[First Impressions] July 2016 Chinese Dramas


July was a huge month for Chinese drama released, many of whom we covered the promotional phase on the blog throughout the year. It would only be fair to give each of them the time to impress me 😛 Here, I watched the episode 1 of each drama and wrote my quick thoughts. I watched: So Young, Up Idol, Ice Fantasy, Novoland Castle In the Sky, Whirlwind Girl 2, Border Town Prodigal and Singing All Along. Yes, I survived :’D

It is discussion time! Do you agree with me or do you feel like my one episode knowledge is too limited? Please feel free to share your thoughts! ^^

So Young

1 6 7

All the boys from Hua Qian Gu are here! Ok, all except Wallace Huo and Xu Haiqiao. We have the combination of Ma Ke (Sha Jiejie), Zhang Danfeng (DongFang Yuqin), and Dong Chunhui (11 Brother). Furthermore, it was a surprise to see actress Cai Wenjing in this (she played Zhou Ge Ge in Best Get Going). So yeah, I saw a lot more familiar faces than expected! However, do not get confused by all these names because the leads are actually Yang Le and Chen Yao. I just watched episode one so Yang Le didn’t appear yet though.

In general, I really like the vibe of the drama. Ma Ke has a similar role as Sha Jiejie (very very fairy like, a gentleman), but his character actually has the personality of a  playboy. Zhang Danfeng plays his classic Nuan Nan (a man who will always be there for the female lead and has a very gentle personality). However, ZDF’s character is the ultimate dumbass as he could get the girl from the first minute of the show since they are childhood friends who love each other. However, because of the age difference of five years and because their parents MAY be dating, he chose to hide his feelings from her. So stupid.

The drama is going to go through the university years of our cast and follow them as they join the work force as full capable employees. The university years feel like a lot of fun, but it also seems that our whole cast are still in middle school/high school: low IQ, low interest in school, it is all about having fun as students! I actually like the vibe of the drama, and if I had more time to enjoy watching dramas, I would actually be down to go through all the episodes. However, comments online seem to point that the drama has a many flaws as we go on with the episodes and many novel fans weren’t 100% satisfied (as expected).



Up Idol

1 2 3

The first episode is in! And I really liked… the introduction part! The ladies were amazing pretty and it made me want to marathon some old Hong Kongenese dramas/movies. This is truly Hunan TV’s flower garden because everyone looks amazing pretty <3. The girls all came saying they are here because they saw how fun the season one was and because they wanted to make friends. Of course, I totally understand. Where else would you be able to befriend seven other big name female celebrities if not on Up Idol?

If I had to compare the two seasons, I have to say I prefer largely season one. Not because season two is not good, but because season one felt a lot more genuine. Here, I feel like the first episode was extremely hushed as they went from introducing the girls, forming teams, dancing, doing boxing and then bungee jumping. A lot of physical activities in one episode. The girls are all acting close already and I barely saw any moments which could explain such a sudden friendship. It all felt very noisy (also, the tone of special effects at every five minutes doesn’t help..). For instance, I would rather they took the whole episode to show the bungee jumping and to allow each girl to face their fear of heights. Instead, here, we have about one third of the episode’s time to see the girls race against the clock. Angie Chiu even cried under the pressure. :/ Bad PDs!!

Whirlwing Girl 2

1 3 46

Rant time! I recapped the season one last year so I was curious to see how this season turns out to be. And I am disappointed. Disappointed in myself to even think I could get a positive surprise. The drama is just like season one, except that it cannot properly tie the knots between the two series. Where did Yang Yang and Bai Cao go? Bai Cao is back in the form of actress An Xuexi, whom I love. But it feels like the character is still the ultimate Mary Sue, with 0 change. Still hard working at the dojo, cleaning after her friends and staying ultra positive whatever happens. Remember you got a black belt in Taekwondo now and we are years away from season one? How can you still stay the same. It is even harder to watch when you see Wu Lei, Tan Song Yun, and the rest of the lovely friends. Why you no react when the leads are gone??? Don’t you feel like Bai Cao changed 100% physically and 0% mentally? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I know it is the script, but it is just annoying. I also still don’t understand the need for Ji Chang Wook. I mean, I have nothing against this actor, but why do we need a new male lead? I mean, Bai Cao was basically living with an harem of handsome boys, she could just make Chen Xiang her male lead! *spoiler* Ruo Bai dying is no excuse to keep Chen Xiang as supporting cast. So yeah, I think I will drop this one without even finishing the first episode this time…

