Entertainment Update: Hot Girl, Love O2O, Love for Separation


The c-entertainment world is a lot slower this week, as more dramas are been produced and the Olympics kicks off. Well, I am not one to complain, since I have Zhu Xian and many dramas to watch 🙂

EDIT: Added some relevant trailer and pictures to previous projects in the post

Big news! The cast of Ru Yi Legend is announced. We have the leads Zhou Xun as Ru Yi and Wallce Huo as Qin Long emperor. The rest of the cast are: Janine Chang, Dong Jie, Tong Yao, and Jing Chao.


Deng Chao, Liu Shishi and Ethan Ruan have been casted in a movie together! The Chinese name is 缉凶者.


Huang Xuan has been casted in the movie 妖猫传.


Next week’s Happy Camp will star Zhang Yishan, Huang Zitao, Jing Boran, and Angelababy… Definitely something I want to watch!


Wuxin 2 releases official posters!

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A new MV of the cheesiest drama of all time, Just One Smile Is Very Alluring by the male cast (minus Yang Yang)

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The project also released a REAL trailer. What do you think?

The movie version released a video game teaser, where Jing Boran put to K.O. his love opponent.


First look at Tong Dawei and Chen Qiao En‘s drama, 人间至味是清欢. Woah, didn’t they start filming two weeks ago?

3 4

My Little Princess starring Mike D’Angelo will be released on August 11th!

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A Love for Separation starring the TFBoys and Huang Lei.

1 2

Huang Lei’s other project, Midnight Kitchen reveals more stills!

01 3 5 8 9

Three more stills for Hot Girl. It is getting released on August 10th!

1 2 3

The Mongolians for Legend of the Condor Heroes.

4 5

Some new stills for the currently airing Ice Fantasy

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Some old stills for Phoenix Warriors I forgot to share…

2 14 15 16

One more poster for Bubujingxin: Li


Eye candy time! One picture of Viann Zhang, …


… two of Wang Ou

8eea0589jw1f6l4fgogquj21z42you10 8eea0589jw1f6l4fjeq0rj21z42you10

… one of Rachel Mao and …


… one for Zhao Liying with Mickey Mouse 😀


This year, spend Chinese Valentine’s Day with Liu Shishi and Ma Tianyu (August 9th)!

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And some eye candy with the Chinese swimming team’s member 宁泽涛 for Rio 2016 (competing on August 8th!

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13 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Hot Girl, Love O2O, Love for Separation

  1. keekeepod says:

    Didn’t see the jdrama version of Midnight Kitchen, but the kdrama version was nice. This cdrama’s set looks like kdrama’s. With more episodes, I hope it won’t be slow and draggy.


    • It is a series of guest coming in and out to eat and leave a chapter of their life with the iconic chef. I am sure Huang Lei will do a fine job in it so I won’t be too worried. This ones sounds like something I may watch :3


  2. DramaLvr says:

    Yass to the Ning Zetao love…he’s been blowing up on Twitter. The western media coverage of his hotness however, remains tasteless.


  3. ladyofshalott says:

    I was interested in watching One smile is very alluring, but after seeing the trailer I don’t know if my tolerance my cheesiness is strong enough.


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