[Part 1] Wedding for Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin


We are making a two part posts for the amazing and unexpected wedding of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin! I say unexpected because they went public barely a month ago and now, we have one of the most celebrities packed event of the year. โค Today, they held their pre-wedding dinner and they invited their closest friends.

Ruby Lin pre-wedding photoshoot with Marie Claire

1 2 3 4

With Bazaar

1 2 3

For shot in Paris


Wallace Huo casual photoshoot

27 28

Waiting Area

28 32

Dinner tables

1 2 3 8 13 15 17 21 27

The feast

5 6

The prewedding dinner and the amazing guest list:

The royal couple making their appearance: Huo Xin is here!!

0 12

Talking with the guests.


We have Ruby Lin’s bestie, Shu Qi.

18 5

The forever solo man, Hu Ge, coming to support his bro.

24 9

The other royal couple, Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu.

7 17 43

Hu Ge and Liu Tao discussing together.


More talking:

39 40

Ruby Lin with Liu Tao


Fans really wanting to take a picture with the Nirvana In Fire cast leads ><


I mean, look at how happy these fans are to see Mei Changsu and Mu Nihuang.


Bonus: People realized how frugal Wallace Huo as he wears the same suit for both weddings he attended this year. Awwnnn~


Meanwhile, Fan Bingbing still at the airport


That’s it! Those were the pictures for today. Now, we can wait patiently for tomorrow as the wedding ceremony will be held. Can’t wait!


21 thoughts on “[Part 1] Wedding for Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin

  1. Happiness and blessing to two of my favorite actors. They look perfect together. I love the photo of ShiShi and Nicky. They look like they’re enjoying a blissful marriage life.


    • Yes, they do. That entrance picture is beautiful, wishing them a happy life โค
      Honestly, LongShi is still unbeatable and they have such loving eyes for each other in any shot they take together, it is true love. Both couple really found their soul mates.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Hannah says:

    I can’t wait! Can’t believe WH and RL are really tying the knot tomorrow. And maybe with a little one on the way? Double the happiness. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    I wanna see more bromance. WH and HG are too darn cute together. Puahaha


    • Same, haha. It feels so weird, but I am so excited to see Ruby Lin in beautiful wedding dress. Both of them got married so many times in drama, it is finally to hold the real ceremony xD Hopefully yes, them having a baby would be the cutest thing ever!
      Haha, they will always have a bromance, even if both of them gets married. โค The way they look at each other is true (bro) love!


  3. Jo says:

    I wish I was invited๐Ÿ˜everything looks amazing Hu Ge’s facial expressions are the best omg everyone looked amazing and loved seeing the other royal couple ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“ and I knew he wore that same outfit but couldn’t remember where ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


  4. cc says:

    I don’t know who is taking the picture is but I think he/she must like Hu Ge a lot because Hu ge is in like half of the pictures lol…. JK… Its Wallace and ruby day but I couldn’t help but squeal at seeing Hu Ge and Liu Tao… My ShuHuang couple lol but Congrats Wallace and ruby, wish you guys happiness and success
    btw where is Yuan Hong?? I thought he was going… Bromance would be everywhere


    • Yeah, it is quiet obvious that they didn’t hire professional photographers for this dinner xD I guess Hu Ge fangirls sneaked in to take these pictures โค Haha, it looked like there were three couples 1) Wallace+Ruby, 2) Nicky+Shishi and 3) Liu Tao and Hu Ge. Good job to the seat organizer hehe
      Yuan Hong is really close with Hu Ge and Liu Shishi, not so much with Ruby/Wallace. Notice how neither Wallace Huo nor Ruby Lin went to YH+ZXY's wedding earlier this year. Maybe he will still make an appearance for the official ceremony tomorrow?


      • cc says:

        I at least thought Yuan Hong would come because him and ruby became friends through their currently airing drama and during the press con he was joking about how he is from the bride side lol so I thought he would be there but its all good….

        I dont know if its just me but Wallace still looks kind of shy and reserve but then the picture with Hu Ge and him shaking hand, he looks happy, smiling really big compare to the pictures… True (Bro) love right there lol… JK

        Congrats again to them


      • Same, I feel like he has the qualifications to be invited xD Although, to be fair, the celebrities covered here are all super close with the couple (I think?). So hopefully, Yuan Hong can make an appearance tomorrow! Didn’t watch that interview, but if YH is bold enough to say those words, I hope he will indeed be able to come ^^
        I feel the same! Wallace, be a bit less reserved please! I know he is not very open about relationships with the public, so hopefully that is why. Hu Ge is a walking meme here, love him so much. That chemistry with Wallace will never die!


    • Fann says:

      Wallace typically don’t photgraph well in candid pictures, unless photographed by fans who adore him(they are able to capture him in a light that reflects their love and admiration for him). He often look more relaxed and happy in the videos versions of things. It’s known he doesn’t like to be the center of attention, and today he is, so it’s normal he looks a reserved-that’s on top of the jitters grooms usually get on their wedding day as well.,


  5. OMG Wallace and Ruby are too gorgeous, I’m exited to see them in wedding gowns. It must be very elegant noble-like.

    Hu Ge, I remembered that gif where he’s taking away Wallace from chancel lol Who is going to accompany him if he remain single? their promise, Wallace how dare you hahaha


    • Yes they are so pretty!! Wished they had better photographers on scene though. They are married!! โค Still can't believe it!
      Haha, I know! And they were like talking about getting married together if both stay single by 40. Ahhh, Wallace left Hu Ge all alone xD


  6. Lucy says:

    Wallace and Ruby look so darn happy it makes me all giggly and smile that my cheeks hurt cause they are such a beautiful couple…I’m sad Vicki isn’t going to attend because of some scheduling conflict damn just when I thought I was going to see my HZGG Trio as FBB is attending..He Ge the forever bachelor with all his buddies getting married one by one
    So excited to see their ceremony photos and videos I already know I will love it and plus the required dress code thank god I don’t know why Chinese celebrities wedding guests dress so damn casual like if I’m inviting you and I spent all this money the least what the guest can do is show up and dress nicely aka HXM and AB their guests were dressed so ugh I mean it freaking televised and there was a red carpet why were use dressed like you were on a lunch date


    • They do. It is their night, they are in love and have all their close friends around them. What a beautiful event! Don’t worry, Vicki went (see new post)!! She appeared last minute, but she was able to. My Huan Zhu Ge Ge feels!
      I found the dress code a miss finally. A bride is supposed to stand up more, but everyone wore white in the girls. Oh well, but at least Ruby is still super pretty! Haha, I love the casual look, especially considering how (unfairly) celebrities look good in anything. ><


      • Fann says:

        Actually I thought the dress code made everyone and the wedding look very uniformed. A bride who can share her color is one who is joyous and confident. She is sharing and spreading her happiness to her guest. Lovely!


  7. Yui says:

    I rarely see liu tao with her hubby.. Isnt she a monther of two? Correct me if i was wrong. I wonder who she married to. I guess, not someone from ent cycle… Btw, she’s closer to ruby or wallace?

    Not a fan of ruby’s dress that night, i prefer LSS’ dress at her dinner party. But of course, both are pretty.

    Hu ge, isnt he dating someone before? Broke up? Hehe so many questions ๐Ÿ˜€


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