Novoland Castle in the Sky

14 7

So far, I am liking the drama a lot, but I also find it a bit childish. The episode went by very fast and was enjoyable to watch throughout. All the actors are fresh for me so I didn’t feel like comparing it to previous works. I do find Novoland a bit similar to wuxia/xianxia world (sects having students fighting each other, elders being strict on them without wanting to hear the reasons).Of course, I am sure the magical elements will get more interesting as we go on.

The episode starts off by showing the parents of GXT, how her mother died and her father tried to save their baby daughter’s life. Then we arrive to the current time of the drama as GXT is madly in love with the crown prince of one of tribe (the red one). She tries to go across the borders to meet him, but ends up caught. Zhang Ruoyun’s character is playing an arrogant/bad guy kind of role, but we all know he will be the male lead soon enough. I think he is probably not a bad character, but I can’t get over how mean he looks in every shot… Also, those blue lenses are super distracting @_@. For the Novoland fans out there, I can definitely understand why you are unhappy. Instead of an epic story, this one feels like an idol drama without much dimension. Just an easy watch with some new (not too annoying) faces.

Singing All Along

1 22 6

This one was also a bit disappointing, but I guess it is because I had too high expectations?

The episode starts off with one of the most weirdly bad CGI and nonsense scene. A troop of soldiers are walking in the snow, between dangerous mountains. The say troop includes our lead Yuan Hong and Ruby Lin. Suddenly, attackers come from all side to kill YH. RL pushes YH’s character as far as she can and then starts doing all kind of difficulty acrobatics and kill a few enemies. I say it is weird because 1) it is 2013 quality CGI and 2) why the hell why nobody help her. I understand YH is an important role so can’t fight (he will become an emperor in the future if I remember the trailer correctly), but to see all those MEN doing nothing just puzzles me. RL falls in the icy water and it is the end of the fast forward.

We come back to the “current time” of the drama as we follow RL and YH’s characters as they live their peaceful life. Honestly, it was like watching both’s previous work with no add-in elements. Ruby Lin plays the courageous girl way too ahead of her time (feminist and adventurous) while as Yuan Hong plays the noble villain (smart scholar who always help others). There is also the fact that RL’s character can’t remember YH’s character, but still they think they are fated to be together because they met ONCE (or maybe TWICE?) during their childhood. Seriously, the start is quite stereotypical.

I am not saying I don’t like it as this is exactly what we signed up for: a palace drama with a warrior female lead. Let’s just say it didn’t exceed my expectations… This is a pretty chill drama, but definitely not ground-breaking for either leads. Oh, and bonus points for having Kenny Kwan, Ma Tianyu and Qin Chunjie all appear already on the first episode! 😀

Here is the 30 minutes long trailer for Singing All Along’s whole story if you are curious to learn more ahead of everyone.

Ice Fantasy


Starting strong with fake blood is … Ice Fantasy! But don’t worry, because male lead’s tears can transform the sad blood into beautiful ruby like forms. *rolls eyes* I mean, I understand you guys spend a lot of money on this project’s special effects, but can we get some actual plot? I just saw the same scene of them walking in the snow with white wig from all 360 degree angle (above, below, from the right, the left, the center, etc)… Why is nobody talking?? It is such a waste of Feng Shaofeng’s talents! Victoria looks pretty in action so far, but I think I will skip on this drama. The few conversations I heard are very … childish. On the bright side, this drama apparently also picks up in later episodes, but I am too lazy to give them any more chances…

Border Town Prodigal / Edge City Wanderer

1 3

We start off with our male lead leaving to take revenge for his father, motivated by the hatred his mother fed him for twenty years. It reminds me a bit of Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao (drama that starred Wallace Chung) because both dramas’ lead is Fu Hongxue, a man who wants to avenge his father! Are they adapting the same book or another novel of the same book? I liked the vibe of the drama from episode 1. As many others mentioned, it really has the old school wuxia element on. The leads look bland, but also your typical heroes. Zhu Yilong looks cold and composed, but has amazing fighting skills. Just as expected for the role of Fu Hongxue. Viann Zhang is so far the only other character who can fight him back and she only appeared during the last two minutes of the episode. I liked it, but no idea about what kind of personality her character has. So far, I really like the fake Murong character. He is very funny and yet skilled in art martial. He likes to help others, but yet is really silly. Next, I also liked that female fighters’ sect because they looked so pretty with their colorful dresses. Not sure what their roles are exactly. Finally, bonus points for this drama because they casted Vincint Jiao. ❤

