New drama Drunk Linglong Casts Liu Shishi and William Chan


What?! Yes, Liu Shishi and William Chan are going to star in the same drama. This is going to be such a strong eye candy densed drama and I am already ready for all the prettiness. Can I get some stills, please? It is adapted from the novel 醉玲瓏 Drunk Linglong and they expect to start filming in October.

Drama information

  • Chinese name: 醉玲瓏
  • English name: Drunk Linglong (? I came up with this name hehe) or Zui Ling Long
  • Written by novelist: 十四夜 Fourteen Ye
  • Booting Ceremony: October 2016
  • Produced by same team behind Hua Qian Gu
  • 45 episodes


William Chan as Ye Tian Ling (Yuan Ling): Male lead and Fourth Royal Prince of the late emperor, he has a cold, proud and overbearing personality. He is gentle with Qing Chen. After a battle, he comes back and gets married to Qing Chen. Through the novel, he fights back to get his right for throne. At the end, he gives the position to the Royal Seventh Prince and retires with his family. They have a daughter, Princess Lian Sun.

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Liu Shishi as Feng Qing Chen: A modern girl who was the daughter of a successful CEO, she time travels to become the second daughter of the Feng family, whom is the owner of the building 冥衣楼. She is a calm person, resolute, strong and knows how to fight.

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Unknown as Ye Tian Zhan: The Seventh Prince who is also in loves with Qing Chen, but who was not meant to be with her. After ten years of power, Tian Liang gives the power to his borther Tian Zhan.


Novel Pictures

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Fan Arts of the OTP

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OMG! That was totally unexpected, but I think they will match well in this production. William Chan is on a rise right now with great casting roles one after the other, all feeling like the role were tailor made for him. A cold prince who knows how to fight and to take care of his girl? Yop, William can definitely do a good job. ^^ Plus, I am not even disappointed Liying is not the female lead because we get Shishi!! ❤ Liu Shishi never disappoints, especially when it comes to period drama. And this is right in her comfort zone. A girl travelling to the past and falling in love with a prince, hum, I mean, the fourth prince?! Be careful Nicky because you should be worried right now 3:) Joke aside, I do wonder how they will film the time traveling aspect of the novel.


35 thoughts on “New drama Drunk Linglong Casts Liu Shishi and William Chan

  1. Pooh says:

    Eventough I really ship ZLY and WC but I think it will great if they pairing with other actress/actor too it will make fangirl more missed them being couple again..hope next year they will have same project again…


  2. Maymay says:

    Goodness they are adapting all the well known web novels left and right. This was once on my reading list but I gave up because of the length and palace scheming fatigue. If this is a good adaptation. .would save me the effort of reading the book..and am finding watching after reading a bad idea. Your expectations just ruin the show…


    • Yeah, seems so. During the last year, we didn’t stop getting adaptations of novels/online novels. It takes away from the fun of questioning in what direction the story will go since the whole storyline is already available to all. xD Yeah, I also recommend not knowing too much about the story before checking out the drama. Or else, you have higher chances to be disappointed..


  3. Paige says:

    Wait, I thought anything to do with time travel was banned in China? Don’t mind this pairing at all, but wasn’t LSS going to do a drama with Chen Kun.. is that not happening anymore? Tbh, I find both WC and LSS below average actors and outside of dramas with ZLY, WC’s other works haven’t been well received or popular like his dramas with Tang Yixin and Ma Tianyu so we’ll see how this one fares. I can’t help but feel LSS is being relegated to female lead now instead of being lead. She also isn’t being cast in many projects now. Before, she always took roles where she was the definite lead but now she has the time and she isn’t the lead.. It’s a little sad because I am a fan.. it does seem like her popularity is on the decline these past 5 years though


    • Yop, that is what I thought too! No idea how they will manage it, but it doesn’t seem like the time traveling element is that strong anyway. They could probably cut it.
      Yeah, I know! What happened to Rise of Phoenix? Maybe they changed the cast or decided to push back the filming?
      WC indeed didn’t get many hits except with Liying (although he did play second lead in successful dramas like Ancient Swords, The Four 2014, Legend of Fragrance). He has a strong base though so him playing lead in dramas make sense to me. This role sounds similar to Fo Ye so he may be able to pull it off. Of course, in a palace setting, it will be more challenging.
      Really? But female lead is still lead! For me, each drama has two shining stars ^^ In the past, Liu Shishi is always playing lead for Tangren projects. But now that they have Chen Yao and Hu Bingqing, Liu Shishi can venture herself in other companies’ projects. It is true that her modern dramas doesn’t seem to do that well, but she still has a strong fanbase! She trends often when she gets casted to big project and I personnally consider her an A-list star. Hopefully, this palace drama will be a hit!


