[Anticipation Post] Just a Smile is Alluring with Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang


The drama officially released an English name: Kiss Me. :”’D I am crying, this name doesn’t have the refreshing feeling that Just One Smile Is Very Alluring has.

Edit by Archidisign: Sorry for that wrong information! The official English name is still Love O2O. I wrote the comment above one month ago (when Kiss Me was announced. It was later changed to Love O2O to follow the movie’s steps). Anyhow, I totally forgot to check this comment again … until today. :’D


  • Chinese name: 微微一笑很倾城
  • Number of episodes: 30
  • Airing date: August 22nd, 2016


Xiao Nai is the school prince AND gaming expert. It is love at first sight when he sees Wei Wei on her computer, playing a video game. The two falls in love, both in the real world and the virtual world.

Teaser 1

Trailer 2

Trailer Director’s Cut

MV “Weiwei’s Beautiful Smile”

MV for the video game… it is so pretty!

Teaser 2

Official Trailer

Cosplay of Yang Yang for video game A Chinese Ghost Story

Batch 1

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Batch 2

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Zheng Shuang as Wei Wei

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Yang Yang as Xiao Nan

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Rachel Mao as Er Xi

108 9

Zhang Min Min as KO


Bai Yu as Cao Guang


Zheng Yucheng as Hao Mei


Niu Junfeng (from Go Goal Fighting!) as Yu Banshan


Cui Hangshi as Qiu Yonghou


Song Xinjia as Shi Sisi



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44 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Just a Smile is Alluring with Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Actually, it may still be Love 020 xD… But in my heart, it will always be “Wei Wei Yi Xiao”; yes, I do really love that name 😀
      Me too! After watching each trailer, I want to put rainbows and butterfly… too much cheese >< I can't believe the drama is finally out today.


    • OMG, Sorry to everyone about that first comment on the top of the post… I wrote that like one month ago while preparing this Anticipation post. I totally forgot. 😛 I think that was the tentative name before they settled for Love O2O to compete with the movie version v_v


  1. tokkita says:

    LMAO KISS ME?! I prefer the Chinese title since it combines the two main characters’ gaming names.

    Ready to fangirl and cringe over this cheesy drama during the next few weeks! XD


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Please ask Archidisign why it is called Kiss Me… :”D Because everywhere I went for drama news, people call it Love o2o :P.

      Me too! I am ready to cringe and squeeze my teddy bear >< Hope the episodes will released at a fast pace.


      • Yop.. Sorry for messing up that intro post >< I changed the comment and explained my mistake… On the other hand, excited to watch the drama this week, yeah!!


  2. Dieu says:

    I really like yang yang but i don’t think i am going to watch this because of zheng shuang. I don’t like her acting it really annoys me i tried to like her but it didn’t work.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Really? I liked Zheng Shuang in Mural 2011 and Meteor Shower, but to be honest, I didn’t really follow her career. They seem to have good chemistry so I will probably check it, even if it is for a little bit ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Paige says:

    Zheng Shuang was quite rude to Yang Yang in that reality show, Diva Hits the Road. She was so inconsiderate, leaving him behind, and from then on, I haven’t liked her. Her acting can only be described as frozen imo.. think I’ll skip this and wait for Yang Yang’s next drama


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hmm… If I may add, variety shows are 100% scripted and we shouldn’t read too much into it. I watched Noona Over Flowers with Ma Tianyu and Victoria, and both got criticized like crazy for their appearance. Watch them again on Happy Camp and their personality completely changes. One of the girls was a total brat in the show, but she turned into the sweetest person on Celebrity Master Chief. So yeah… 😛 I still think Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang are friends ^^

      Liked by 1 person

    • angie says:

      Just in case you didn’t see the ending to the show! They made up later on though towards the end and Zheng Shuang explained that she comes off cold and stuff but on the inside she thinks a lot for the other person, she’s kinda introverted unless she already knows the person such as how she was friendly and close with Jing Boran. She also mentioned that she was very worried about Yang Yang especially since she was supposed to be in charge of the group as the tour guide, but it came out seeming like she didn’t care or that she was mad when in reality she was mad at herself for not doing well at the whole leading thing and was very relieved and happy that he was able to come back safely.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Paige says:

        I think that was scripted because she didn’t think to apologize until the very end when I think the director/script had her apologize. In general, Zheng Shuang’s behavior throughout the show was cold and inconsiderate.. it does somehow seem out of place at the end for her to actually say sorry. Maybe it’s just me but she didn’t seem like a genuinely kind or caring person just from what I saw and interpreted I guess. It’s also the way she comes across in interviews, it’s probably just not the type of personality I like


      • oolong says:

        I have a bias for Zheng Shuang because of Meteor Garden and The Mural movie. So I believe she is capable of doing better, but for some reason has been dialing it in for her last few projects. And losing a lot of weight along the way.

