[Feature] Chinese Minority Ethnicy Actresses


As I am currently casually watching Hot Girl, I am falling in love with the beauty of Dili Reba. I find Minority ethnicy women so pretty and I thought, hey, let’s write a post dedicated to them! 😀

Liu Shishi who is 回族 (Hui): Bu Bu Jing Xin, Da Mao Yao, Chinese Paladin 3, Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008.

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Tong Liya who is 锡伯族 (Xibo): Palace III, Beauties of the Emperor, Beijing Love Story, Run for Love.

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Dili Reba who is 维吾尔族 (Uyghur): Hot Girl, Diamond Lovers, Three Lives, The Ladder of Love, Liu Shan Men.


Guli Nezha who is 维吾尔族 (Uyghur): Xuan Yuan Sword, Chinese Paladin 5, Legend of Qing Qiu Fox, Classic of Mountains and Seas.


Madina Memet who is  维吾尔族 (Uyghur): New Huan Zhu Ge Ge 2012, The Investiture of Gods, Ice Fantasy.

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Re Yizha is 哈萨克族: Zhen Huan Zhuan, Singing All ALong, Somewhere Only We Know.

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Wang Likun is Inner Mangolian (Manchu): Somewhere Only We Know, The Beloved, The Gods, Beauty’s Rival in Palace, Phoenix Warriors.

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26 thoughts on “[Feature] Chinese Minority Ethnicy Actresses

  1. j says:

    Thank you, Archidisign. Is LSS your fav?

    Of the list above, I’m allergic to Memet the most. I saw her in Flower & Fog and Ice Fantasy trailer. There were a lot of cons to F&F, especially Li Sheng and her OTP. Zhang Rui? Their characters are frustrating. Their acting didn’t help.

    My fav may be Tong Liya.

    Rayza 热依扎 is not ethnic Han. Baidu says she’s 哈萨克族. She was good in Zhen Huan.

    I hear Wang Li kun is from Inner Mongolia. She has a lot of fans.

    Sometimes an actor takes on too many bad roles. It is hard to be a fan after that. 😉

    Read that you and ikitten will quit blogging soon when the school starts? I hope both of you will be super successful in all your pursuits!! You will be missed.

    There are a lot of additional challenges in being an Asian female, especially working in the industry. Building a great foundation is essential. Even everyday living may have extra obstacles — I just read from the news: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/vancouver/meet-the-wealthy-immigrants-at-the-centre-of-vancouvers-housingdebate/article31212036/

    Good luck!!


    • Annie says:

      Quit blogging when school starts?! No!!!!!!! Say it ain’t so! There aren’t too many English blogs about Chinese dramas/movies so I hope that you will reconsider the stoppage and continue the wonderful work.

      Dili Reba is gorgeous. Actually, they all are!


      • Sadly it is the truth 😦 We will make an official announcement about this at the beginning of the September and we will stick to the plan. We both have crazy academic plans for the upcoming semester and managing the blog at the same time would just be impossible. Sorry to disappoint, but also thanks for the compliment. We really appreciate everyone’s support for us during the last year and a half!!

        Yes!! It is amazing how beautiful they look and how distinct their features are. Yes, really unique!


    • Yes! Liu Shishi is just so amazing!! Else, Dili Reba is close behind because 1) she is so prettyyy and 2) her acting is top top. I never really paid attention to Memet’s performances but I remember thinking she was really pretty in New Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Tong Liya is really talented too and I think she stars in a lot more of serious shows. ^^
      Thanks for the other two names, will add them to the list ❤
      Yes, it is sadly the truth. We will make an announcement at the beginning of September. Really, the blog is such an amazing platform and we are so lucky to have readers like you ❤ But there is just no way we can manage blog and school as blogging can take about 2 hours a day.. which is a lot. xD Thanks for the kind wishes and I wish you the same. Let's strive for our very best. Thanks for the article. Immigration is never easy and prejudices are everywhere. I think if the immigrant has money to invest in that new country, let them do it! Either way, so lucky my parents decided to immigrate because it gave my life a lot more beautiful colors!


