’ especially when he puts on the “Teacher Face”.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes! I am 9 months late :”D The drama escalated really fast and I end up finishing it in a week. The start was slow but I now, I can’t believe it went by so fast 😦

      It was so short but extremely sweet. They are so elegant together and their dance move are so coordinated.
      Ohh… I love Wasp and Sergeant Liang 😀 Don’t know if I will watch So Young :/


  2. Also hahahha did you notice Jin Dong notion to to Song Yi to turn around so the audience could see her? It is towards the end of their short little dance. Performance 101 never have your back to the audience 😛 ah how thoughtful of him ^_^


  3. Jin Dong dancing with Song Yi *swoon*

    The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire were pretty much why I got back into C-dramas. Intro’d me to a lot of amazing actors and actresses that I now stan haha.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I watched The Disguiser last week and now, I am already stanning Jin Dong like crazy!! He is so perfect 😛 I may give Nirvana in Fire another try, just for the cast. I watched a few interviews the chemistry is so nice.
      TD and NiF are slowly pushing me away from idol dramas 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Intellectualkitten, according to the right side bar you’re watching “Nirvana in Fire”?! That’s still on my ‘To watch’ list *sobs*. My list is too long. I have heard many good things about “Nirvana” from you and archidisign alongside other viewers. Enjoy :3 I’m jelly that you’re watching it!

    Some day, I need to make time to finish rewatching “Huan Zhu Ge Ge” and “Romance in the Rain”…I was listening to some of the songs from their respective soundtracks and oh! The nostalgia! So many years have passed… Idek what happened in the story. I have “Huan Zhu Ge Ge” but it changes over to Cantonese 1/5th of the way through. It doesn’t sound right! If I’m going to watch it, I’m going to do it the original way: in Mandarin.

    Then there’s also “Yongzheng Dynasty” and “Kangxi Dynasty” and “The Eloquent Ji Xiao Lan” that I have to rewatch– for a long time I couldn’t remember their names… I was beyond ecstatic when I found them out!

    Heh heh, Idc how long it might take you but when the time comes, I look forward to you (or archidisign!)’s reviews of “Disguiser” and “Nirvana”. ^_^


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes! I am watching 😀 I recently watched The Disguiser which was really good. Now, I suddenly don’t care about the summer dramas of 2016 (Old Nine Gates, Ice Fantasy, etc.) and all I want is some more Hu Ge, Jin Dong, and Wang Kai. And it is long overdue! My friends and the bloggers have been telling me to watch this drama since last December and I always found a reason not to.
      Hehe, if you have some time, you should definitely start ^^ Especially if you are a fan of Wu Lei or Wang Kai. I saw 6 episodes so far and it is fantastic: maybe too many characters, but I am starting to get the gist :3

      I have never watched “Romance in the Rain” 😦 I havent watch an episode of Huan Zhu Ge Ge since elementary school, but I remember been addicted to it!
      I will try to write a review for the two dramas >< Sigh… I am spending my time watching NiF rn 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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