[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Ep. 17-20


Ready for a new week of The Mystic Nine? Yeah.. worked all night for this rushed post so it may not be the best @_@ Heading to bed now, but hope you guys like this week’s “Storyline Short Recap”. 😉 Zhao Liying looks as cute as ever, but as we go inside the mine, we will get less romantic interactions and more Mystic Nine interactions.

Drama information:

  • Total of 48 episodes
  • Chinese name: 老九门
  • Release schedule:
    • Dragon TV (small screen broadcast): Two episodes per day on Monday and Tuesday
    • IQIYI (online release):
      • Monday, Tuesday: 2 episodes per day for VIP members, 4 episodes ahead of everyone😉
      • Monday, Tuesday: 2 episodes per day for non VIP members.
  • Find the episodes as they get released on iQiYi: here
  • You can watch with eng sub on viki: here (under the name Old Nine Door) ; I also think there is a Lay fansub team on facebook.:)
  • You can download or stream the episodes on Avirtualvoyage: here and on dr-myri-blog: here.

Disclaimer: This is not a recap post! I suck at writing recaps so this is more of a drama highlights post. ^^ So please be understanding if I don’t cover everything. ^^

Drama Highlights:

The episode 17 starts off with Er Ye still at the brothel to get over his sorrows. Ba Ye goes to comfort him, to no avail.


He then goes to Fu Ye’s house to talk about the issue. As Fu Ye is still healing from his neck cut from Er Ye, Xinyue tells Ba Ye that he is unwanted at the house and suggests him to leave, without offering to walk him to the door. Ba Ye looks at Fu Ye who says nothing and reluctantly choses to leave.

3 4 7


Hearing about Er Ye’s current state, Xinyue also goes to the brothel. She tells Er Ye that what he is doing is selfish and that Ya Tou and Fu Ye sacrificed themselves for nothing. These words do not go to Er Ye’s heart who asks her to bring back the maidens she chased away.



At the same time, Chen Pi (Er Ye’s disciple) hears the death of his beloved master’s wife and decides to revenge for her. He first learns that the local restaurants didn’t want to open the door for the dying Ya Tou and kills these noodle joint workers. Fu Ye then sends his right arm person to chase after Chen Pi.

37 49

A few days later, it is the funeral of Ya Tou. Er Ye goes to bring her corpse to the tomb and then fire all his workers/maids/servants.


Xinyue and Fu Ye also came.


At the tomb, Er Ye realizes that the place was previously explored. Seeing that, Er Ye choses to do the same and goes underground. This worries the servants who then tell Ba Ye: Er Ye disappeared for a few hours (days?) now!


At the house, Xinyue is taking care of Fu Ye by feeding his meal and not allowing anyone to come disturb Fu Ye. Fu Ye finds it funny that Xinyue is so serious over taking care of him.

27 28 30.

Ba Ye comes to visit to announce alarming news: Er Ye disappeared! They both agreed that is important to go to the mine/tombs and start exploring, fearing something big will happen. Hearing that, Xinyue is mad at him for wanting to put himself in more danger. He tells her (for the thousandth time) that she should leave this dangerous place. Xinyue faints that she is mad and doesn’t care about him anymore, saying that he is stupid and he will definitely die.


Xinyue in deep thoughts after Fu Ye asks to leave again.


Inside the tomb, Er Ye finds two corpses as well as a journal of his ancestors exploring the tomb. He discovers that there are many tricks protecting the tomb and that very few people has came back from the tomb alive. The two people exploring the tomb for instance were trapped in the mine for exactly 27 days and when they came out, discovered all their companions dead. Hence, Er Ye’s house created a real maze to close the door of the mine. However, these papers will be useful to understand the structure of the mine.


Er Ye decides to go with Fu Ye and Ba Ye to explore the mine since he has the knowledge of his ancestors and don’t want to put his friends in danger.



Fu Ye tells (AGAIN!!!) to Xinyue to leave, which she refuses categorically. She offers him two choices: 1) She goes to the mine expedition with him or 2) he lets her wait for him in his house. Surprisingly, Fu Ye finally agress of her staying by chosing option 2. Xinye smiles happily as Fu Ye walks away.

36 44 4531

Later, from the Japanese people’s mouth, Chen Pi learns that Fu Ye may be the responsible for Ya Tou’s death (since he took back all the medicines and let Ya Tou die of her illness). After confirming with other people, Chen Pi sets his eyes on killing Fu Ye. He then goes to Fu Ye’s household and does not see Fu Ye. However, he does notice the presence of Xinyue.


Xinyue calls him a pervert for coming into a girl’s room so late in the night and tells him that he should not touch her as her father will avenger her.


She also shows off her (cute) martial arts move. Chen Pi recognizes the moves as actual fighting moves, but Xinyue is reluctant to show off her skills more.




When Chen Pi decides to attack her, she throws makeup powder on him and runs away. captain Lu was nearby and stops the fight. Chen Pi runs away while captain Lu makes sure Xinyue is ok. Xinyue thanks him, but also wonder why he was in the house. She refuses his offer to send men to protect her and decides he is definitely a man to be wary of.


