[Recap] My Little Princess with Mike D’Angelo and Zhang Yuxi Ep. 1


I told myself I won’t watch any new dramas. I told myself I would just simply “check out” the first episode. Now, fours hours have passed… and I watched all five episodes available 😀 #NoRegrats

  • Number of episodes: 16
  • Cast: Mike D’Angelo, Zhang Yuxi, Chen Ziyin
  • Note: The drama is translated in Vietnamese on youtube and English on Viki

Note: I highly recommend this drama to people who misses good old Taiwanese dramas like Hi My Sweetheart. My Little Princess is short (only 16 episodes!), there is “accidental” skin-ship, gorgeous actors and many funny yet silly dialogues. The dubbing is a little off but tolerable. Oh, and Mike D’Angelo is so gorgeous ><

Sidenote: I won’t recap other episodes 😛

Episode 1

Lin Xingchen grew up to be like a princess, from head to toe. However, there is a family secret most people are unaware: her biological mother isn’t the wife of her father. At a young age, when her dad died, her mother decided to give her away to the wife for money. In exchange, she should act as the heiress of the family. At a marrying age, her adoptive mom decides to find a fiancee for Xinghen: Zheng Chuyao.


She attends the evening party and assume the first man in a white suit, Jiang Nianyu, must be her fiancee. Pleased, she sits next to him and start playing playing piano together. Nianyu looks at her and tell her to “move”.


At this moment, Chuyao appears and tell Nianyu to be more polite to a lady. Xingchen is not interested in this self absorbed new guy with “Prince syndrome” and tell him off… Only to discover he is her real fiancee!


She tries to talk nice to him but as he remembers how she mistreated him in the past (nine years ago when they were the royal kids at a big event), he is furious. “I will never acknowledge you as my fiancee… you stupid self absorbed princess!”. Anyway, he has a girl he likes: Yu Yangyang. She is nice, calm, hardworking, and humble.. brief, the complete opposite of our little princess.


The two start to fight about Yu Yangyang… and as things get messier, all three fall in the swimming pool conveniently situated behind them. Left by herself in the pool as Chuyao is busy saving Yangyang … Nianyu jumps in the water to her rescue.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 2.30.37 PM

The next day, Xingchen feels humiliated and swears vengeance on Chuyao. She will makes him fall in love with her highness and then dump him.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 2.35.57 PM

The plan fails miserably and Xingchen goes to her favourite manga shop for some BL readings. She rants about her life:

“Why is everything so hard no matter how much I try? And what about this Nianyu who mercilessly shamed me in public by grabbing my boobs? I know… it must be because… they are a BL couple!!”


She is heard by Mr. Bear, aka Nianyu at his part time job (xD). Mr. Bear feels bad for this little girl and decides to comfort her.


That evening, they accidentally hear a malicious plot by some mysterious men in the black.The two run away but Xingchen accidentally swaps her phone with theirs. Oups…

As her plan fails… she has another idea: attend the same school and slowly get closer to him. On the first day, she meets Chaoyu, Yangyang, and Nianyu. Hehe, I think I will love this quatri-love situation 😀


Still not sure if you want to watch this drama? Here is a teaser:


18 thoughts on “[Recap] My Little Princess with Mike D’Angelo and Zhang Yuxi Ep. 1

  1. WOW, that Zhang Yuxi has such a beautiful cat-like face :’D This sounds like a fun drama to check out and thanks for the recommendation. I love that her first assumption is that the two male leads are in a BL relationship, just like in most mangas :3


    • intellectualkitten says:

      She starred as one of the ballerina in He Jiong’s Gardenia… can you guess which one? 😛 Yes, it is a fun and silly drama but so much is happening that you don’t get bored from watching it.
      And the guys are so “yummy” ^^


      • omg, she does remind me of something! Is she one of the mean girls? Or one who died? I remember she went on Happy Camp. Haha, it sounds like a lot of fun indeed ^^ xD Mike is known for being both talented and handsome. I bet his Chinese is fluent by now.


  2. Jo says:

    Haha you feel into that just one episode trap😂😂 I’ve been there☺ planning on watching it tomorrow, thanks for the recap and yes, I miss the old TW dramas so yay


  3. Lily says:

    Wait, I got a little confused. Which one is the male lead and which one is the second lead? I don’t want to go into this with the wrong ship!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hey! Hope you watch this show ^^ Mike is the main lead.
      The other guy is a love interest but I doubt they will end up together 😛 But they are both super cute 😀


      • lily says:

        Yes I’m going to watch it and see if it’s any good. I think both leads are cute so that’s always a plus but whether or not I pick up a rom-com always depends on the female lead.

        On another note, have you ever considered using disqus for your comments? I think it’d might encourage more comments from casual readers.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yep, the female lead is really likable so that is a plus for this drama ^^. She received some praises online (sigh, I hope it gets more popular!!)

        I considered it, but to be honest with you, the blog is running to an end soon (once the school term start, we will write an article about it) 😦 So there is no plan for a major change. Also, Disqus requires plug in in WordPress and you would need a paying account for it.


  4. Lily says:

    I couldn’t reply to the comment but oh no, it makes me really sad you guys are shutting down. This blog is one of my go-tos when I needed to find out anything c-ent related. But I understand, doing this must be a lot of work.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      You are so sweet 😀 I am sad too, but it is a decision we have to make :(. However, the blog will not be closed and we can still write reviews or stuff like that.


  5. Lizzie says:

    Hi Intellectual Kitten – I started watching this at your recommendation and am glad that I did! It’s so cute and OTT – a good breather from the sadness in Novoland’s last few episodes and the emotionally turbulent Fist Within Four Walls!

    The female lead looks mixed but she is self aware / cute / hardy enough without annoying !! Thanks!!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Ah!! 😀 I am so happy you like it! It is something very addictive to watch and the scenes are kind of ridiculous that I laugh about them xD Definitely something easy yet not boring to watch!
      The lead is gorgeous and her looks very unique (kind of remind me of Angelababy). I also find the second male lead so tall and handsome 😀


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Any Taiwanese drama is good! I suggest Smily Pasta, Hi My Sweetheart or Why Why Love. If you want something more recent, Love O2O is very sweet and cute :)) Oh and the Thai dramas of Mike all look similar to this one 🙂


  6. christina says:

    mike is the lead and she thinks that she will never like him because he (Mike) grabbed her breast but then in 16 she gets married with mike


    • intellectualkitten says:

      spoilers :”D Haha joke, the ending is pretty predictable ^^ I really liked the first half of the drama more compare to the second XD


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