Entertainment Update: Princess Weiyoung, L.O.R.D., A Chinese Odyssey


So much is going on in the entertainment world in a short span of time 😀 I am getting pretty excited from all the releases, what about you?

Booting event for Bloody Romance, the upcoming drama starring Fan Bingbing

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New posters for Princess Weiyoung with “chummy” Tang Yan and Luo Jin. Finally new stills!

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A Chinese Odyssey starring Huang Zitao released a batch of stills. Everyone looks different from the original series, from Sun Wukong to Zhu Bajie XD Oh well, A Chinese Odyssey’s purpose was to create laughter anyway~

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Posters for Yang Zi and Qin Chunjie‘s drama. Who is shipping them in Zhu Xian?

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Drama She is Beautiful starring Zhang Xinyi releases some funny cartoon stills:


New stills of lovely Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang for Love O2O

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When a Snail Loves starring Wang Kai and Wang Ziwen also join the party 🙂

704_1986181_304433 704_1986183_949523 704_1986185_340230 704_1986189_675408

Official posters for L.O.R.D. Are these people the couples in the movie? I can definitely ship Kris Wu with Chen Xuedong 😛

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New pictures for General and I starring Wallace Chung and Angelababy

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Posters for Mission Milano

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More posters for Time Raiders

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Trailer for My Egg Boy with Ariel Lin and Rhydian Vaughan. The movie will be released in September.

Featurette for Soulmate with Zhou Dongyu and Sandra Ma

The movie I Belonged to You starring Deng Chao, Bai Baihe, Yang Yang, and Zhang Tian Ai.

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The movie Call of Heroes with Eddie Peng and Maggie Jiang

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Press conference for Love O2O

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18 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Princess Weiyoung, L.O.R.D., A Chinese Odyssey

  1. So is Huang Zi Tao’s “A Chinese Odyssey” different to the one with Han Geng? His is called “The Monkey King”? What is the difference, plot-wise? I”m confused.

    “I Belonged To You”: Bai Bai He? Check. Deng Chao? Check. Zhang Tian Ai? Check. Yang Yang? Check, check check! :DDDDDDDD another one for the to-watch list!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Huang Zitao’s version is a drama whereas Han Geng’s is the unofficial third part of a famous saga :P. Both are loosely based on Journey to the West but I don’t know what the exact difference is (probably different plot lines)

      !! I know! It checks all the points on list too, definitely a must watch! Funny how Bai Baihe couldn’t attend so they took pictures with her poster xD


    • Coriander says:

      They’re from the same director so it’ll be the same although the movie is the bigger event obviously since it’s directly connected to the famous series of movies he made in the past.

      I actually wish he didn’t touch this series anymore. Stephen Chow is legendary and no one can replicate his portrayal of Monkey King.


  2. Anybody know how big of a star Luo Jin is in china?

    Why do I get the feeling that Luo Jin is the ‘to go to’ actor used every time Tang Yan’s character is the sole head liner of the drama. If you look at their dramas in the past, LJ’s name is hardly mention. Even in posters, TY is the main focus which is never the case with TY’s other leading men Wallace Chung, Wallace Huo, Hawick, and Hu Ge

    I mean in “Diamond lover’ Luo Jin didn’t even come out to promote the drama. He is technically the male lead, he got the leading lady & occupy more screen time than Rain, yet, all the posters and press were on done by Rain & TY ( which is probably why fans were so mad they both didn’t get each other, myself included ).


    • tiffy123 says:

      Luo Jin isn’t a big name. He’s actually a very good actor in my opinion from the dramas/films I’ve watched of him. The problem is he isn’t “hot enough”. Guys like Li Ye Feng, Wallace Huo, Hu Ge, Wang Kai, they are what the chinese call “nan shen” (chinese translation – “Male Gods”).

      In order to make it big, you really need to be quite handsome. Lou Jin doesn’t have that “hotness attribute” to make all the girl fans want him.

      But he has AMAZING chemistry with Tang Yan for some reason. Like Diamond Lover last summer – he played her best friend perfectly. He fake cries SO WELL lol. The other star actress in Diamond Lover – Dil Raba could NOT fake cry at all haha. Yet Dil Raba became a break out star from Diamond Lover obviously because she’s very attractive (“Female Goddess”).

      Lou Jin is basically known for his collabs with Tiffany. Many people believe the “dating rumours” are just there to hype up Lou Jin’s shows since he’s not that big of a name.


      • I think Luo Jin is quit handsome (in a very manly way, but not in a beautiful pretty boy/man way).

        About the rumors, I think they are totally dating. There’s video footage of him staying overnight w/ TY at a hotel during “Princess WY” drama shooting.

        They do have chemistry, but it’s too bad I don’t really ship these two in drama land and real life.


      • Pong says:

        am I the one who don’t get LYF’s charm? He’s handsome but I won’t put him in the same league as Wang Kai, Hu Ge, or Wallace Huo. Maybe it’s my age


      • intellectualkitten says:

        To be honest, me neither. However, he is known to be very caring with his fans and super handsome/dreaming on variety shows, so that’s a point in his favour? I also like the ones you named better (But it is more because they better actors :P)


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Because they love each other :DDD That’s why they always collaborate together ^^ I find it cute :3

      Hmm… from what I heard, Rain was supposed to be the lead in Diamond Lover and got tons of money to star in it. However, as the drama got more popular, they decided to extend the series… which is not part of Rain’s contract. Hence, he bailed out and Lu Yi became the main lead and got the girl.

      I guess Luo Jin’s status is “good” but not as high as Tang Yan. He started in a couple of famous dramas but is too old (34 yo) to have a huge fanbase like other male actors. For this week, on baidu, he is listed as 28 :P.


      • Since “Princess WY” is invested by TY, I think he is doing her a favor by lower the cost. Plus, it must be hard to find other big name actors since the sole focus is on the female lead. It’s a gain for him either way. But out of all the C-stars, he is at 28 on Baidu? That’s pretty high.

        Isn’t Diamond Lover all pre-produced? How can they say it got popular and then extension is requested when it did not aired yet. No matter, not pairing Rain and TY at the end is the biggest mistake. Literally, there’s no english sub to that drama even till today.


  3. Alyannah says:

    Ztao is so handsome. I like him even better without makeup 😉 hope he does more dramas so I can keep watching him, I’ve seen his variety shows so many times already and can’t get enough


    • I agree! Sometime, I see movies that pop up randomly when I barely saw any stills/trailer/BTS. It feels like Chinese filming schedule and release dates are all so irregular!! Hope it will be goo ❤ Welcome and glad to see you back on the blog (for however long it is xD)

      Liked by 1 person

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