Introducing… Chinese Rapper MC 光光


I have been listening to his songs for a really long time, but only recently decided to look up this artist, I know… shame on me. He is probably my favourite Chinese rapper 😛

He self compose his music and they are very beautiful. One of the most recurring themes is “Guy too self absorbed to take care of his girl, so he has to let her go”. He kinda remind me of the Kpop artist G-dragon, haha xD

This article will be very short since I want to let his music speaks for itself. What do you think? I am one to care about the looks but I find a guy who can sing… very handsome!~

Here are my three favourite songs by him. I HIGHLY recommend for anyone to listen. ^^



10 thoughts on “Introducing… Chinese Rapper MC 光光

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Give me a recommendation (like the title of the song)! I listened to some of his songs but they are not as fast spoken as this dude 😛


      • Alyannah says:

        my fave is Yesterday, it’s about having to leave someone he loves behind and hoping she’ll find someone who loves her more and grow old with her – Adore topped charts for 6 straight weeks. He performed that on Happy Camp and it’s honestly so good live too. Reluctantly and Mystery Girl are also good! I think you’ll like those 4 songs for sure cause it’s similar to the songs you listed here 🙂 maybe also Crown if you like that theme, it’s exactly it. Also, the MV is amazing, the wushu moves are awesome, and Jeff Kobler and Jessica Gomes appears in it. He put his new album online for free since the physical CD version is sold out for now –

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      • intellectualkitten says:

        I just listened 😛 Yesterday is pretty good. I will try to listen to the rest of them when I can. Btw, Yao is now confirmed for Real Men 2 😀


      • Paige says:

        you might have mixed up Reluctantly and Yesterday.. seems like you’re describing Reluctantly. I am in love with Tao’s new songs esp Mystery Girl and Adore. Honestly, never knew he was this talented when he was in EXO, super glad he’s gotten the chance to write and compose his own songs.. I’m 100% a hailiang now 🙂 yeaa, I heard Tao’s doing another reality show ❤ have you seen his Happy Camp episodes


  1. Jo says:

    Very calming and reminds me of the older Epik High music and Tablo’s solo songs because its calming a little emo and very smooth *totally understand-guys who sing are more handsome* haha


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yess! Like the dude from Yu Quan, he isnt that handsome but I love his voice 😛 Epik High has some really good tunes, but I don’t listen to kpop that much anymore (except for Big Bang :P)

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