August Airing Drama Schedule


If July was the month of dramas, then August is the month of comedy movies! Are you excited to add some fun to this crazy hot summer? 🙂

Drama Airing Dates

代号 Code Name with Qiao Zhengyu, 08/07/2016


麻辣变形计 Hot Girl with Ma Ke and Dili Reba, 08/08/2016


小别离 A Love For Separation with Huang Lei and TFBoys, 08/16/2016


微微一笑很倾城 Just One Smile Is Very Alluring with Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, 08/22/2016


翡翠恋人 Jade Lover with Zheng Shuang and Lee Jong Suk, 08/25/2016


Rumored to Start in August

猎场 Resume with Hu Ge, August 2016

放弃我抓紧我 Stay With Me with Wang Kai, Chen Qiao En and Kimi Qiao, August 2016

淘婚记 Amoy Marriage Record with Liu Tao and Ma Tianyu, August 2016

Movie Airing Dates

我最好朋友的婚礼 My Best Friend’s Wedding with Shu Qi, Feng Shaofeng, and Victoria Song, August 5th


盗墓笔记 Time Raiders with Jing Boran, Luhan, and Sandra Ma,  August 5th


那件疯狂的小事叫爱情 I Love that Crazy Little Thing with William Chan, Tang Yixin, and Jessica Jung


美好的意外 Beautiful Accident with Ouyang Nana, August 12th


微微一笑很倾城 Love 020 with Angelababy and Jing Boran, August 12th


危城 Call of Heroes with Eddie Peng, August 18th


未择之路 The Road Not Taken with Ma Yili, August 19th


在世界中心呼唤爱 Crying Out in Love with Ou Hao and Zhang Huiwen, August 26th


14 thoughts on “August Airing Drama Schedule

    • so says:

      Thank you, archidisign! Does anyone know whether the animated feature BFB, Big Fish and Begonia (Hai Tang) will have a North American release date? I heard BFB did well enough in the Mainland box office in July. I’m surprised so few C ent websites cover it. BFB may be better than some of the Novoland stuff. I hope the Novoland authors helped and supported each other to produce decent books, drama etc. Sometimes people collaborate only to get a lot of promotional attention for themselves to sell more products. Not concerned enough with the quality of the products themselves. Then on the rare occasion that a product is successful, it’s sad to see when people end up fighting to get the top credit. I’m thinking of the 2 graduates of the Shanghai Music Conservatory who fought over their “Liang Zhu” Butterfly Lovers music composition. I hope Novoland writers won’t do that.

      Did July 2015 have a lot of high profile c Drama? I can’t recall that far. lol.

      @Yui, Ma Tian Yu, Liu Tao’s drama has a YT trailer. The plot looks overly melodramatic from the trailer. Production values look average. Characters may not be likeable too.


      • Welcome! 😀 I saw Big Fish and Begonia trending around the time it was trending, but I didn’t exactly follow its promotional phase well enough to know if it was successful. On my side of the earth, the local cinemas are sadly not airing it :/ Search 大鱼海棠 around your area? Yes, indeed. It is often very hard for animated movies to do well in box-office, but this is changing. Last year’s Monkey King Hero Is Back was one of the most well-received movie of the year, a real gem.
        Same, collaborations turning into authorship fights are never pretty v_v
        LOL, all I can think of for July 2015 was Hua Qian Gu 😉


  1. looking forward to One Smile! both movie and drama 🙂

    btw, what is resume about? any info about Liu Tao and Ma TianYu’s drama? havent heard about it. i guess, they did filming it a long time ago… correct?

    Wangkai’s drama, cant hardly wait… just please be good. i like chen qiao en, but not so hooked with this jie’s mainland project. but who knows… the power of Wang Kai and Kimi Qiao ❤


  2. depise the whole JBR vs Luhan mess before the release … time raiders did pretty well with more than 927 mill and still whithout the international sales… it’s pretty good! Luhan really act well that wasn’t outstanding but suit well his role . JBR is a good actor one of the best (actually the best) fresh meat. the CGI as awful and the script to… I hope LORD will have good CGI and plot but i am a bit unsure with GUO because otherwise it will flop like LOG no matter the big name…


    • Really? That is good to hear, but also unexpected xD I hope Love O2O is doing well too because that drama is sooo good! I am not too into Tomb stories (only watching the Mystic Nine for the romance moments haha), but I know the movie got some attention on weibo recently. Happy for them!! LORD feels like a messy movie. It will be either a hit or a miss, depending on the viewer. It is quite a daring project for Guo and the rest of the cast.


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