Trending China Swimming/Diving Team at Rio 2016 With Amazing Performances


Yesterday was a glorious day for the Chinese swimming team as they won many medals and these hard working people brought honors to their homeland. Weibo was full of fans getting excited over three specific swimmers: Sun Yang, Ning Zetao and Fu Yuanhui. Not only them, but the diving team also received a lot of attention for their great performances.

Sun Yang

Sun Yang is the big winner of the night as he finally gets his well-deserved Golden medal during his performance at the 200m Men’s freestyle swimming. [Edit: Oups, he already won a gold medal during London 2012 at the 1500m epreuve] He also received the silver medal for 400m Freestyl swimming. In his interview, he talked about how proud he is of his Gold medal as before, he always get second prize. I think we have an overachiever here :’D He had a drug controversy in 2014 (which he can be seen as fair or unfair, I will not get into that). This event was brought back this week by the Australian media which caused a real mess on weibo. Happily, this time, he is getting his well-deserved recognition without any troubles.

0 1 2

This clip went viral online as he was happily throwing his swimming cap after the big win. Sadly for him and hilariously for the internet community, he misses his throw as the cap falls behind him inside the pool. Like a good player, he goes back to take it and throw it again…

.. so that a happy audience member can get his swimmer’s cap!


Interview about the hardwork he went through.

Fu Yuanhui

Young nineteen years old Fu Yuanhui became an internet sensation during the games. She showed exaggerated facial expressions as she proudly hears that she beat her own records during the semi-final. She says she is super tired, had cramps and was able to do so well thanks to her Hong Huan Zhi Li 洪荒之力 aka the force that Hua Qian Gu received when she became a demon in last year’s hit summer drama.

1 2

Xiao Gu approves!


Because of her enthusiasm and great games spirit, her face/expressions are trending everywhere! What a beautiful lady.

3 6 7 10

Fu and Sun giving each other a hug after the girl’s win.


Interview on day 1 where she talks about her 洪荒之力 and how impressed she is at her own performance.

Day 2 where she hears from the interviewer that she got 3rd place, as she didn’t hear it herself when it was announced. What a cutie! After hearing she won, she says that after all, she did pretty well. Either way, she worked really hard during the last year and only god knows what she had to sacrifice. At the end of the day, it is all worth it.

At an interview after her medal where she talks about her newfound popularity.

An interview where she talks about fangirling over Ning Zitao, Sun Yang, about having a positive mindset, her humor and her sportive spirit.

Xu Jiayu

Athlete Xu Jiayu received the Silver medal for his performance in Men’s 100m Backstroke swimming. This is not his first performance at the Olympics as he also participated to the London 2012 Games. In 2014, he performed well during the Asian Games were 4 medals. Although he did not get as much attention as his colleagues from the swimming team, he fully deserves his place on this list.

1214 15 16

Ning Zetao

I wasn’t sure if I should include him in the list (yet), but he is trending and a true bae, ok?! 😛 Ning Zetao is the trendiest Chinese athlete at this year’s Olympics, even before the competition started. He is immensely popular on both Weibo and Twitter where many celebrities showed their support to him (Xie Na, He Jiong, Ardene Choi and many others). With a killer smile and an amazing body, he is known for his great personality and work ethic. Although he still did not gain a medal at the Rio 2016 games (were not qualified to participate in the Men’s 100m freestyle), he still has the Men’s 50m freestyle to look out for. Considering he won the gold for 100m freestyle in 2015’s World Aquatics Championships and for 50m freestly in 2014’s Asian Games, he may still give a great performance on August 11. Zetao, I believe in you!

2 5 7 8

Isn’t he extremly cute here? ❤


Wu Minxia and Shi Tingmao

Wu Minxia is . Together, they won the Women’s Synchronized 3m springboard. This is Wu Minxia’s fifth medal during her Olympics career, making her the most performing athlete of China. She started at the age of 13 years old and this is her fourth games participation. Shi Tingmao is also an amazing diver as she is the first Chinese diver from provincial team to participate in World Championships. She and Wu Minxia had been working together since 2013.

17 18


Chen Ruolin and Liu Huixia

These two beautiful ladies worked together to win the glorious Gold medal for Women’s Synchronized 10m platform. With this win, Chen Ruolin joins the club of Five medals at the Olympics for a Chinese athlete, with fellow diver Wu Mingxia. Ms. Wu received this honor two days ago. Chen Ruolin and Liu Huixia worked together previously during the 2013 World Aquatics Championships. Here are some gifs of their amazing performances:

1 4 621

Chen Aisen and Lin Yue

The final duo that also got China another Gold medal in diving. Chen Aisen and Lin Yue worked together for the men’s synchronised 10m platform competition and received tremendous results!

