Entertainment Update: Casting News, 20 Once Again, Ru Yi Zhuan, Mission Milano


How is everyone doing? Hehe, I know most people are excited for the episodes of Old Nine Gates (don’t lie to me!) … Anyway, so many beautiful stills and projects for this entertainment update… are you sure we are at the end of the summer? 😛

Super exciting news! Real Men 2 will star Sun Yang (swimmer), Yang Mi, Jiang Jingfu, Huang Zitao, and Tong Liya. Unsurprisingly, Wang Baoqiang will not be participating. Haha… Tao’s hair ><!!!


New drama for Ma Ke, Guan Xiaotong, Han Dong and Du Ruoxi! The drama is adapted from an online novel called 極光之戀. It will start filming in September and you can expect 50 episodes.


New drama 男人使用手册 Man Instruction Manual (also adapted from a novel) casted Zhou Dongyu and Takeshi Kaneshiro. It tells the love story between a tomboy and an arrogant CEO.2 3

Maggie Jiang and Zheng Kai have been casted together for a new drama: 国民大生活


Ready for some friendly competition? First, we have beautiful Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun for their drama Ru Yi’s Royal Love in the Palace.


The gorgeous cast smiling for the camera!


Next, we have Fan Bingbing in her upcoming drama Win the World. Both ladies are looking great in their upcoming Palace dramas :3


Jin Dong and Bai Baihe‘s drama Surgeons finally releases the character posters! For those who watched Grow Up, are you excited?

61e7f8b0jw1f73gpzm2p7j21kw268gsn 61e7f8b0jw1f73gq0rfajj21kw26845q

New stills of Zhao Liying for Rookie Agent Rouge

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Drama Love Package 爱情也包邮 with Deng Jiajia and Qiao Zhenyu.

704_1996682_110023 704_1996685_963772  704_1996687_541876

Princess Weiyoung with Tang Yan, Luo Jin, and Vanness Wu

e9536843gw1f73fu6edffj215o1ajh1g e9536843gw1f73fu7oumvj21kw11xaqi e9536843gw1f73fv6r6eyj21kw11xdog e9536843gw1f73fv7om90j21kw11xti4

修仙记之何仙姑传 starring Luo Jin, Ma Su, and Zheng Kai

704_1996199_725091 704_1996200_324422 704_1996202_954983

Drama Legend He Xian Gu《修仙记之何仙姑传》with Ma Su


More stills for drama Legend of Dragon Pearl starring Yang Zi.

2 31

医馆笑传 2 also releases some beautiful stills

704_1994628_518205 704_1994630_508593 704_1994631_500903

Chen Xiao on the set of his drama 桃花运 Peach Blossom.

1 2

Zhang Ruoyun at press conference of his upcoming hit drama Huo Qu Bing.


Drama 20 Once Again with Hu Bingqing and Elvis Han released an official MV. The song is so soft and cute and I can definitely the chemistry between the leads.

704_1997240_8559721 2 3 4704_1997239_628311704_1997244_728595

10 minutes trailer for Gui Zhon Mei Rei aka Beauty in the Closet.

Cities Still Believe in Love with Zhu Yawen and Michelle Chen

704_1997594_887316704_1997590_988630 704_1997593_637019

More pictures for A Chinese Odyssey 3

704_1996191_372606 704_1996193_615870 704_1996194_451039 704_1996197_288995

The handsome men for Mission Milano

704_1996135_896157704_1996136_560273 704_1996138_768576704_1996132_271484

I am Not Madame Bovary with Fan Bingbing

704_1988182_955325 704_1988183_193109 704_1988206_896462 704_1988207_188974

Movie Soul Mates with Zhou Dongyu and Sandra Ma

704_1997054_668286 704_1997055_147442 704_1997057_778482

Tada!! A picture of Jin Dong and Hu Ge running into each recently~


Another glorious moments at the Olympics as the female Chinese volleyball athletes won Gold. Chinese vollyeball teams had their golden years during the 80s so this is bringing back memories for many.

4 5

Here is a group picture of China’s Olympics swimming team!


Finally, some photoshoot 🙂


Gorgeous pictures of Liu Shishi

704_1997881_762904 704_1997883_693769 704_1997885_776773

The girls of S.H.E. gets a reunion thanks to Cosmopolitan! I have been listenning to their songs non stop for the past few days xD Sighh… my childhood ^^

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Oh, and since we won’t be recapping Love O2O, here are some adorable gifs of Yang Yang 😀

e9536843gw1f7429f10jwg20c80ekb2g e9536843gw1f7429hbobug20980bye81

14 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Casting News, 20 Once Again, Ru Yi Zhuan, Mission Milano

  1. Jo says:

    Me!!! Loved this weeks episode kyaaaaa omg Tong Liya and Yang Mi brings back memories. FYI: Saved the Ma Ke pic 😂😂😂 and WOW TAKESHI? Haven’t heard that name in a drama in so long and I mighy watch Surgeon haven’t watched a med drama in so long and finally, Agent Rouge 😍😍 and Princess Weiyoung and their flawlessly flawed young looking cast haha ELVIS!!! ShiShi is forever breathtaking And the Chinese Olympic team were amazingly beautiful hardworking and funny this year. Omg S.H.E😜 reminds my of high school (my friends were obsessed)


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I know right? Both girls are super skinny though… I wonder if they will do any exercises requiring muscles 😛 Haha, I am excited to see more pictures of everyone wearing uniform. And boy, Sun Yang is really quick to enter the Ent World 😀
      For that Ma Ke picture, thank Archidisign :P. I may watch Surgeons too.. but with my current watch list, I hope the drama get released after December ><
      Yes, the songs from SHE I listen to are from 2010 or before too XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pooh says:

    Is it wC in love package?it’s look like korean actor (I forget his name, he is the man lead at yongpal drama).. Vaness wu look so gorgeous in his drama outfit..Yeaa I’m really happy watching nine gate and waiting for archi recap and discuss it with all fangirl here..waiting for rookie agent airtime😊😊 is that love o2o great?I mean I love Gu Man novel but I think only boss &me drama became a big hits, as for silent separation I don’t like it either drama or movie version (just love the novel)..thank you for the news IK😊😊


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes, thanks for helping us, it is indeed Joo Won. Everyone looks good for Princess Weiyoung too 😀
      Love O2O is pretty good, I am watching it right now and the story is pretty fun and easy to follow and the characters are fairly nice 🙂 My only complaint is there is no plot twist, but that is to be expected. Anyway, watch if you need something cheesy, bubbly and pretty 🙂 Silent Separation was huge (the drama version ^^)


      • pooh says:

        it seems after nine gate I have rookie agent to watch then.. I always need something cheesy to watch after a full day of working that’s why I loved boss and me much (already watched it 10 times) hahahaha..

        Liked by 1 person

  3. maoh says:

    LSS looks so pretty, that hair color and style really suits her. I saw pics of her at an event with WC and she looked so chic. I can’t wait for Rookie Agent, I really hope the story is good and that it gets a good promotion. I feel like they haven’t been promoting it well. But the new poster looks really cool, which gives me hope for them to up their promos this month. I saw some pics of Shuang Zheng in O2O and she looks so so skinny.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes, she is so beautiful! LSS isn’t even that tall, but she looks godess-like in each public appearance 🙂 The trailer for Rookie Agent is already out so you can check it to get an idea… so far, I am not impressed, but I am sure some people will like it ^^
      She is so skinny >< There is a lot of close up of her hands (when she plays the video game) and you can literally see the skin sticking to the bone 😦


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