The Great Wall by Zhang Yimou Set for End of 2016


Yeahhh… πŸ˜€ Official pictures and trailer for The Great Wall ^^ The movie will be released in 3D and is considered as the highest budget Chinese movie of all time.

Information from wikipedia (wiki saves life!~)

The Great Wall is an upcoming American-Chinese 3D science fantasy adventure-monster action film directed by Zhang Yimou. The film features an ensemble cast led by Matt Damon and Andy Lau, while the other cast members include Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, Jing Tian, Luhan, Chen Xuedong, Zheng Kai, Huang Xun, Wang Junkai, Eddie PengΒ and Zhang Hanyu. Principal photography began on March 30, 2015, in Qingdao, China. The film is scheduled to be released in China in December 2016 by Le Vision Pictures and China Film Group Corporation and in the United States on February 17, 2017 by Universal Pictures. The Great Wall will be Lau’s first film role in a Hollywood production and his second collaboration with director Zhang.

On March 18, 2014, Chinese director Zhang Yimou was set to direct the epic film.Β On November 6, 2014, Legendary East’s CEO, Peter Loehrconfirmed that the film would be made with the budget of $135 million, film would be completely in English and it would be the first English-language film directed by Yimou.

  • Chinese release date: December 2016
  • International release date: February 17, 2017

Official Trailer

Trailer for English Audience

Jing Tian


Lin Gengxin


Zhang Hangyu and Andy Lau


Andy Lau




Matt Damon

704_1978098_122410 704_1978099_648244

Pedro Pascal


Wang Junkai


Zheng Kai


Chen Xuedong


Huang Xun, Lin Gengxin, and Eddie Peng


Huang Xun


More stills

704_1978106_318543 704_1978107_136984

Pictures from the press conference:

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23 thoughts on “The Great Wall by Zhang Yimou Set for End of 2016

    • Annie says:

      Well, I quite like Matt Damon as an actor so hopefully, this movie will benefit from his presence. Is it set in the Ming Dynasty? If it’s set in the Qin Dynasty, then I don’t know what a white dude is doing there. hahaha! I was on the Great Wall (Badaling) last year and I can tell you that it’s not that easy to jaunt up and down its steps. The soldiers in the trailer look like they’re effortlessly running up and down a slight gradient. I hope they shot on location and not in Hengdian or worse…CGI.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Agree with @Annie, Matt DAmon is a really good actor. However, I am worried since the movie will be in English for the international release., that may be really cringe worthy… :”D


  1. xingfenzhen says:

    “film would be completely in English and it would be the first English-language film directed by Yimou.”

    are they trying to make it flop in China?


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I wonder, the American audience seems just as unsatisfied as the Chinese one, it is one of those situation that satisfies no one. However, it is definitely talked a lot… for the best or for the worse.

      The trailer is so underwhelming but it has a lot of potential. I hope it does well in China :(.


  2. Coriander says:

    Too many people in this cast and I am not here for white people acting as saviors again. A huge budget and a good director wasted on such a bad project. Imagine if Zhang Yimou were to film a movie like Hero again with that kind of budget and Hollywood’s technology? Instead they’re going for this weird plot with white male leads and every Chinese person they could cast as extras.

    The Great Wall has the highest budget of any film that is filmed in China but not the highest budget Chinese film ever. For Chinese co-productions I believe the one with the highest budget is Luc Besson’s Valerian with $190 million.

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I didnt watch Hero so I can’t comment on the two, but Zhang Yimou is definitely one of the most gifted director. I don’t want to say The Great Wall was a waste of time and money for everyone but from the trailer… it feels so underwhelming!!

      Woahh… thats high, I will check it out, thanks!


  3. I only watched two movies of Matt Damon in my life and both were good to ok. But in my opinion, he is not an A-list star. So it feels weird to see him head this production when most of his supporing male cast are near A-list and more famous than him in China. Maybe I am missing something. Also, what a shame to see the talented Zhang Yimou doing a Hollywood Box-Office kind of movie.. sigh.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      He is pretty solid, I also watched two of his leading movies and he was very good. Not my favourite actor, but I can totally understand why he is so famous in Hollywood.
      Yes, I can only hope this movie won’t dissapoint ._.


  4. I thought it historical movie about real things, but it turned out to be fantasy about dragon hunt and hunter is white dude who is somehow Chinese hero. I don’t know why Zhang Yimou,after his brilliant works, directing lame Hollywood movie?


  5. Lia says:

    I don’t feel I really want this to do well, because I don’t want the film industry to start thinking “we need to cast a white actor as the lead for the movie to do well.” It’s perfectly bullshit. Like remember ‘Outcasts’? That project was horrible.

    The other Hollywood-Chinese movie would be Journey to the West 3d with Paramount. I will hope that one do well since the casts are fully Chinese.

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      LOL, I didnt even know Outcasts was out, I remember I really wanted to watch it. Now, I am not sure I still do. I hope this movie does well because it is something the Chinese people is hoping for… but I highly doubt it will be popular. Too much stereotypical story line and too wannabe Hollywood.

      Who is the cast of that one? :O


      • Lia says:

        I don’t even think they are hoping for it. Especially when they have a white person as a lead of a Hollywood movie set in China, that could easily go to a Chinese. They could give Andy Lau and Zhang Hanyu the lead roles tbh because those two are definitely capable of holding a movie on it’s own. If they really want a white character, then Matt Damon should be a supporting lead. I have watched a few Matt Damon movies, not really my favourite actor, plus his recent controversy about diversity in Hollywood made me feel he is really uneducated. He told a black woman movie maker that he can just cast a black woman as a slave in the background role and that’s diversity. I’m ashamed he’s part of this project.

        You should read the article where Constance Wu called out The Great Wall too.

        For that one I just know Lixiaolingtong who played the Monkey king in the most popular drama version of Journey to the west will star in that, I’m not sure about the rest.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Woah.. that is such an uneducated thing to say: first it is offensive, second it lack empathy towards other people. ._. He is not my favourite actor but he is pretty good at holding a movie together and I appreciate that from him (and the fact that he tries different kinds all the time). I would be more interested to watch a Zhang Hanyu’s movie πŸ˜€ Could be really interesting.

        I saw it, but it just create controversy for nothing, she isnt even related to the project…

        Oh, that should be fun, weird I havent heard about it!


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