2 3 4

That’s it! 😀 So happy I covered these events because there were so many precious moments. Everyone keep being awesome and strike for your very best 8D


Meanwhile, Micheal Phelps is still in the zone…

28 thoughts on “Trending China Swimming/Diving Team at Rio 2016 With Amazing Performances

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    Yeah!!! Such gorgeous pictures/gifs! Swimmers definitely have nice body and when they are this tall and handsome, it is definitely a bonus! 🙂 The fuzz Ning Zetao is creating on weibo is crazy and I wish him luck today. On the other hand, everyone else is awesome too!
    The diving from the female double is particularly impressive 😛


    • SO MUCH!! I am so behind the Swimming team they are just amazing. Everyone looks handsome and dedicated. Sad Xu Jiayu doesn’t get much attention and that Ning Zetao didn’t win yesterday. But hey! It is his first Olympics participation so he is doing his best. There are many more games to come (as well as tomorrow’s). Chinese team really killed it with three golds in diving. Amazing amazing.


  2. yoyo says:

    it was so funny when wu minxia bf was exposed, the reporter looked so lost!

    i love fu yuan hui! she seems to underestimate herself though, but it was so sweet when sun yang waited for her to give her a hug


    • What?! I missed that moment 😦 Ohh, not surprised that such a beautiful girl is taken though. I find some reporters really clueless at these events xD
      Fu Yuanhui is beautiful and she herself said that she did her best that day. Maybe she performs better under pressure? Either way, she definitely has a lot of potential. Same! Love that hug between the two medalists. Congratulations to them!!


  3. Fu Yuanhui is so adorable and reference to Quan Gu makes adore her more.

    There were so many salty words spoken towards Sun Yang, I can’t understand why people blame others for their failure. Maybe they better practice harder?

    Ning Zetao absolutely captured me😍 He is indeed bae. His smile makes me melt, and not only smile😉 I wish him good luck.

    Synchro swimmers both men and
    women were amazing. Their performances were flawless


    • Same! Exactly, I was shocked to hear mention Hong Huang Zhi Li!! 😀 She is such a down to earth girl, but yet weirdly cute. Hope she will have even more success and funny moments!
      Sun Yang winning deserves all the praise! It is sad to see people still bringing the past, but there is no denial that this time, he won fair and square. He seems like a nice guy from the short clip above as he properly rethrew his cap after failing. Yop, salty people should try winning a gold medal first. Tsss
      Ning Zetao is SO popular right now it is crazy. But I can’t love him a 100% yet since he didn’t win yet. 😛 That cute gif above is perfect and I hope he does better tomorrow. Also, as long as he enjoys the experience, it is all good. I am happy for the last guy too, Xu Jiayu for winning silver. He is cute too ^^
      China really have a flawless team when it comes to double diving. Amazing.

      ps; love the new profile picture!!


      • hina says:

        I looked Sun Yang up and there seems to be a lot of hate and criticism towards him from foreign countries. I don’t get it because he seem to be fairly nice and handsome. I get it that this is the Olympic and that national pride is high but that doesn’t justify one to belittle another person just because that person is representing another country. Think about it, you wouldn’t want other countries picking on your star representative athlete so why do it to another country’s? For example, if other countries were fussing and criticizing Michael Phelps or Simone Biles, I’m pretty sure Americans will not just sit by and watch it pass because they will probably feel offended for their athlete. Besides this, I agree about not bringing up the past. They bring up the past and call him a cheater, but don’t even know what he had to go through just to get to where he is now. Plus the teeth shaming is just low..He was happy that he won and so he smiled and yet instead of focusing on his incredible win they are judging his teeth and robbing him of his most happiest time.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        It is because the other countries’ athletes are shaming him and official coaches have stated their disapproval. As a consequence, he is getting hate… which sucks so much! Where is the sportsmanship? 😦 Maybe I didn’t dig far enough, but of the videos I saw, he looks very nice and not as cocky as the media portrays him.


      • These countries are just jealous. He won fair and square during London 2012 and again during Rio 2016. He is a cutie in his own right. Has a more menacing face compared to Ning Zetao, but his genuine passion, great performance and work etiquette won me over. That drug scandal of 2014 was just a small thing blew huge so totally not deserved. National pride or what not, I would feel the same way for any other athletes. Good thing is that it seems like only a few annoying hardcore Australian fans are still hung over this, most people are supporting him now :3 After his cute threw of his cap, hehe
        Exactly! Sun has probably the same power in China as Phelps in America. Do you really think the Chinese fans will not defend him? Especially considering he did nothing wrong. I am happy at the support he is getting ^^ There was teeth shaming? That is so law!! I saw similar physical attributes shaming for other athletes too. I think it is totally unfair. If these people can work hard to get to where they are now, we shouldn’t shame them for trivial details like this. xD


      • I’m a bit sad that Ning Zetao made a hype around his handsome image but still can’t confound expectations in competition. He failed in couple rounds.