All in all, I would rank my likelihood to keep watching these projects as follow: Novoland Castle In the Sky, Border-Town Prodigal and then So Young.  As for the others, I feel like skipping them for now. 😛 Of course, the upcomming Zhu Xian may mess up my watching schedule so will see if I have time to actually go through this plan…

Now, of course, watching one episode per drama will definitely not give me and my opinion much credibility. But, the ratings are a way better indication of the success of the say drama. Here are some sources.

TV Ratings by Vlinkage for July 24th

  1. Hero Dog 2
  2. Police Beaty & K9
  3. So Young
  4. The Mystic Nine
  5. Singing All Along
  6. Novoland Castle in the Sky
  7. To Be a Better Man
  8. Decoded
  9. 多少爱可以重来
  10. The Chaser (Korean)

TV Ratings by Vlinkage for July 26th

  1.  Hero Dog season 2
  2. Police Beauty & K9
  3. The Mystic Nine
  4. Ice Fantasy
  5. Singing All Along
  6. To Be a Better Man
  7. So Young
  8. 多少爱,可以重来
  9. Novoland Castle In the Sky
  10. Decoded

Webdrama Ratings by Vlinkage for July 26th

  1. The Mystic Nine
  2. Novoland Castle in the Sky
  3. Lost Tomb
  4. 超能姐姐大作战
  5. KO One: Re-Member
  6. Yu Zui season 2
  7. Ten Sins
  8. 我的朋友陈白露小姐
  9. Finding Soul
  10. Yu Zui season 1

TV Billboard (from Baidu, by search index) for July 27th

  1. The Mystic Nine
  2. So Young
  3. Ice Fantasy
  4. Novoland Castle in the Sky
  5. Whirlwind Girl Season 2
  6. Police Beaty & K9
  7. Yu Zui
  8. Demon Girl
  9. 灭罪师
  10. Singing All Along

TV series Ratings by Vlinkage for July 29th

  1. Police Beauty and K9
  2. Hero Dog 2
  3. Ice Fantasy
  4. The Mystic Nine
  5. Singing All Along
  6. Novoland Castle In the Sky
  7. So Young
  8. Whirlwind Girl 2
  9. 多少爱,可以重来
  10. Demon Girl

TV Billboard (from Baidu, by search index) for July 29th

  1. The Mystic Nine
  2. So Young
  3. Novoland Castle In the Sky
  4. Whirlwind Girl 2
  5. Ice Fantasy
  6. 灭罪师
  7. Demon Girl
  8. Police Beaty & K9
  9. Yu Zui
  10. Uncontrollable Fond (Kdrama)

Sina Star Issue for July 26th


  1. Lay
  2. Luhan
  3. Chen Qiao En
  4. Zhao Liying
  5. William Chan
  6. Xue Zhiqian
  7. Guan Xiaotong
  8. Wang Junkai
  9. Wang Kai
  10. Chen Xiao

40 thoughts on “[First Impressions] July 2016 Chinese Dramas

  1. Jo says:

    Im just going to say it, not watching So Young because Ma Ke’s not the lead(and a little bit of, trying catch up to my dramas) WG2 doesn’t look appealing, and as much as I love Goddess Ruby Lin actually the whole cast, I just couldn’t with that horrible beginning scene and the dubbing is a little bit distracting and yes, the lenses on Novaland is distracting but its on my to finish watching list. I need to watch Idol Up and can’t believe Angie cried😳 and as expected, Mystic Nine has taken over the world😂😂


    • Yeah, none of these dramas are perfect and I can find an excuse for all of them to not keep watching. Novoland is the closest I am to keep watching, but I am pretty sure I won’t have time either (with Zhu Xian and Just One Smile Is Very Alluring both coming soon).
      Yeah, I was surprised! Where was the fun and relaxing feeling of season one? I felt so stressed for her 😦
      Mystic Nine is top top right now ^^


  2. I’ve see a lot people who are disappointed in Ice Fantasy and it’s obvious why. Well after I watched two episodes I convinced that novel is not bad so far, and in comparison much more intense and intrigued than drama. Plot is messy and I don’t feel characters. I’m not going to watch anymore even because of Victoria.