Later, captain Lu comes to visit Xinyue again to drink tea. Xinyue thanks him again, but refuses all the services he wants to offer her. After Captain Lu left, Xinyue tells the servant to throw away all the gifts he brought.


At this point, Fu Ye, his right hand man, Ba Ye and Er Ye are walking down the mine. Not much happening on this side. They had difficulties to find the good entrance, they see all kind of hints on the walls, etc. Many of the men die as it is a dangerous mission. Ba Ye gets lost, but by episode 20, we find him again. They see all kind of weird phenomena in the mine, but our main cast survives fine. No worries on that side ^^

Picture of Er Ye working hard!

4 5 7 53


William Chan looking greating too:

12 13 50

Everyone working (posing) together:

8 1116 15

Captain Lu and Chen Pi decides to ally together to kill Fu Ye. They go see Huo Jiawei, the only woman in the Mystic Nine group. She tells Captain Lu that if someone fight and win against one of the Mystic Nine members, they can taker his/her place. (she seems to ally with the bad guys).


Chen Pi decides that he will kill Si Ye (fourth master), a man who likes to have good connections, but also have a full load of bodyguard. Captain Lu invite him at a fancy restaurant where Chen Pi easily kills him. (no picture sorry) Chen Pi then later goes to Si Ye’s house to kill his whole household except the daughter and wife (since the daughter reminds him of Ya Tou).


OTP and their MANY moments together during the last year.

Ending it all with a picture of William in uniform 😀


52 thoughts on “[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Ep. 17-20

  1. Jo says:

    I have tp say, I love FYand XY’s banter they make me laugh and ZLY in 19 thr “fighting” CP was adorable. I rewatched the brothel scene and its so out of place its like he got lost going to the beach. Also, as much as I love BY I don’t know if I would ever invite him to a cave unless I needed a laugh other than that, NO and I think Jiawei has something against FY or she just doesn’t care about anyone. And YES Williams pics💓💓💓


    • Haha, they are honestly the highlights of all episodes. Having them in the same scene really brighten up the drama for me hihi. Haha, I know! Didn’t expect her to show her moves xD Haha, and then Chen Pi was like, ohhh I recognize those moves *poker face*
      Yeah, episode 17 started strangely for me too because Er Ye’s scenes made no sense: why are you at the brothel if you love your wife? why the hell a brothel? during the funeral, how can you look as you didn’t go to the brothel? Why did you start digging tombs so randomly? etc… For me, these are some of the worst scenes of Er Ye ;(
      Haha, Ba Ye is such a noisy and useless character (sorry). I still like him, but I do wonder how he got into the Mystic Nine team.
      I checked on baidu. Jiawei is supposed to have discords with Zhang Qishan, but loves Er Yu Hong. Ahlala, and I was hoping for a perfect-family-like Mystic Nine team.
      ❤ ❤ William

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        Uggh, agree like why the brothel? YT literally just left but i guess and the random tomb digging but I guess they wanted to move the story along😂 and I knew it!! She has something against him and who could hate EY and it wouldn’t be a drama if one of them didn’t hate the other. Can’t wait for next week.


      • Yeah, they waited 16 episodes for Er Ye to agree, they couldn’t give him anymore extra time to get over Ya Tou =_=
        Haha, yop. I feel like we will finally see the rest of the Mystic Nine members!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hannah says:

    ZLY just lights up my screen lol

    What I adore is she’s not a ditzy, rich girl. She’s very capable! Looking forward to more.


    • Lizzie says:

      Totally agree. Perfect match with FY (but of course!). I loved how:-

      1. Nonchalant both she and FY were after he cracked PSP’s head and threw him onto the sword after his attempted rape on XY. “What happened?””He’s dead” 🙂 No unnecessary squealing by XY

      2. How she didn’t yell for help after she got trapped in the net in FY’s secret chamber so that she does not alert the entire household there. Bet he was impressed with her there too!

      3. How she dealt with Chen Pi and Captain Lu – the girl has brains!!

      4. FY always sneaks a smile (without facing her) after his interactions with her. He just wants her safe because danger surrounds him 😦 Although we know that wont happen 🙂 Yay!


      • Love everytime you share your favorite moments ❤
        For me, out of the four episodes, my fave was when Chen Pi came to kill her and how fast she dodged it. The second fave was when she was with Fu Ye whom let her wait for him at the house. That smile ❤
        Yeah, FY definitely need to be less shy about his loveee


      • dwi says:

        yess.. iam so happy with this recap..
        thank you @ archidisign
        it make me keep wanna watch this drama since you make recap, cause im really dont understand any single words..you make my day..thank you
        btw, i just wondering like @ Lizzie, why they calling each other by their name when there no one around but when servants around they calling furren and fy, is it mean that fy like it?or what?