        Yes I was amazed, it was perfect mirror performance.

        thank you 😄


      • I believe he is not the only one to blame for that new image. Everyone was going crazy over him even before the Olympics started (the craze over body, look, personality, athletic and job). It is a shame he can’t live under the pressure and didn’t perform well. Hopefully, he still has a long career to go!


  4. hina says:

    lol. that throw cute. Plus, instead of being embarrassed and walking off, he actually went back to fetch it and threw it again. The man wearing his cap at the end was funny.


  5. DramaLvr says:

    Fu Yuan Hui just made the Olympics so much more fun. I love how when asked about Ning Zetao, she said he’s not my cup of tea, he’s too popular. Celebrities are starting to do imitations of her too, it’s hilarious.

    So sad for Ning Zetao, he’s the reason I’m watching, but honestly those short distance swims are such as toss up. I mean Nathan Adrian was 16th in preliminaries but made it to first in semis. Your placement can literally be determined by 1/100th of a second. It’s hard to even tell who won without the official scores coming out.

    Also, is it just me or does anyone else think Ning Zetao’s heart is not in it anymore? I saw video of him training and it was depressing. Seems he gets sick a lot and throws up during training, he even stopped showing up at one point. He almost didn’t make it to Rio because of his whole endorsement scandal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets more love calls from entertainment agencies than the ex-Exo members. I’m curious to see if he actually sticks around after this Olympics. Very curious to see what the future holds for him.


    • Haha yes! Everyone is loving her, from all age groups. She was reported on the news and my parents laughed at her cute expressions :3 Haha, Ning Zetao is fun to fangirl, but I bet the competition is way too feroce, even for an Olympic medalist xD
      Definitely. And he is competing for 100m and 50m, both very short. I didn’t know he was depressed. He looked fairly ok with his performance in the interview I was checking so I thought he just didn’t aim very high for these games. Maybe only to be charted… I mean, it is his first Olympics game after all. There is definitely a lot of pression on him right now. He had an endorsement scandal? Never saw anything about it. I guess the fans are protecting him well xD
      He is so handsome and cute and everything, I am sure he will get entertainment gigs easily. Although, I feel like if he did not win and still gets that many opportunities, it would be unfair to the other athletes. Also, he is still young so whatever happens, he can still go to the Olympics in 2020 (in Tokyo).


      • DramaLvr says:

        Yea he was about to be dropped from the team, because he signed an individual endorsement that is a direct competitor of a product the swim team is endorsing. Seems like they weren’t very happy with his new found fame and how he’s been banking on it. I think he was forced to drop the endorsement.


      • Wow, that is actually bad 😦 This is bad team spirit etiquette. What a shame. Zetao, please don’t let your popularity go over your head. Keep pursuing your Olympics dream and don’t focus too much on fame :S


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Kinda unfair to say that. His fame is crazy and even if he doesn’t want to get it in his head, it would be impossible. I feel bad for him, he has so much pressure >< I don't think one training session means as much as we are reading into it, but he definitely needs his rest time and not be in the spotlight.


      • Yop. I mean even Sun Yang didn’t win anything during his first year at the Olympics. I guess I am just disappointed that he didn’t even qualify for the 50m. I mean, he IS the most hyped athlete of the Chinese team…


  6. ChocolateCosmos says:

    Yay coverage for the Olympics!
    Although in country that I lived in there is only one channel that broadcast the Olympics (they claim monopoly over streaming it and what not :\ ), I was able to see a huge amount of coverage on swimming. Fu Yuanhui is so adorable ❤ I think other people from other countries find her adorable too 🙂
    I thought Sun Yang did a great job and I find that it's not only him that the commentators are mentioning the doping. Other athletes are getting a somewhat similar treatment. I felt that since there wasn't much to comment on the commentators are mentioning athletes' past to continue to have something to say 😐 For Sun Yang they only mentioned it once and then the rest was how great he did and the cap throwing thing lol.

    For the synchronized diving though, the commentators kept on praising the four girls. Their performances were indeed impressive.

    Ning Zetao occupies a decent amount of facebook posts from my friends lol.


    • Yah!! So happy about this post and the cute BTS moments the athletes delivered.
      Haha, hope you don’t have as bad coverage as NBC. I read that BBC stream everything online for free. Try that out (maybe get a VPN to access it if you can’t). Swimming is definitely the most covered discipline these days. Yes, Fu Yuanhui is declared as the most adorable athlete of the year (by some news paper). Happy for her!!
      Really? Sucks when the commentators don’t have the knowledge to talk about the games so they start gossiping instead. I don’t know how bad the others were, but Sun Yang definitely got some serious hate this time. Sad sad. Hope his Gold Medal is making him feel better ^^
      Synchronized diving is such an amazing sport. The girls did so well, and so did the guys ^^ Love that last gifs of them. Cuties EVERYWHERE


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