    Border Town Prodigals was not bad, and Novoland is kind of funny, so maybe I’ll try watch this two titles after Zhu Xian starts lol *sounds impossible*

    Did Bai Cao react to the fact that her beloved Ruo Bai dead, because it feels like nothing changed and it’s just alternative story and not continuation?


    • Yeah, considering it was a best-seller of Guo Jingming, I am sure the story is addicting. But the desire to use so much CGI and the very childish way of portraying the story just ruined it for me. Hope L.O.R.D will not go the same path…
      Haha, we both have the same issue of “too many dramas coming to properly watch the ones listed here”
      Kind of, the supporting characters were like she became a lot less joyful and a lot more focused on taekwondo ever since his death. But I mean, season one’s Bai Cao was already depressed because of victim syndrom and the fact that her master didn’t want her anymore. So really, didn’t feel like anything changed. I guess they needed to make it that way so Ji Changwook has more chances as the male lead.


  3. Maymay says:

    You are being more fair than me. I couldn’t get myself to continue watching after the most absurd cgi opening fight scene in singing all along. Not considering novoland because of the distracting blue lenses. I randomly skimmed an episode of ice fantasy but it didn’t appeal to me…can’t really explain it except that i feel the drama is pretty but lifeless. There are too many youth dramas that is disappointing so i am determine to try any unless i hear good reviews. Was only interested in Up Idol season one because of Bridgette Lin and ZLY. I think i am allergic to Viann Zhang so I couldn’t bring myself to start Prodigal Town. I watched only ZLY episodes for mystic nine haha. All in all I can’t seem to get immersed in current offerings. I liked first season of whirlwind girl but i can never embrace a change in actors for the same franchise. Sigh. I miss the days when i was eagerly anticipating whirlwind girl and hua qian gu..then the disguise and nirvana in fire. Now my only salvation is zhu xian and ZLY spy republican drama..the rouge or something. Hopefully i can find myself enjoying another cdrama again…

    Phew. Long rant. My bad..


    • I definitely didn’t understand the need of that preview scene. I was like, am I watching episode one?! All it told me is that the drama will focus on the female lead and how amazing she is compared to man. And as much of a feminist I am, I just feel like this is unnecessary. Both genders are capable of fighting, no need to make men look so lame v_v
      Yeah, Ice Fantasy has that je-ne-sais-quoi that annoys me, like the overdose of graphics just irritate me.
      Yeah, I think you are good with skipping most of these dramas and wait for the upcomming ones. Mystic Nine is still fun for me so far. Zhu Xian is coming tomorrown and Rookie Agent Rouge in September. I am sure we have a lot of better surprise for the second half of the year so let’s keep staying optimist ❤
      no problem, rant is healthy! hehe


  4. keekeepod says:

    I don’t read Simplified Chinese very well. From what I gathered Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao was a major revision of the source novel Border Town Prodigal/Edge City Wanderer. For some reason, people thought the source material was too extreme(?) for TV.


    • Oh really? I remember liking TYMYD, especially Zhang Meng’s character. The start is different from Border-Town-Prodigal so I wasn’t sure if it was the same same book. LOL, Wuxia dramas have to be extreme to be good!!


      • From what I’ve gathered, both 边城浪子 and 天涯明月刀 are part of Gu Long’s Flying Dagger 小李飞刀 series, and the latter is a direct sequel. Tianya features Fu Hongxue as a middle-aged martial artist, who has a love line with 17 year old Zhou Ting (Zhang Meng)…
        Wallace Chung’s drama took events from both books, drawing the ire of many fans who enjoyed the original. :p


      • Flying Daggers is such a famous and beloved series, and I am ashamed to say I don’t know much about it. I see, so Border-Town Prodigal is actually a prequel/parallel to TYMYD. Thanks for clarifying this for me ^^


  5. Cat says:

    Other than the youth one and idol up, I also watched at least one ep of the shows you mentioned.

