Entertainment Update: Starry Night, Stay with Me, Men with Sword


Another entertainment update ^^ Sighh… hope everyone is having fun during these last weeks of summer 🙂

Next novel to be adapted into a drama, this time it is 涼生,我們可不可以不憂傷 by Chi Wen. They casted Wallace Chung, Ma Tianyu, Sun Yi and Wang Yuan (TFBoys). WOW, right?


New and much more intense trailer for Love O2O!

Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang also held a press conference

704_1993046_303840 704_1993050_347814 704_1993047_171495

New BL drama will star airing on Sohu on August 14th! Men With Sword 刺客列传官微 will star Lu Yunfeng and members of boy band SpeXial.


Liu Tao has a new drama, Forever Love, that will soon hit the small screen:

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Some more pictures for Fighter of Destiny starring Luhan and Gulinazha

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One more picture because it is hilarious xD

More pictures of gorgeous The Starry Night The Starry Sea by Tong Hua 

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Some gorgeous pictures of Stay with Me starring Wang Kai and Chen Qiao En. The Chinese name of this drama “Hold Me Tight” is very accurate :3

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Zhang Han also has a new web drama coming out: Ten Deadly Sins

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More pictures for the drama Legend of the Condor Heroes

704_1992689_789423 704_1992691_754041 704_1992692_896814

With the suggestion of fans, Huang Xiaoming went to watch Love O2O in theater. Be ready for a big surprise dude :’D, that kiss in the elevator is pretty hot..


I Belonged to You releases more stills with Deng Chao, Yang Yang, Zhang Tian Ai, and Bai Baihe

704_1992029_506788 704_1992030_228347 704_1992032_412551 704_1992033_861120

New posters for LORD. Despite the small range of colours, the special effects look very pleasant to the eye!

704_1993011_502141 704_1993012_156608 704_1993015_642774

Chinese Odyssey 3 starring Han Geng, Tang Yan, and Karen Mok releases some trailers

As well as MV:

The Wasted Times starring Ge You and Zhang Ziyi releases some beautiful stills

006rUhdRgw1f6wy2c90ygj30bw0gogob 006rUhdRgw1f6wy2hq8jgj30bw0gotaz

Some gifs of Yang Mi promoting a new video game

006152E2jw1f6tf0qotcdg30b40697wh 006152E2jw1f6tf0nxjdpg30b40697wi

Bad news for the world! Wang Baoqiang announced his divorce with wife of 7 years (they married in 2009) on weibo. In his statement, it is said that his wife cheated on him with his agent (?). It is sad to see this couple break, especially considering that they have two youngs children. I remember seen them on Real Man and Dad Where Are We Going and his daughter is especially shy.

More details revealed: it seems Wang Baoqiang borrowed the money for the divorce from Chen Sicheng… because his wife has disappeared with all the money and the two kids. *heartbreaking*. She supposedly took away one hundred millions RMB from their common bank account and left a little less than two millions for Wang Baoqiang. In addition, she went in New York and took back the profits from a million dollar house WBQ bought for her. Celebrities openly supporting Wang Baoqiang in this whole case include Huang Xiaoming, Chen Sicheng, Xiao Shengyang, Tong Liya, Li Chen, Zhang Guoqiang, and Zhang Yi.

2 3 4

Now, let’s talk about more positive things! Taiwanese F4’s Ken Chu is (finally) getting married! The bride is Vivien Han and here is your invitation.


Also, a bit more of Olympics swag please! Chinese diver He Zi won solver in the 3m category as well as a … ring! At the medal ceremony, her boyfriend and fellow diver Qin Kai proposed to her. She said yes!! *_*

1 2

Ending on a positive note, here is Olympic medalist and adored Chinese trending athlete Fu Yuanhui receiving her medal at a competition last year (the gif resurfaced recently). Look at that cute expression! If you want to learn more about her, someone translated her live streaming with fans so you can read and go through it! 😀

19 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Starry Night, Stay with Me, Men with Sword

  1. Love everything on the entertainment update, then falls on the horrible story of Wang Baoqian and his wife. Seriously, how can someone so nice and hardworking get this kind of ending? He lost everything, EVERYTHING!! This sucks so much. Really shows you that bad things can happen to anyone.. 😥


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes, the whole story sounds unbelievable… I mean, both his wife and children are very public. How can they expect to screw someone over like this and be okay? I am standing on Wang Baiqiang’s side for this, hope he finds justice 😦


  2. maoh says:

    Fu Yuanhui is adorable ^^ I have been keeping up with her news since her prehistoric powers interview.
    I hope the Wang Baoqiang situation gets a happy ending, I feel really bad for the kids.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ann says:

    Some people are heartless… I really haven’t heard of Wang Baoqiang before, but I definitely know him now. He seems like an honest, decent person. What his wife did is unbelievable! I can’t believe she’s suing him now cause she wants him to delete his weibo post ><""


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Wang Baoqiang is the male lead in the super popular drama Soldier Sortie of 2006. A lot of people supporting him are his co-stars. He seems like a happy down to earth person, I don’t know how he treated his wife… but she is definitely in the wrong :/


      • Ann says:

        Well, from the reports, his wife never worked. He supported her and their family and there’s reports saying that even her t-shirt from pictures she posts on weibo are thousands of dollars. Considering he bought houses for her to stay while vacationing, Wang Baoqiang seems to have really loved his wife. Honestly, nothing annoys me as much as people cheating because it’s a character issue. Apparently, his former agent said that he’s happy they can finally be out in the open… there’s evidence that his wife and agent hid the affair for as long as Wang Baoqiang’s been married. It’s all so sad. If she never loved him, why not get a divorce?! She clearly wanted to stay married to get more money from the divorce and wait for him to earn more? Honestly, the agent too… how can you earn a living off Wang Baoqiang and sleep with his wife. If I was Wang Baoqiang, I would question whether the children are even his


      • intellectualkitten says:

        I heard his wife is a University Ulzzang (Xiao Hua), so she really was born with a golden spoon. They are making this case very public and I feel sad the whole case is so openly discussed… and kinda disgusted by how his ex-wife and agent are acting.
        His daughter appeared on Dad 3 and I am 100% it is his, they look very alike 😛


    • Just to add that he is also famous for his appearance in 2004 movie A World Without Thieves, drama Soldiers Sortie 2006 and in many variety shows including Run Brother Season 1, Dad Where Are We Going Season 4, and Real Men (Chinese). He is one of the nicest actor out there and although he is not exactly famous with the international fans, he is huge in China. I have never seen something trend as much and as long as this scandal on weibo. He worked hard so many years, has real country side boy roots, etc. Can’t believe that the people most precious to him took him for fool!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Oh! I saw their posters too but whats sure if it was them 😀 Refugee movies are not my cup of tea, but this look very exciting ^^


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