Entertainment Update: Princess Weiyoung, Xuan Yuan Sword, Yang Mi Cosplay, The Journey, Full Love


May I interest you with a new Entertainment Update, darling? This week was so packed and here are all the goodies, saved and compiled up for you!

Beautiful pictures of Yang Mi promoting the latest version of Chinese Paladin (this is the character played by Guli Nazha in CP5!)

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Here is a picture of what the VG looks like:


New big budget drama 霍去病 Huo Qu Bing announced the cast!! We have Zhang Ruoyun, Yu Menglong, Bai Yu, Huang Weide, Rachel Mao, Xu Yue, Hai Ling and Chen Zihan.

5 6

Drama Full Love with Hawick Lau, Wang Ou and Zhang Meng.

3 12

Trailer for Princess Weiyoung with Tang Yan, Lu Jin, Vanness Wu and Rachel Mao. This trailer is so good!! ❤

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New stills for Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud starring Zhang Yunlong, Guan Xiaotong and Alan Yu.

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OMG! New stills of Ma Ke in his upcoming fantasy venture, The Journey!

2 3 4 5

New drama The Qin Empire with Ning Jing.

1 2 4 8

One picture of Zhu Zixiao from drama Son of Hero.


Poster for drama Yi Guan Xiao Zhuan 2.


Movie Crying Out in Love releases some gorgeous posters. It stars Ou Hao, Zhang Huiwen, and Yang Zi.

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More stills for Chinese Odyssey 3 starring Tang Yan and Han Geng.

2 3 5

Press conference for The Wasted Times with Ge You and Zhang Ziyi.

704_1994167_533759 704_1994168_571208 704_1994170_415719

Promotions for Zhu Xian with Yang Zi.. Is Yang Zi really ok with the ways the guys are doing it? xD


An old picture of Angelababy and Wallace Chung relaxing at a General and I interview.


Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun are working on Legend of Ruyi 🙂


At the 2016金骨朵网络影视盛典 Awards, Elvis Han and Zhang Tian Ai won Best Actor and Actress in a Webdrama awards. Most popular actress in a webdrama went to Wu Qian. Congratulations to everyone!

1 2 4

Ending it all with a Yang Yang eye candy! Love O2O will start in three days!!



36 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Princess Weiyoung, Xuan Yuan Sword, Yang Mi Cosplay, The Journey, Full Love

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    Yang Yang looks fine as hell >< And Yu Menglong looks beautiful in Xuan Yuan Sword. Thank you for all the eye candies 😀


    • Yang Yang is perfect for that role, perfect! I think he is going in to even better than Jing Boran. Yu Menglong is going to star in so many hyped projects, hopefully his popularity stays high through them all! Welcome 😉


  2. maoh says:

    That is not a look I like on Wallace Huo. Maybe different pictures will do him justice.
    Tan Yang looks so pretty in Princess Weiyoung, will add that one to my list. Also really excited for Ma Ke ❤
    Thanks for all the updates ^^


  3. maoh says:

    Thanks for all the updates ^^
    I don’t like that look on Wallace Huo, maybe different pictures will do him justice. Tang Yan looks super pretty for Princess Weiyoung. I am really excited about Ma Ke, will try to check that one out too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same, it feels a bit stiff? But I also know that Wallace Huo is an amazing actor and he looks a lot better in action than in screenshot. So far, he at least look like he is enjoying his emperor role. xD How can he looks as good as ever, even bald??
      Yes Tang Yan’s outfits in PW is so pretty!! And Ma Ke’s drama looks funny and strangely attracting, I may give it a try too!

      Liked by 1 person

      • maoh says:

        Yeah, I think for me I think he would look a bit better if he had a few more pounds. I think he looked great at his wt for BZH. But yeah I agree with you.
        MaKe’s drama does look a bit funny but I really like him so I will try to check it out. I think he suits historical settings better than modern dramas.


      • Haha, hopefully me too! Ma Ke looks so interesting in this one and it totally fits his image. I like to watch the first episodes of his dramas and most of them end up really good, but then I don’t know why but I don’t really stick with them. I hope Song of Phoenix will change that ^^


  4. keekeepod says:

    I’ll miss this type of article the most. Instead of stumbling upon dramas, it’s nice to have some idea on what will be coming.

    Saw actor Lu Jin for the first time in Beauties of the Emperor a few weeks ago. He is not exactly good-looking by my standards but eminently watchable. Currently I’m suffering from palace intrigue fatigue syndrome 😩 I’ve put off Singing All Along after waiting months. Hopefully I’ll be fully recovered 😜 by the time Princess Weiyoung airs.


    • Haha, yeah, the whole point of entertainment update is to showcase everything happening at once without having the pressure to go too in depth into everything. I notice we put more and more information in entertainment update these days xD

      Luo Jin is a great actor and he did especially well in Beauties of the Emperor (the drama itself was a mess though). I like his acting skills and he plays angsty roles really well. But this one is supposed to be happy and warm prince, so I don’t know if he has what it takes to pull it off. But with Tang Yan by his side, it should be all good ^^ Haha, I have that same syndrome often. End up just watching the first and last parts, and skip watch through the middle. XD

      Liked by 1 person

    • Annie says:

      Sigh…same here. I’ll miss these Entertainment updates.

