[The Mystic Nine Special] 105 Secrets about Fo Ye and Er Ye


Hehe, because I love everyone so much and you guys are wonderful during this whole TMN recap season, here is one hell of a fun fangirling post ❤ My awesome friend who started watching this show sent me links about facts to know about Fo Ye and Er Ye. These facts are from the novel so we won’t get too much OTP information. BUT, we get bromance information and let me tell you, it is quiet cheesy 😉

This is a post for everyone wanting to know more about the book. Do realize the drama may deviate from the novel, but it is also possible this list will be spoilers full. Be ready! Here is the link of the official website for even more information about the book series. Haha, as I read all this, I realize how strong the Fo Ye + Er Ye romance is, I feel bad for Ya Tou xD There are SO many details we are missing in the drama.

50 Facts about Fo Ye (Zhang Qishan) Source link

  1. Fo Ye loves his wife very much.
  2. Fo Ye never knew he has a brother.
  3. Fo Ye is younger than his brother, Zhang Qiling
  4. If not from the family documents/achives, Fo Ye would know about nobody in his family tree except his father.
  5. BIG SPOILER!! The most precious object for Fo Ye is his wife funerary.. (WTF, please tell me this is only the ending for the novel)
  6. Fo Ye will grow old.
  7. Finally, Fo Ye was not able to assemble the 三连响 aka Triple Ring (?)
  8. Fo Ye himself cannot explain how the Buddha statue got inside his house.
  9. SPOILER!!! Nobody knows where Fo Ye’s wife’s tomb is (buried somewhere in the mountains), but he put all the treasures he received at the auction when they met inside her tomb.
  10. Fo Ye is not “the largest-ever down fightFffffing activities” leader.
  11. Fo Ye is “the largest-ever down fighting activities”‘s initiator.
  12. Fo Ye has a very good memory
  13. Fo Ye has no inheritor.
  14. Everyone in Fo Ye’s household has the Zhang surname.
  15. Fo Ye’s intuition is very accurate.
  16. Fo Ye brings his own fire arms when going inside the tomb/cave.
  17. The Zhang family still holds their old traditions.
  18. Fo Ye’s fingers are not long.
  19. Fo Ye is a careful man and follows the steps he thought of accurately.
  20. Fo Ye has obsessive compulsive disorder.
  21. Fo Ye is the most low-key member of the Mystic Nine except Ba Ye (lol, did they mistype this because the drama shows such a different image).
  22. Fo Ye can use any means to get to his end.
  23. Fo Ye never goes to fireworks place as he hates it.
  24. Fo Ye’s taste budes are very tricky, but he is not a picky eater.
  25. Fo Ye is loyal.
  26. Fo Ye loves dogs.
  27. Fo Ye found 369 Zhang Qiling (his brother’s name) before finding the owner.
  28. Fo Ye’s mother is from Changsha.
  29. Fo Ye hates indecisive people as they cannot accomplish big things.
  30. Fo Ye never own others and if other do to him, he will always get it back.
  31. Fo Ye is obsessed with work.
  32. Except work, Fo Ye has no passion.
  33. Fo Ye hates defective things.
  34. Fo Ye doesn’t smoke.
  35. After the sino-Japanese war, Fo Ye wasn’t specifically happy.
  36. Fo Ye’s favorite thing to do is drink with Ba Ye.
  37. Fo Ye doesn’t discriminate when tomb raiding.
  38. Fo Ye is actually not the best at tomb raiding inside the Mystic Nine family.
  39. Fo Ye actually respects Zhang Qiling a lot.
  40. Fo Ye doesn’t like to listen to Chinese Opera (Ha! He went to Er Ye’s…)
  41. Fo Ye can’t sing.
  42. Fo Ye collects old archaeology manuscripts.
  43. Fo Ye did many good and bad deeds for others. So much he can’t even count them.
  44. Fo Ye still has guilt for Er Ye.
  45. Fo Ye puts importance on name value and reputation.
  46. Fo Ye has a real man mentality.
  47. Fo Ye has one revolver he keeps in mint state.
  48. Fo Ye is raising a horse.
  49. Since joining the army, Fo Ye wears most of the time a military uniform.
  50. Fo Ye’s whole life was spend to fight in wars and find the secret to immortality.