  2. ladyofshalot says:

    Thank you for posting this, it’s really interesting, and all of them are so beautiful! I never knew LSS is ethnically Hui, I guess it’s because her appearance is more of what is considered to be Han Chinese when compared to the other actresses in this post.
    And even though Wang Li Kun is from Inner Mongolian, she is actually from the Manchu ethnic group.


    • I always associate LSS to a Chinese classic beauty (which she still is, but just with some nuance I guess). Her and Wang Likun gives very Han Chinese people feel indeed, compared to say Dili Reba and Guli Nezha. Thanks for the clarification. I am really not familiar with Wang Likun background, so guess I will modify the info again haha


  3. Ann says:

    Aw, I’m sad. If you guys want help continuing the blog, I will be busy during the school year as well but can manage to take a few hours a week to contribute articles! If not, I am just super happy you guys started this blog! I love reading your articles and seeing the comments + contributing to the discussions here 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awnn, sorry… As you are one of our older commenters, I am also sorry to announce it to you :/
      We sadly do not have plans to continue the blog after September. We will write a blog explaining our reasons for this (we have a lot of excuses we created for ourselves hehe). If you want, we strongly recommend you to create your own blog and we would love to help you advertise it before we leave officially. Thanks so much for the offer as it was an option we didn’t even consider. However, as our plan is to let go, even continuing on the side is un-constructive to our goal.
      Thanks so much! ❤ Love having you on board with us and I often felt that your comments are more in depth than whatever I could come up with. You are a true gem!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Will anyone help continue this blog? I’m a big fan of C-ent. I think I’m so deeply depressed after hearing this news. I wish somebody will help us international fans. Anyway, good luck to all of you.


    • Sadly probably not. 😦 We will explain more about it at the end of August. However, don’t be sad! From my experience at blogging, blogs come and go and there will always be some really cool ones popping out! There is definitely a growing interest for c-entertainment in the last years so I am sure you guys will find a new platform. 😀


  5. Such sad news when I just only discovered C Ent, but I can understand your priorities in life
    Hopefully, you might change your mind and even a once a month blog is good enough XD

    I wish you well and looking forward to the next few posts!


    • Thanks for the warm thoughts ^^ No worries, we still have some cool ones to come~ Writing once a month is something that is harder to plan (what to write when you have so much options?!), but definitely something I will consider. Thanks a lot!


  6. Yui says:

    Waaahh, gonna miss you guys.. I really love coming here. You guys are nice to reply every single comment from the readers.
    But school is really important. I used to have blog uhm.. Still have it but it’s been awhile since i posted something. It was bcuz of work. So i kinda understand your decision to quit blogging.

    Tong Liya is really pretty. this jie looks very classic, in a good way. LSS too. Other looks like they are half western hehe.. Perhaps bcuz of the genes. But all of them are pretty. Are they natural beauties? Just wondering.


    • Awwn, thanks! We love to have comments and it was important from the start to answer everything. ❤ Yeah, I discovered so much during the past year and blogging is something I love to do. I will probably keep blogging on the side, probably not as actively or even c-ent related…

      Yeah! Really! That is the exact feeling, that they feel mix. Maybe minority ethnicity people has Western blood in them? LSS and TLY are two of the prettiest and classiest. I think they all are… I feel like I had never seen plastic rumors for any of them so far..