      Palace intrigue dramas are quite involved – you have to watch each episode, each nuanced glance, etc. Sometimes, my fried brain just needs some eye candy and I can call it a day.

      Call me shallow but Qing palace dramas’ men just don’t do it for me. They need hair! The more hair the better! No, I take that back. Just not too much hair that they can’t see who they’re fighting or where they’re flying.

      Liked by 1 person

      • keekeepod says:

        I’m also not all that into Qing dramas. Could be due to the men’s hair. At least they look more authentic with shaved heads instead of wearing that fake-looking wig/hairpiece thing from way back.

        Even though I like my own hair short, I do enjoy watching long-hair men in flowing robes. If they had scissors back then, why not shorter hair?


      • Haha, I get you at that! Palace dramas can be very draggy sometime and some of the scheming is over used. They are really pretty though so I end up watching at least two every year. I need eye candy in every form 😛
        Haha, really? I hear that often from my friends. I personally give more importance to facial features and posture so hair is not a turn off ^^


  5. I AM SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS: “UP IDOL s2” HAS ENGLISH SUBS ON THE OFFICIAL HUNAN TV CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE. Eng subs come up about a week after the upload date so if your chinese isn’t that fluent, you can watch it then! I watch it in original version and then rewatch later for eng subs in case I missed anything. OMG I AM SO HAPPY. Okay, I’ll show myself out now :DDDDDDDD

    Liked by 1 person

    • *_* I saw that too!! Hunan did that for Dad Where Are We Going (all seasons) and I know Zhejing does it for Run Brother. Hopefully, these broadcasters will put Eng Sub for more and more shows!! Thanks for telling us~~

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Jo says:

    Wow!!! Yang Mi and CP in the same sentence? !! Yes please😍 and glad to hear news about Princess Weiyoung, Vaness looks great and YAASSSS MA KE!!!!He looks amazing (as usual😘😘) and so happy for Elvis and ZTY☺ they deserve all the awards and I can’t wait to see what the future holds


    • I know! The girl is so pretty I hope her upcoming drama Three Lives will be good. In Princess Weiyoung, everyone looks so good! The only flaw for me is that they all look so flawlessly young, which doesn’t stick with my image of Palace drama. But that trailer is good enough to make me want to give them a try! < Yes, he is looking as good as ever.
      Both Elvis and ZTA totally deserves their awards. They really shined so much last year!

      Liked by 1 person

    • oolong says:

      IMO Yang Mi looks very plastic in those photos. Despite the way Guliinaza’s character was written in CP5, I think she’s the prettier one for the character.


  7. Pooh says:

    What a busy real couple yangmi & hawick..fiuhh..when I see picture of princess weiyong I just imagine how gorgeous will be if ZLY and WC wear a kingdome costume😊😊


      • maoh says:

        really? Which one? Is it a palace drama?
        I just saw that Shi Shi and William Chan could be collaborating on a drama. Since WC is out for her next drama, I want her to collaborate with HuGe or Wang Kai. Maybe a bit more with Wang Kai since I think she fits really well with really manly male leads. And let it be something non-wuxia ^^


      • Pooh says:

        Yes..I ever saw her picture wear red palace costume..what title of drama is it? Really looking forward to watch it@tiffy97..yess hope there are some PD read your blog then realize many fangirl want to see ZLY&WC pairing in modern&palace drama so they will make a good drama for us to watch and discuss @archi 😊😊😊😉😉


  8. tiffy97 says:

    Princess Weiyoung finally! Last big drama of 2016! I honestly can’t see Tang Yan as an evil girl. Her face just doesn’t suit it. But then again, I thought the same about ZLY – and then Red Demoness Hua Qian Gu was a jaw dropper.


    Why is everybody saying “They’ll miss these Entertainment Updates”…are you guys gonna stop these updates from now on?


    • She looks… sassy? I can’t see her as evil either, but at least we are getting a bit more than her usual Mary-Sue roles. That is good enough imporvement for me :3 Yeah, Liying’s Evil Hua Qian Gu was pure perfection and nobody can have complaints over that!!

      … this is not the last entertainment update!! Haha, people are already saying goodbyes but we still have two weeks full of fun posts before stopping. We will also write a post explaining our decision ^^


  9. there is to much historical drama/film recently… i think i have an overdose. even if i think historical chinese drama are the best drama.
    Love O2O already make 217m good job


    • >< YEAH! Happy for Love O2O. Hope the drama will be as good as the movie.. although Zheng Shuang feels a bit stiff on some of the trailers…
      Yeah, we need some modern dramas to calm ourselves down. Watching historical dramas feel a bit intense when done so frequently.


  10. Sooo LOVE Yang Mi and Mark Chao “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” sooooo addicting..so many days of sleepless nights watching it…is the condor heroes with Yang MI a NEW One? EXCITED to see MORE of Yang Mi Historical or Fantasy Dramas…


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