55 Facts about Er Ye (Er Yue Hong) Source link

  1. Er Ye has a pretty real name. But because nobody uses it, it was forgotten.
  2. Er Ye cannot different genders easily.
  3. Er Ye loves to sing Opera, but he doesn’t like make-up and dressing up because it is complicated.
  4. Er Ye’s favorite way of singing is when doing it into someone’s ears.
  5. The first time Er Ye met Fo Ye, he decided he will marry him when he will be older.
  6. Er Ye hates tobacco smells.
  7. The first Yang Chun Noodles Er Ye ate was made by Fo Ye.
  8. Er Ye is scared of any object that is supernatural.
  9. Er Ye doesn’t like women with white white skin because that reminds him of ghost.
  10. Er Ye likes 二人转 (2 people opera) more than 花鼓戏 (flower drum opera).
  11. Er Ye is fascinated by military uniforms.
  12. Er Ye always looked at Ya Tou like she was his younger sister.
  13. Er Ye married to Ya Tou because of his dad’s wishes.
  14. Before his wedding, Er Ye got into a fight with Fo Ye and even got slapped.
  15. Because of this, Er Ye swore that if he ever talked to Fo Ye again, he would forever be dominated by him.
  16. At the wedding night, Er Ye considered running away/get cold feet.
  17. Er Ye’s father put aphrodisiac in his drink because he wanted to become a grandpa.
  18. When singing opera to Ya Tou, Er Ye thinks of Fo Ye.
  19. Er Ye once considered to disguise as a girl to marry Fo Ye.
  20. Er Ye did not give names to his two children.
  21. After Ya Tou’s death, Er Ye HATES Fo Ye.
  22. Er Ye deciding to play around at the brothel was to anger Fo Ye (ooohhh .o.)
  23. Each of Er Ye’s lover has a characteristic similar to Fo Ye.
  24. Er Ye first forgives Fo Ye and then they started fighting.
  25. When Er Ye first met the girl from the Huo family, he got goose bumps.
  26. Because he is really pretty, Er Ye push away the perverts by first mentionning Fo Ye’s name or two, telling a cold joke.
  27. Very few people genuinely laugh to Er Ye’s cold jokes.
  28. The reason Er Ye accepted Chen Pi as his disciple was because … Chen Pi laughed at one of his cold joke, a joke even Fo Ye didn’t laugh at. (HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, oh that is funny :’D )
  29. Because Jie Jiu (Jiu Ye?) made fun of Er Ye’s name Er Yue Hong, Er Ye came up with the name “Red” and “Flower” for his disciples.
  30. Er Ye loves to sleep warm, so he likes to sleep with Fo Ye’s embrace.. ❤
  31. Er Ye prefers the name “Hong Er” (红儿) to the name “Er Ye”, but he only lets Fo Ye calls him like that.
  32. Without anyone around, Er Ye likes to call Fo Ye “Qi Shan”.
  33. When Er Ye calls out Fo Ye, he always imagine in his mind the image of a girl who loves pearls. Even if he never met such a girl before.
  34. Er Ye is uncomfortable with anything related to blood and that is why he uses a stick.
  35. Er Ye always feel guilty when he faces Fo Ye’s wife.
  36. Er Ye feels more sorry than jealous of Fo Ye’s wife.
  37. Er Ye never considered the offensive approach.
  38. Er Ye loves dogs, but is too lazy to raise one.
  39. The food Er Ye hates the most is dog meat.
  40. Er Ye always wanted to find a wife for San Cunding.
  41. Er Ye is great at Wei Qi, but bad at Xiang Qi (Chinese chesses).
  42. Er Ye has a really pretty handwriting.
  43. Er Ye’s drawing skills are child level (except when it comes to make up~)
  44. Er Ye is a very economic person (saves money).
  45. Er Ye cooked the four eggs Chen Pi broke to make a meal for Fo Ye.
  46. By taking care of Ya Tou’s health, Er Ye is half way through of becoming a doctor.
  47. Er Ye is really easy to imitate.
  48. Er Ye also considered to force Jie Jiu to learn opera.
  49. Er Ye first wanted to call Jie Jiu, Jiu Jie Yu Hua.
  50. Er Ye doesn’t like Zhang Qiling because he is too white and cannot be tanned. (Er Ye: Is he a ghost?)
  51. Er Ye always thought that Zhang Qiling is Ms.Huo’s long lost brother.
  52. When going to the same event as Zhang Qiling, Er Ye would always wear extra layers of clothing.
  53. Er Ye’s sixth sense is really strong.
  54. At Wu Xie’s banquet, Er Ye felt like they are both very alike.
  55. Er Ye thinks that the full moon looks evil.