        I also want to add that Zheng Shuang did not leave Yang Yang behind. Hu Jing left him behind. ZS actually confirmed with HJ that since she was leaving later, she and YY can take the last van back together.

        Scripted or reality, I think YY was more upset that when he returned ZS did not ask how he was. So he thought she didn’t like him and didn’t care at all.

        I think it also says a lot that Jing Boran, Ivey Chen and Ning Jing were close with ZS. Jing Boran has also said in interviews (esp. within the show) that he was concerned about ZS with the group because of her lack of communication and inability to express herself.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Paige says:

        You do have a point, I’m sure she’s not a horrible person, just a different way of expressing herself maybe. I guess it’s just that I haven’t seen her in a good light yet because she doesn’t seem to interact with anybody in the entertainment circle outside of shows so I haven’t seen another side of her. Jing Boran himself isolated Luhan when filming Tomb Raiders though so I don’t know about him either but he’s a decent actor


      • angie says:

        @ Oolong: You know that does remind me that her acting in Meteor Garden and Mural was just better, I think she displayed a larger range of emotions back then and most of her recent roles like Chronicles of Love have been more…bland? Emotionless? Involves a lot of looking far off into the distance wistfully and sad? It all works out visually but lacks heart to it the way her debut works did, in my opinion at least, but I’m hoping she’ll find her spark again in Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Chun. 🙂

        Also her entire weight loss thing is quite sad :T Apparently it was a combination of her relationship with Zhang Han that led to plastic surgery and also mean comments about her appearance that got to her, but I hear that lately she’s been gaining back some weight and looks a bit healthier. Words can sometimes be so unknowingly powerful and poisonous 😦


    • You should really watch the show if you’re a fan of Yang Yang… His chemistry with Zheng Shuang is so good and he nailed the character so much… Even Zheng Shuang is good.
      In an interview with Yang Yang, outside the show of Diva’s Hit the Road, he said that Ivy Chen was closest to him but he is also close to Zheng Shuang. He said that when he loose his things, Zheng Shuang lend him some things and helped him, saying that they are close. If you watch the BTS of their current show Love O2O, and even the BTS of the Milk tea they advertise, they seem really close.
      Indeed, Zheng Shuang’s personality is somewhat hard to love. She suffered depression and insecurities in life. From then on, she began to act independently and does not want anyone to help her because I think, she used to be alone. If you’ll pay attention to her, you will be able to understand where she is coming from. I’m not saying her actions are right though but you will learn to like, if not like, you will learn to appreciate her more.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cass says:

    I’m writing after watching the first two episodes.

    My very short answer is I loved everything so far and I hope it keeps on getting better.
    The visual effects were really pretty good. The transition between the two worlds and the details of the game world were well done.

    I don’t know more than 15 words in Chinese but I’m pretty good at understanding anything going on any scene.
    I hope Viki or some other place is working to give subtitles.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      ^^ Good to know… I don’t have the time to watch it now, but I will definitely catch up on it in the upcoming days~~
      And omg, amazing that you can watch it like this… I hope viki works in this 😀


    • angie says:

      Dramafever is going to be subbing the show, I’m not sure if that’s available in your region but hopefully it is! They’re using the title: Love O2O – 微微一笑很倾城 (微微一笑很傾城). The only annoying thing about that website is they usually release things under a member and non-member system so you might need to wait a day or two for subs to be free to watch, I’m so thankful Chinese is one of my native languages so I don’t have to wait though!

      I agree with everything you said, the game effects were done pretty well – especially when I feared based on the promotion pictures that it’d look fake/tacky.

      Liked by 1 person

      • angie says:

        @dramalandweb: I was actually on their website looking for Running Man subs when I noticed in their coming soon section Love O2O was there!

        And Chinese is a hard language but I believe after you get over the initial language barrier which is tones, grammar, and all those small odd rules, it’s mostly just expanding your vocabulary that takes a lot of effort to memorize.


    • Kelly says:

      Thank goodness I know chinese and don’t have to wait either. You’re right, the game effects, props, and stuff all don’t look cheap and are well done. I think that’s usually the biggest downfall of chinese dramas even if they do have big name actors, or they have all the money and no talent. Either way this one looks like it’s going pretty close to the book, which is to be expected since Gu Man actually help write or wrote the script.