    Border town prodigal – continuing. The costumes are so pretty. Great lighting. It does have old school feel.

    Novoland – binge watched 8 or 9 episodes. Stopped now. Can’t stand the blue contacts.

    Ice fantasy – one episode. Enough said.

    Singing – one episode. Yeah.

    Will watch idol up cause I love most of the gals on the show. But with Angie crying; I can’t get myself to do it yet.

    The youth drama. Nah. I’ve had my quota.


    • Haha, same technique as me! 😉 Didn’t feel like skipping, but no time to watch the whole series ^^
      I like that you mostly agree with my thoughts, showing that I am not being too biased hehe. Sounds like everyone have a problem with the blue contacts… Idol Up is already at episode two right now. I skimmed through, it is a bit better, but the special (sound) effects annoy me.


  6. Hannah says:

    I’m chasing Singing All Along. It’s a bit slow right now. Need to pick up the pace soon lol The story between RL and YH will unfold after a couple episodes in. I suppose the drama wants the audience to “feel” YH’s devoted love to RL.

    I started watching DG. The genre is different, and I can’t believe it’s only 20 episodes. That’s short for Mainland dramas. Here we have the naive female lead. What a big contrast to ZLY’s character in Mystic.


    • Definitely. I watched the long trailer and they are trying to go the angst path. The fact that they are meant to be together, but for political reasons can’t. That is palace dramas for you: so many obstacles before they can be happy! Based on ep1+trailer, I don’t really feel YH’s devotion for RL. Like in those shown scenes, he is not really fighting for her love much.
      Demon Girl is only 20 episodes?! That is super short @_@ Maybe I will actually have time to finish it then.. Will see. Yeah, Xinyue in The Mystic Nine is such an unique and fun character ❤


      • Hannah says:

        You’ll get a better feel about their relationship by enduring through the first 10 episodes, lol That’s how long dramas are! Plot is slow at the beginning, fast in the middle and then rushed at the end. Haha

        I don’t wanna spoil too much for you. Hehe I’m also surprised YH’s character doesn’t fight. All the male characters can thus far.

        Yes. I’m half way through with DG, but it’s getting nonsense. As expected from Yumama.


      • Yop, if I endure the first ten episodes, I will REALLY want the OTP to be together. For me, most dramas are like: good beginning, boring middle and rushed ending xD This sucks because a capable Yuan Hong is the best type of Yuan Hong!!

        DG is definitely going a weird drama. After you telling me that it is only 20 episodes, I tuned in for the episode 12… The story barely moved since when I left it (I watched up to episode 6). Rahh… How long it will take for Qi Cheng to embrace her demon nature? v_v


  7. Watching more episodes of Singing All Along, you will know that they spent their childhood together for a year or sth like that, so not just 2 encounters. But I was definitely disappointed with the drama, the plot moves very slow.


    • Oh you are probably right! Because Kenny Kwan’s character asked Yuan Hong’s character about meeting Ruby Lin and he was like how can she not remember you when we all went to school together!! But yeah, first episode only had two flashbacks from the same day I think so I thought they were like a one day love story… xD
      Yeah, and even when they get together, they are seperated again.. People watching it will need a lot of patience!


  8. Simply watching So Young because Ma Ke is in it. Ice Fantasy and Novoland Castle In the Sky Ae definitely future watches. If someone puts English subs to Border Town Prodigal, I’m there! Alas, the synopsis for Singing All Along was already depressing!


    • xD Ma Ke is always a good reason to watch a show ^^
      Yeah, it sucks that a lot of the shows don’t have eng sub because although I find flaws in some, in general, they are worth discovering!
      Yeah.. the second half of the long trailer really breaks my heart. That’s what happens in a palace scheming drama v_v


  9. tiffy123 says:

    I’m still waiting for “THE drama of 2016”. Hua Qian Gu dominated the summer last year – yet we’re already in August and I’ve yet to find something that big this year 😦

    Summer is like the main time I watch dramas too!


    • Zhu Xian and Just One Smile Is Very Alluring are the dramas I am betting success on. However, it is true that we are already at the of the summer.. @_@ Why they take such a long time to get released? Even back to videos are restarting to surface on my news feed xD


  10. Coriander says:

    Luhan and Tao also have upcoming dramas.

    I wonder when Kris is going to try dramas.. seems unlikely since he’s already this huge movie actor but I think it would be nice..


