Entertainment Update: New Projects, Love 020, Rush to the Dead Summer


The best way to start a week is to catch up on some eye candies. Here are some interesting news stills and posters from the Chinese entertainment world.

Korean pop star Sehun has been casted in Dear Arehimedes.


The busy bee Chen Qiao En is working on a drama! This time, she will star alongside Tong Dawei in 人间至味是清欢. I feel like she has so many dramas that are yet to be released! I am waiting for Stay in Love right now ^^


Jackie Chan will film a new project with co-star Show Luo and Ouyang Nana! The movie Bleeding Steel is set in Australia. The man looks so happy these days, good for him for staying so active, Jackie Chan definitely do not age ><!


A new high budget movie is in the making: 建军大业 will star Liu Ye, Zhu Yawen, Ou Hao, Liu Haoran, Ma Yili, Shu Qi, Song Jia, Luhan, Jin Dong (<3), Wang Kai, Chen He, Chen Xuedong, and more. It will be a historical movie during the republican era.


General and I held a press conference with Wallace Chung and Angelababy. Awwnn… I wish they wore the costumes and did the hairstyle.

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Kris Wu at the press conference for his movie, Summer Tears in Paradise.

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Jing Boran promoting for Time Raiders. There were other pictures but I believe this one looks the best ^^

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Character posters are released for Rush to the Dead Summer starring Zheng Shuang, Bai Xiaoting and Chen Xuedong. It is based on a popular novel by Guo Jingming

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More stills for Just a Smile is Alluring (renamed as Love 020 too)

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Drama Legend of the Condor Heroes released new stills

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Drama Hello Joann was released on July 31st.


The currently hit drama Police Beauty & K9. Focused on the police forces and cute dogs, this drama is starring Hou Mengsha and Yu Hewei. Is anyone watching?


Drama 爱情也包邮 with Zhou Yuan, Deng Jiajia and Qiao Zhenyu released old stills.

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Bubujingxin: Li released a trailer and here are the stills from it. What do you think? I see a lot of close-up!


New posters for When a Snail Falls in Love. So much handsomeness. Wang Kai wears suits and uniforms for all his dramas, not that I would complain ><

1 2 3

The ratings for July 2016’s movies came in. Skiptrace with Jackie Chan and Fan Bingbing received the best results and Cold War 2 takes second place. Everything else fell short on the palmares.

Cute video of goofy Dili Reba on the set of Hot Girl.


10 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: New Projects, Love 020, Rush to the Dead Summer

  1. Yes I saw on Qiao En’s weibo this morninf and I was like hm, who are the others? Guessed maybe Tong Da Wei and Li Fei Er? Lol idk about Fei Er bc they were all wearing sunnies. Qiao En jie has co-starred with so many top/popular male actors, I’ve lost count!

    Whyyyyy did the drama version of “Just a Smile is Alluring” change their name D:<<< it was fine as is! Now the name change only sets up for more comparisons with the film version -.-

    As for 建军大业, I'm keen to see Liu Ye and Zhu Ya Wen ^_^, then ofc Jin Dong and Wang Kai. Could only spot Liu Ye in that pic though. Aaah, gotta love me some historical films :3


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD Lets be tolerant, I am sure it is extra hot in China right now .-. I believe Chen Qiao En has an upcoming drama with Wang Kai AND one with Jin Dong. She also has a lot of other projects I believe… so busy @_@

      Yep, if someone call tell me what Love 020 means, I would really appreciate 😛
      Ma Tianyu is another I spot on the picture 😛


      • ChocolateCosmos says:

        Hello, silent reader here 🙂
        Love o2o (it uses the letter o) … means love Online to Offline 😀
        I’ve read the novel so I thought the english title wasn’t so bad and fits the premise of the story. Although the original title Just a Smile is Alluring was closer to the original novel title…
        The stills… was not how I imagined their weapons to be lol, but it looks like the images from actual games so I shall just wait for the drama to air 😛 Thanks for the post ~


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Hi :DDD Welcome new member of the active group ^^
        Yes, there is something so “Alluring” with the original title and it was very feating of Yang Yang’s beautiful smile (euhhh… I mean Zheng Shuang’s, ofc ><) Yes, the images are more similar… some stills of them in costumes were released today but since the drama will be released very soon, I don't want to spoil it to anyone.
        PS. First time I heard about Love o2o, I thought about H2O, thanks for the clarification!


  2. could explain all the cdrama writers/ popular novelists? I often hear you or archidisign talk about Yumama, Tong Hua, Tangren (and some other names that have escaped me rn) and I’m sitting there thinking ‘who are these people??’ If it’s a hassle, maybe could you direct me to some pages… Unless you already have some?


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Sure, that is actually a really good feature idea 😀 And don’t worry, I am also confused with them xD Will definitely prepare something this week ^^

      Liked by 1 person

    • angie says:

      Yumama is like that step mom you love to hate — she’s beautiful but ruins everything; Yumama is a man btw haha, he specializes at really flashy and beautiful sets, costumes, and actors/actresses but ruins the plot often. He’s also controversial for plagiarizing works but inevitably his work does attract a lot of attention to the actors and actresses he selects and consequently sometimes signs some of them such as Chen Xiao to his company. If you watched the beauty and tragedy that was ‘Female Prime Minister” with Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying, it really vaulted their individual popularity through the roof and also their couple popularity (drama couple, although many wished they became a real life couple) through the roof. That show was produced by Yumama so I guess he has an eye for rookies?

      Tong Hua is a female writer who created the mega hit BuBuJingXin, and has a number of other popular online books. They’re rather depressing in my opinion and her TV show scripts in the recent years have been disappointing but she pushes out good material for TV dramas set in ancient times. I read and watched Da Mo Yao with Liu Shi Shi, Eddie Peng, and Hu Ge, for the romantic scenes but skipped a good chunk of the angst for my own sake in part due to how cheap the drama looked — there was some drama surrounding the production because of government restrictions and it ended up being aired a few years later with rushed re-dubbing, I don’t remember but I think Tangren at the time of filming was also under some economic strains or my memory could be making that up…

      Tangren is an entertainment company and hosts a number of really popular artists including Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge, they used to have more big names but over the years a lot of celebs left such as Sun Li and Yuan Hong. They produce a lot of big dramas, included the fore-mentioned BuBuJingXin, Da Mo Yao, and an old mega-hit “Chinese Paladin”, as well as some more recent hits that I wasn’t too in love with such as Xuan Yuan Sword.

      Hopefully that satisfies your curiosity until a more detailed and better post is made by the hosts of this website. ^_^


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yes! Thank you for giving such vivid explanations 😛 I know so many people who have a love&hate relationship with Yumama. And huehue, “Chinese Paladin” is old… :”D My childhood ><


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