General and I Releases Character Posters

Yeahh…. Get ready for some pictures of beautiful people all dress up in fancy clothing 🙂

  • About 50 episodes
  • Chinese name: 孤芳不自赏
  •  Hatton Media Production Team


Bai Pingting (Angelababy) is the smart and talented servant of He Xia, the lord of Gui Le. One day, because of an attack, Pingting was seperated from her group and woke up in a human trafficking business. Soon, she was sold to a local rich family, the Hua. While playing the qin, she catches the attention of a passerby who turns out to be… the Lord of Zhen Bei and brother of the emperor, Chu Beijie (Wallace Chung). As Beijie fell in love with her melody, he came to the Hua to listen to her play. One thing led to another and after threatning her, she becomes his servant. Hence, her heart starts to go toward Chu Beijie even if her head and loyalty is still with her old master, He Xia. The thing is, He Xia and Chu Beijie are enemy…

This is a very popular Chinese novel. If you want to learn more about this story, here is the shushenbar link so that you can download the Ebook and the audiobook. There are also English translation available on moonbunnycafe. You can finally also read the manhua version up to chapter 12 on Mangafox and they have some nice discussion about it on their forums.

Angelababy as Bai Pingting


Wallace Chung as Chu Beijie


Sun Yizhou as 何侠


Gan Tingting as 耀天

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15 thoughts on “General and I Releases Character Posters

  1. Lucy says:

    Wallace is going to kill this role in a good way but I actually think it would have been better casted as He Xia since he is a more complex because even at the end of the novel I didn’t find myself hating him for all the horrible things he did I mean he does some unforgivable things but I think is going to be hard to pull off unless the drama changes the character making him completely unlikable. I can already tell how different this might be from the novel makes me sad because this novel is really beautiful imo I rather see an anime for it because I discovered the manhua first just wishful thinking


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Wallace Chung definitely took on all kind of roles during the past few years so he is probably better as the male lead 😛 I didn’t read the book but I am really excited for this drama 😀


  2. Amara says:

    This turned out to be better than I expected. I think that they did toned down Angelababy’s prettiness to fit the role of Bai Ping Ting. I think that Sun Yi Zhou would do a good job as the complex He Xia. He was quite good in Scarlet Heart 2 (yes, that Scarlet Heart) despite the horrible plot and script.


  3. actually, I’m quite disappointed with the cast.

    first, bai ping ting isn’t a beauty, but her charm and brain makes her shine. definitely not an Angelababy, she is too beautiful to became bai ping ting, maybe right for princess yaotian.

    two, chu Bei jie is an devilish handsome. and wallace is too gentle for him. but i agree with lucy. maybe he would better casted as he xia. he is handsome, gentle, yet complicated character.

    i just hope the drama would be the same with the book since its very very dearly to me. its makes me sad, laugh, and love it until the end. its a bittersweet story….


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Awwnn… I don’t know what the story is… but hopefully the drama will stay true to the original story. A lot of people approved of Angelababy’s casting and she isn’t a bad actress… so maybe it will turn out well?

      The project looks good… so far xD


      • Lucy says:

        The novel is awesome totally an easy read and nothing too complicated where you are like wait did I miss something and have to reread. Also the translation by CMK scans or xah is well done one of the better English translations of novels I’ve read.


    • Lucy says:

      I adore this novel and I agree with AB cast but this is a big project so it needed a big name but she really is too beautiful to be Pingting so would have been better casted as YangFeng or Princess Yaoting but I hope she will do the role justice not like how she ruined Yunge for me but Yu zheng can be to blame for that too changing o much of the story such a disappointment


  4. Hannah says:

    Whoa…I adore ABB’s image in here. Her costumes are lovely. She’s given white to show her simpleness. Hope her acting is better than what I saw in YZG lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. lil says:

    Is it me or does the 4th guy from the top down look like Raymond Lam?

    Every characters look good so far. Wallace here actually look very young with that bun style of hair. Normally, that hair style makes them very mature looking.

    Sun (although very handsome) probably age 5 or so more years then his modern look. I feel he hit the jackpot with this role. HeXia was such an interesting character. From the beginning, he was mysterious and then as the story progresses, he gradually changes into this ambitious and cold character has he slowly losing his only family member left, Pingting.

    Love the updates on this drama, please keep them coming!!!


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