  11. MarrymeKongShi says:

    Rip.. was expecting at least one person to like ice fantasy but i guess i’m leaving with a sad mood after reading everyone’s comments. LOL, even though i agree the first and second episode were a bit…yeah but i tried my best to finish all 6 episodes and i started to love it due to episode 5,6 being amazing in my opinion. Thank you for the reviews btw! 😦


    • Don’t worry, there are a lot of other people who loved the drama (when I read comments around internet) Interesting enough, most people think the drama is picking up around episode 6. How many have been released? I guess very soon, we will get a better idea of the online opinion of Ice Fantasy :))


    • tiffy123 says:

      Lol I like Ice Fantasy – I had my complaints because apparently it was one of the most expensive dramas of all time in China and the editing seems to be done so poorly. Compared to Western CGI effects it was quite the disappointment. I mean, Lord of the Rings was made like a decade ago, and it had better effects.

      Nevertheless, I watch Dramas more for the story and I really like the story so far 🙂

      I definitely plan to finish it because the subs come out so fast on VIKI lol. This and Zhu Xian will probably be my two dramas for the summer.

      I’ve been watching Mystic Nine mostly for my girl ZLY, I’m not very into the story (exploring tombs isn’t really my thing) – and with Zhu Xian coming out, I’ll be able to get my ZLY fix elsewhere lol 🙂


  12. I skimmed through some eps of Border Town Prodigal. It seems alright. I’m not fond of Viann Zhang lol and in the drama, I prefer Zhu Yi Long with the 2nd female lead so hmm =_= Will watch it properly from Ep 1 if I have time.

    So Young – not my type of drama so skipping. Same for Whirlwind Girl 2.

    Ice Fantasy – I’d prefer to watch Chinese-influenced fantasy if it’s a C-drama…

    I don’t think Novoland Castle In Sky is on youtube so been lazy and haven’t gotten round to checking it out.

    Singing All Along – happy it’s finally airing! I’ve only seen the first episode. First 5 minutes was ridiculous haha. I will probably keep watching but might skip through some episodes cos it seems like it might get draggy.


    • Yeah me neither. Viann Zhang is the reason that is helding me back from keep watching this drama. Character is an important criteria when chosing celebrities crushes so yeah.. it is hard for me to like her xD
      Haha, being lazy is a good thing during this period of dramaland. I am so tired because I watch so many shows @_@

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Lizzie says:

    I just started watching Novoland in the Sky (up to ep 5) and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised! ZRY is a good actor (once I got over the blue contacts) and his character is the kind I like in a male lead – layered and not all bad or all good – one of the reasons I couldnt finish HQG was because I thought she should totally go for DF!. It was this or the Great Protector (both are subbed now) and although I thought WH did good in Imperial Doctress, I find him not a fantastic actor (couldnt finish that detective drama with him and Sandra Ma too -both of them were not great!). The main female lead, GXT, is sweet and kind but not dimwitted so it still works for me too!


    • Yeah! It definitely is! I am caught up watching Zhu Xian and The Mystic Nine, which are taking all my drama watching time @_@ If not, I would have loved to check more of Novoland. ZRY is a great actor so it is good to hear he is doing well. I mean, I am also one of those who hate the blue lenses. I like GXT too ❤


      • intellectualkitten says:

        We just published an article about it 😀 You can read it to havve a better opinion ^^ Also, ZLY appears in episode 2 🙂


      • Lizzie says:

        Thanks! Read your article and gave it a try but halfway through ep2, decided to research the WC and ZLY scenes in Mystic Nine instead 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  14. creidesca says:

    Novoland: Castle in the Sky gets better and better with each episode. I believe at the event in celebration of the drama reaching over 1.1 billion online views last weekend attended by Tencent VIP members (they got close and personal interaction w/ actors Zhang Ruoyun, Zhao Jian, and Chen Ruoxuan), the drama team announced that a second season was in the pipeline.


    • Wow! I knew it would be popular because after I watched the first episode, I wanted more! but then, my wifi lagged so I gave up.. xD It is a really good drama especially considering that the cast is still quite fresh. I see a bright future for Guan Xiaotong and Zhang Ruoyun. Nice to hear they are doing a season two and hopefully the quality stays as good as the first one.


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