19 thoughts on “[The Mystic Nine Special] 105 Secrets about Fo Ye and Er Ye

  1. maoh says:

    lol so ErYe has the hots for FoYe
    Also, BaYe sounds so different from the drama. Is the lieutenant a drama made up character?
    but what was that part about XinYue dying, NOOOOOO
    it better not happen, it would be so cruel to us since we will probably get the wedding around ep.42 😦
    Thanks for sharing! ^^


    • Apparently. This is so cute and Er Ye’s personality is so much more interesting in the books. Too bad they don’t show that in the drama and I fear Lay doesn’t have what it takes to act it out properly..
      I dunno, I just translated those two posts xD Enlightened us, but also gave us more questions… @_@
      I know!! In the books, Xinyue is really not a main character so maybe the drama will act it out differently >< Wedding will happen for sure, but the ending is still mysterious to me.


      • maoh says:

        lets hope they leave it as it could happen in the future </3 I dont want to see it in the drama
        I do think Lay's ErYe is very different much more serious and YaTou oriented. Like he only cares about YaTou. I wonder why FoYe feels sorry to ErYe, bc his wife?


      • Me neither… Unless the death is well shot. I like well done dramatic scenes xD But whatever happens, I will be wishing for a happily ever after type of ending!
        It is not Fo Ye that is sorry, but Er Ye. I also don’t know why though, probably missing some pieces from the original novel. Maybe as a childhood friend, he knows a bit more than we do? :/


      • maoh says:

        Also sad that FY and XY didnt have any kids since he doesnt have an inheritor </333
        They really did a great job with XinYue's character for the drama since they had nothing to based it on. I guess they just came up with the type of personality that would be able to handle and match FoYe.


      • Yeah 😦 I wish we got lots of smaller XY and FY. She probably died young in the book 😦
        Exactly. It is all thanks to Zhao Liying and William Chan’s imagination! xD Everything was so nicely done and looked so real! *_*


    • Same! xD I want to see that Er Ye from the above description in live action. Especially the making cold joke part and dreaming about Fo Ye when singing opera. So cute!! But I guess it was too much to ask from Lay’s beginner acting skill? v_v

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pooh says:

    i think they built the girls character from the girly side of EY such as XY like to call FY with QiShan as the book said it should be EY or first noddle that EY eat was made by YT not FY..so they just get the basic line (about the tomb) then recreate each character..but I love the drama version especially the OTP FY and XY..lol.


    • Yeah, it does seem like they decided to cut off the bromance and instead share those moments between the two female leads. Which is fine for me too since I love Xinyue so much, but I also feel like it is a shame we are missing out on so many cool scenes v_v


  3. Miss Attache says:

    Wait, what??? Zhang Qiling is Fo Ye’s older brother? So is he the Zhang Qiling played by Yang Yang — meaning the guy is an immortal LOL — or the grandfather (or great grandfather) of the Lost Tomb character?


    • Never realized this detail before you said so since I always knew him as Kylin xD
      I did some digging online and based on baidu, Zhang Qilin is supposed to be immortal LOL However, no idea if he is the brother from Tomb Raiders as the author didn’t finish writing. Based on guests, he is either the uncle or the brother of Fo Ye. Since Fo Ye is the last survivor and he has no child… xD This makes the novel sound even more interesting!! :O


  4. @liss@ says:

    I think the list above is written by a reader and not the actual author. In the Chinese website, many reader who read the list were doubting the credibility as well.


  5. CHOUA VANG says:

    Should have never read this…I don’t care about the novel but FY and XY will make babies in the drama! lol we really did miss the bromance, it would have been very interesting.


    • Haha, hopefully!! I wish they stay away from the novel ending since we are already so far from the story’s summary. I want some more bromance too, we missed all those cute little details ><


  6. dwi says:

    i wish they get happy ending for FY and XY.. I watching this drama because i love to see the chemistry between them..
    and i looking forward the drama recap specially when both of them appear.,i really dont like the ending between FY and XY in the novel version, i hope the drama has has different
    version its happy ending one..


  7. chxii says:

    I’m watching the TV drama but everyone’s comments make me want to read the book. 😮 But Wikipedia for Daomu makes no mention of Er Ye or Fo Ye so now I’m confused. 😦 Which book in the series focuses on their story?


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