      • j says:

        C’s Tang dynasty was prosperous and attracted a lot of foreign merchants, scholars, etc. Some of them never left. There are still pockets of various sizes scattered throughout China where you can find some ethnic groups. For example, Muslim groups in Xi’an, other groups in various regions in Western C. Xi’an was the capital during a good part of Tang dynasty. C is also a vast land with a long history. Borders are never fixed. They change as battles are won or lost. As you get farther out to the various borders with various tribes, countries, etc, you will find all sorts of people who look less and less like ethnic Han. Ethnic Han do not always live within the C border. Ditto with the ” C foreigners”. I’m unclear on details as I can get confused reading articles or watch documentaries in both C and English. I encounter C characters and Roman alphabets. It’s hard to combine the 2 versions seamlessly. But there are Turkic Uyghurs in Xinjiang area. I think they are related to the modern Turks in Turkey though I’m not familiar with all the Turkic groups.

        Wikipedia said this of Uyghurs: DNA analyses indicate that the peoples of central Asia such as the Uyghurs are all mixed Caucasian and East Asian.

        Russians living near C borders look “Chinese-influenced” than the Russians living in Moscow. Similarly for India. I suspect the reverse is also true. For Chinese living near the border.


      • You are teaching me a lot now, but yet this all sounds a bit familiar! I totally agree, Xi’an and Xinjiang are two of the cities with the most mixed blood people or with foreigner roots. I think that is a great thing! China is so big and because of its long history, it sadly cannot be perfectly united. Hopefully, the government does a good job to keep the peace in the country now. It is also interesting that people who were born with Caucasian+Eastern blood choses to stay close to the borders, as they want to stay in touch with the two heritages :3


  7. Moon says:

    Glad you guys are taking your academic seriously, like true adults. Blogging is only for fun. It doesn’t feed you unless you use advertisements. Lol.

    There are many C-drama blogs around if you guys search. Two that I follow religiously:

    1) Cfensi: https://cfensi.wordpress.com – longest running C-drama blog out there. been around for so long and they write about some interesting articles about Chinese history.
    2) AVirtualVoyage: http://www.avirtualvoyage.net – another long-running blog. Weird blog name but they write about cdramas, taiwanese dramas, with recaps and in depth news.

    These two blogs are looking for contributors too if ya are interested but can’t commit everyday. Nice people.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hey! First, I want to say thank you for this comment 🙂 Blogging is a lot of fun but it shouldn`t take as much time as it does right now. We can manage since there is no academic goals to pursue at the moment, but that won`t be true in September ^^.

      Yes, I am aware of those two blogs 😀 When we write our official post for the leave, we will add some links for everyone too 🙂


    • j says:

      Thank you all for your comments!!

      Hope you don’t mind my 2 cents: Actually, I find the stuff above is still more about fun than academics. To me, studying, researching or working in STEM has a much higher impact for our future than dabbling in C history and culture. The latter can’t really save or improve human lives as much.

      Also, STEM is much more easily replicated, verified, dis/proved. History was sometimes written by and passed down by those who won past wars. It’s hard for us to figure out what really happened during the Spring Autumn period for example.

      A number of blog readers here have some command of Cantonese, Minnan dialect or Taiwanese, Mandarin etc. Cantonese dialect dates as far back as Han and Tang dynasty. Minnan dates to Song era. Time spent on upkeep of these Eastern cultural elements etc. is time that I didn’t spend on STEM. There are only 24 hrs a day. This is before going into classical music, instruments like dizi, guzheng, pipa, etc. Then some of us also know Western lit, western classical music. Some Eastern religions like Buddhism. Few North Americans born here studies Old or even Medieval English, Eastern religion, E custom, E history, etc. C customs also also very time-consuming. Funeral, weddings, etc involving special garbs. Tend to take longer time than Western ceremonies and customs. I work for very demanding Western firm in STEM. It’s very hard to balance it all. C cultures also tend to be more critical on females, including a lot of specific physical attributes.

      Just sharing my personal opinion. 😉 I’m also aware of the 2 blogs. My observation is that cfensi has v few reader comments.


  8. Al says:

    Oh no you guys are leaving? D: Please at least update us once a month or once in a while. I come on here everyday and it’s going to feel so weird to not be able to check here again ;-;

    Liked by 1 person

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