      • Paige says:

        I have no idea either what happened to that.. WC and LSS together in a drama isn’t really going to be strong in acting I think. You’re right, she was promoted by that company, and she is definitely still an A-list star. I hope so too for her. Did you hear about Korean stars being banned in Chinese productions. Does that mean already filmed projects won’t be broadcast or confirmed Korean actors/actresses will be replaced like Kim Tae Hwan was


      • Yeah, read that rumor, but I don’t know. It is not like there was a confirmation and Whirlwind Girl 2 is broadcasting fine. I wouldn’t mind some limited screen time for Korean artists to be fair because they are everywhere and nearly none of them actually learn mandarin. They are just here to do some aegyo and get their paycheck. As for dramas that are already filmed, the can either release before the ban starts or they may try to air online? I am sure there will be many options for them so I am not too worried. They are too many to really successfully be banned xD


  4. Jo says:

    Yes!! I clicked the pafe so fast because I thought I was seeing things hahahaha. But this is exciting and its so weird seeing ShiShi in a timetravel drama without Nicky but this is still exciting 👏👏👏


  5. maoh says:

    Yes, unexpected but I am looking forward to it. I really like LSS even if I have only been able to finish one of her dramas, but it was an awesome one ❤ I am curious about how they will dealt with the time traveling thing same with Princess Agents. I also think this role is right down WC's FoYe alley.
    Maybe now I can get my Wang Kai & ZLY modern drama *_* (not sure with Nirvana season 2)


    • She is a great actress who has been very unlucky with her project choices in recent years! v_v
      The time traveling is indeed a problem and hopefully, they just decided to cut it. Personally, I will be watching for the period phase anyway and unless it has a key importance in the story, I would rather they respect SARFT guidelines and get a release date!
      Ohh, that would be so good! Yeah, ZLY will probably pick a new project soon. Let’s wait and see ❤


  6. Miss Attache says:

    It’s unexpected (and unimaginable, to be honest), but it will be interesting to see this pairing. Many people forget that Shi Shi is quite young — and she is actually 2 years younger than William. (I know, I know, she always appears calm and collected, very mature, while he is, well, hyper :D).

    Speaking of William, Mystic Nine is probably his most successful leading role so far. But IIRC, his modern drama with Tang Yixin was also very popular in the Mainland (though not quite so among international audience). Isn’t the movie with Jessica based on that drama too?


    • That is so true! And William played Nicky’s son-in-law so this could be interesting :O What if Nicky comes to visit them on set?! Haha, that would be so cute. Indeed, Liu Shishi looks so mature and she debuted so early too!
      Yeah, definitely. Mystic Nine is doing amazing this summer. I checked the first episode of his drama with Tang Yixin, it was ok, but I though the female character sounded a bit bratty/annoying so it didn’t stick with me. I didn’t know that it was based on that drama! I wouldn’t think so though since in the drama, William played a perfect boyfriend while as in the movie, he plays a silly dude who gets tone of misfortune xD


  7. Lizzie says:

    I wanted to watch that drama with tang yixin but it was dauntingly long and with too much family squabbles. The trailer looked promising though – may try now 🙂

    Not too sure about WC and LSS pairing – hopefully it would turn out right because LSS can also be quite wooden. But always look forward to new coupling to see the chemistry!


    • Maymay says:

      Lss is okay in melo-palace drama. Her mature vibe means she can’t really pull of the fresh ingenue or naive cute girl that well. And modern cdramas as a whole are epic fails to me. And even if it isn’t, LSS actually fits period drama more. Her modern looks are often reserved and… boring (sorry for being harsh).


    • I personally didn’t like it too much, but is a classic modern romcom I guess? You may like it ^^
      LSS often takes on the goddess look so maybe that is why you think she is wooden? I really liked her performance in Bu Bu Jing Xin and Da Mo Yao, both in which it wasn’t too stiff ^^ Yeah, so happy with this pairing!


  8. Maymay says:

    Actually half the web novels they adapted have an element of time travel and they always remove it anyway. E.g. cuo dian yuanyang, princess agent, the upcoming yang rong drama featuring a reverse harem ( forgot the official drama title but book name is feng qiu huang) to name a few.


  9. Actually im more curious what William will call LSS during the filming set 😛 while she is same age w our Liying but aslo is wife of Nicky Wu as he call him brother, so complex lOl


  10. I’m excited! Finally, a period drama casting for liu shi shi. I felt like she had been quiet for a long while now, and everyone’s been popping roles left and right. I’m excited because it’s a new pairing. Most of her previous dramas after bbjx were with Nicky.


    • Yeah! She has a Republican drama coming up next and I think her drama with Ming Dao is still not out (really want to watch both of these). There is another one with Tong Dawei. Good on her for taking more roles, but I am way more excited for news like this one: she is back to period dramas!!


      • Meeko says:

        As far as I know, the drama with Ming Dao has been shelved and probably will never be able to see the light of day. I heard it was because the drama had some topics on AIDS and SARFT didn’t like it. But who knows..


    • Wow, that is such a large question though.. Because the variety is huge so I would need more precision 😛
      I recently wrote a post for masterpiece dramas (more mature) which you can read here:
      I also always recommend Zhao Liying dramas as she is my favorite, she has done dramas in all genre including: Boss&Me, Cuo Dian Yuan Yang, Legend of Lu Zhen, Hua Qian Gu and The Mystic Nine.
      Else, for adventure dramas, try out The Disguiser as it was huge last year too.
      For comical, try Go Princess Go (the webdrama).
      For idol dramas, try out Bu Bu Jing Xin, Chinese Paladin 1 and 3, etc.
      For wuxia drama, try Legend of the Condor Heroes and Yi Tian Tu Long Ji.
      Those are some that comes to my mind. Really, there are just way too many. I would say have fun exploring and you will discover a genre that sticks to you 😛


  11. intellectualkitten says:

    OMG, these fanart are gorgeous! I somehow can’t see Liu Shishi and William Chan as a couple, but this project definitely seems impressing and joyful ^^ So I hope it does well 😀


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