[Anticipation Post] My Best Friend’s Wedding with Victoria, Feng Shaofeng


Wether it is your best friend or your soon to be wife, neither can say no to the very charming Feng Shaofeng. Are you ready? The movie will be released for Chinese Valentine’s Day!

  • Release date: August 5th, 2016
  • Cast: Feng Shaofeng, Shu Qi, Victoria


Gu Jia, played by Shu Qi, is the best friend of Lin Ran, portrayed by Feng Shaofeng, for the longest time. Secretly, she has developed feelings for him. On day, she receives a phone call: he is getting married this week in London.





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Lin Ran by Feng Shaofeng, the main character

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Gu Jia by Shu Qi, the best friend of Lin Ran

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Meng Yixuan by Victoria Song, the beautiful, young and rich fiancee of Lin Ran.

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