      • No problem!
        Hum, I didn’t especially find that weird. I guess it is a way of talking in Chinese. Like they have to call their titles when they refer to them with the servants. For example, when my mom talks to me, she says “where is your dad?” instead of “where is my husband?” Just a way of communicating that considers the other person’s narrative I guess ^^


  3. Lizzie says:

    Thank you for the lovely XY fighting gifs and FY in uniform ending. I now watch the unsubbed ones when it comes out and the subbed ones as well for all the bits my Mandarin is not proficient enough! Why is that San Niang against FY and I would love all the details of EY’s ancestor diaries. Fills my Inner Indiana Jones cravings!!

    FY and XY are too cute – they still address each other by their formal names Ms Yin and ZCS but away from each other, he calls her Fu Ren and she , FY or Fu Jun. WC was never a great actor but this role seems tailor made for him (he may also have improved , hopefully!) and his reactions to XY being so different from his usual stern, smouldering General self helps make his character relatable and rootable. I can see why there are so many ZLY + WC shippers – their real life interaction seems to be WC is the joker and ZLY the more serious one!


    • Just saw them! >< I don't mind that much actually since both are box-offices guarantees for movies. If it is drama, I hope they will not lower the quality of the project with their acting, but I also know that visually it can be nice. Although I feel like Liying had always been paired with very masculine leading male so I wonder how her chemistry will go with Luhan.. hum


      • Ann says:

        LOL @ your last comment, exactly my thoughts haha! But, maybe Kris will be the masculine male lead and Luhan can be a Sha Jie Jie 😉

        What’s the rumoured project called?!?


      • but Luhan is not tall enough (or charismatic enough) to play Sha Jiejie. He could play a cute brother that the leads can protect :O
        No idea.. :’D I thought it must be true since people said so, but couldn’t find much online… v_v However, I do see a rumor of her playing in some Seven Fairies drama… Maybe that one? But honestly, sounds like rumors right now ><


      • Hannah says:

        I want to see ZLY with HG or someone on the same caliber as WH. She seems to overshadow her male costars, so I want to see strong performances lol


      • Same, I want to see more angsy scenes that can come and pull on my heartstrings 😥 Hu Ge, Wallace Chung, even Yuan Hong. She has a lot of men to conquer (drama wise)! xD


  4. Liying is sooo cute in this drama! Actually, I love all of the characters in this show, surprisingly. They’re not one-dimensional and not all just black & white. ^^ But as for Liying, I have a particular soft spot for her character. Her character kinda reminds me of Zhao Min (a character from Jin Yong’s books).


    • Really? I am really disliking Chen Pi and captain Lu. Most Japanese badies also look really annoying. But if you mean the main cast, I totally agree! They are shining with their friendships, beautiful young look and good-to-great acting!!
      Her character is our endearing favorite type of female lead: strong, adorable, stubborn and yet does not need to be rescued at every episode.
      I love Zhao Min!! I think she is my favorite character in Jin Young novels, although I can’t shake off the beauty of Liu Yifei as Xiao Longnu and Miss Wang. But personality wise, Zhao Min wins agianst everyone else.


      • lol I love how villainous the villains such as Chen Pi and Captain Lu are. XD The more annoyingly villainous they are, the more to cheer for when the main characters triumph. lol I think that’s my love logic for them. As for the actors, I applaud them for bringing their characters alive. ^^
        High five!! Zhao Min is my favourite too! ^^


      • Haha, but Chen Pi scares me >< He kills so easily with his weird, but effective weapon!
        That's true! I will be a 100% satisfied when Er Ye and Fu Ye beats him up! hehe
        Can't deny that, Chen Pi's actor is really good. Would be down to check out his other projects soon.
        ❤ High Five!


  5. ANGRY says:

    Hate Chen Pi so much! That stupid psycho..can’t believe he killed Si Ye..I’ll never acknowledge him as Si Ye’s replacement..man hope he dies a painful death in the end, especially for all of his wrong doing to innocent people. Hopefully Fo Ye beat the crap out of him. Now that will satisfy my anger..! Just try and mess with Fo Ye..


    • Haha, love your username xD You do sound angry :”D
      Yeah, Chen Pi is a psycho and he is really scary. I don’t understand why Er Ye took him as his disciple and how on earth did he became so twisted… Si Ye looked like an arrogant, but nice inoffensive guy. I am sad such an interesting character died and his position is taken by Chen Pi. Hope FY or EY can teach him a lesson! Yeah, what a jerk @_@


      • Aw says:

        Omg..I need someone who look at me like that! SWOON..wish they get together like how Wallace and Ruby got together after being friends for a long time. 😘👌🏻


      • maoh says:

        I am hoping for this too, they are just too cute together. I believe that bf rumor was never confirmed. I liked them together when Legend of Zu was airing but Mystic Nine just brought them to another level. I will go down with this ship ^____^


      • Nope, but that bf did go see her on filming sets multiple times :/ Hard for me to deny it now.
        YES!! They are the ultimate OTP for summer 2016. Li Yifeng has no chance hehe
        Same, we shall sail together~~


  6. pooh says:

    hi… thank you for your recap and waiting for ep.21-24 recap 🙂 I really ship ZLY & WC hope they will pairing again in modern romantic comedy drama..*really hope coz they look adorable together.. 🙂


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