      Liked by 2 people

      • intellectualkitten says:

        I started watching too! The game effects are pretty good and very adequate for the characters. The setting is also very romantic which makes the VG looks so much fun 😛
        >< Still expecting a lot from this drama 😀


  5. unforgetableme says:

    Kiss Me?!?! I’m still getting over Love 020… Sigh. Who is the person who is in charge of coming up with these names…??!? I’d like to have a talk with them about this!!! >_<

    On the other hand, I can't want to check this out! Been waiting on this for a long time!!!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Haha, Archidisign was the one who came up with it ^^ (okay, I will stop teasing her xD)
      ^^ Since last summer, I still can’t believe :”D


  6. Once again, sorry for with the English name. I will just call it Love O2O from now on. v_v
    Anyhow, just watched the two episodes too! SO GOOD! Honestly, I love the drama and I want more. Zheng Shuang is a lot less stiff than I thought she would be. The gang of friends are all so funny and they seem to have a great time all together in the CS department. The game looks fun, Weiwei is sassy and Xiao Nai is gorgeous. The only complain could be that I find Zheng Shuang way too skinny, so very far from the campus beauty image I had in mind. I still think Angelababy is more suited than her to play Weiwi (Angelababy is pure gorgeousness and actually do play video games.. xD so I am biased for her). Gu Man wrote a true masterpiece and it is fun to hear the people in drama say the same dialogue as in the movie. I will keep watching ^^

    Liked by 2 people

    • keekeepod says:

      This is the second drama I’m seeing Yang Yang. He is still too stiff. I agree that Zheng Shuang is too skinny.

      Otherwise, I actually like it. I guess they crammed all the cheese into previews giving us the false impression that the show is loaded with cheese.


      • Yeah, same second drama of Yang Yang (first was Whirlwind Girl season 1). He does feel very stiff, but this is exactly the role so I don’t mind. Also, he is sooo handsome!!
        Haha, yeah, it is a lot less cheesy, but we get tone of friendships moments. Me approved!


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yes, kind of sad how Yang YAng has been casted into the same archetype again and again.
        Me too… I like it so far… but the drama is still cheesy 😛


  7. Loved, loved it. So far, it follows closely with the book. I have to agree about Zheng Shang being too skinny. That bothered me more than her acting, which I feel like she’s doing a good job so far. Yang yang is pure eye candy, plus his voice is A+++. I’m glad he dubbed himself because that is one of the reasons why I really like him, his voice. He is so swoon worthy lol. I swear I fin each time he pops up. The little details and effects they film are on point! Especially, the zooming in on her hand to show why he feel for her and his little closeup smile. I can see why they went cheap on the rpg world because they did get some nice places to shoot in the modern world. Plus, the cheap rpg background does match the rpg world lol. It had me giddy and smiling at the virtual comments. Overall, this drama has met my expectations and hopefully, it stays this way.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I am at episode 8 right now! Yes, I love it, definitely one of the most enjoyable dramas that came out this summer. And I am happy I can finally enjoy a project starring Yang Yang or Zheng Shuang (their other projects never looked that interesting).
      Yang Yang has such a deep voice and I love how subtle it is, I wonder if it really ZS’s voice too. I am actually impressed by the effects in the RPG world, however, I wish they were shorter (I enjoy the ones in the real world so much more!). All the episodes are good, but the story is on the slow side…


  8. lil_luhan says:

    Does anyone have the link to where to watch the raw of the 2 episodes that have aired?
    I’m fluent in Chinese but no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to find the episodes. XD Thanks guys!


      • kiki says:

        If you’re in the US, Croton blocked us again like how they blocked You Are My Sunshine. I just use a free VPN to change my IP to Singapore and I got through. They update the episodes pretty late though. LOL, Watching it live is hard for me since it shows at 4:30 am my time, but it was good though. I agree with what others are saying about Zheng Shang, she’s too skinny, but her acting is ok. Yang Yang is totally Xiao Nai Da Shen and I like how sometimes when he shows up, they emit a glow to make him even more godlike. I’m just happy we get two episodes a day, five days a week.


  9. lilhanh says:

    I love this show so far!! I’m not a huge fan of ZS but I think she is better suited in this role more than her other dramas. Yang Yang and her make a great pairing so far. Cute and fun to watch.


    • yes! *_* This is her best role for me too. Her character is so awesome and both YY and ZS are perfection. They do suit each other and, at episode 6, can’t believe they are not a couple yet xD All the signs in the world are pushing them toward each other!


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