Entertainment Update: Red, Perfect Wedding, Princess Agents BTS, Casting News


New entertainment update!! Yeah, we had been waiting a bit more for this one and accumulated quite a lot of information.. Enjoy!

I know people are curious about the ratings of dramas, so here is the baidu Ranking list if you want to check out and follow actively. They have pictures so even if you forget the Chinese name of the drama, you can keep track. xD

Surprisingly, Korean actress Yoo In  Na got switched off from the Chinese drama Love Through a Millennium season 2 and will be replaced by Taiwanese actress Puff Guo. It is surprising to see this happens as Yoo Inna was the original actress in the Kdrama and stills/BTS were already released. Fans are disappointed and points out that this may due to the Chinese ban on Hallyu stuff.


Another novel of Tong Hua will get a drama adaptation!! This time, it is the book 長相思 aka Sauvignon Blanc.


Yang Yang got casted for the novel to drama adaptaiton, Martial Universe!


The World of Do Gu has officially announced the leads with Hu Bingqing, Zhang Dan Feng, and Ady An. Since the booty event took place, its hope there is no more lead changes :).


This is not the only news about Du Gu. The drama 獨孤皇后 Dugu Empress announced a new female lead: Chen Qiao En! Qiao En is definitely a dark horse in the entertainment update as she has SO many high profiles project and it never stops!


Another project in the work is Ying Er and Nicky Wu‘s 一粒紅塵 Red. They held their booting ceremony!

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Of course, the start of new dramas mean the end of filming for others. Legend of Dragon Pearl with Yang Zi and Qin Junjie finished filming!

1 2 3

So did Delicious Destiny! I need this drama to help me wash off Rachel Mao‘s image in Love O2O! >< The drama also stars Mike D’Angelo.

4 5 6

Finally, it is also the end of filming for Legend of the Condor Heroes.

3 4

Beautiful gif/still of Wallace Chung and Angelababy on the set of General and I.


More stills for Song Yi and Yan Kuan‘s drama, shared by dramalamb!

5 4 3

New drama The Magnificent five with Xu Lu, Gao Yang and Zhang Rui.

8 9

Stills of Yang Zi and Qiao Zhenyu for their drama Perfect Wedding.

1 2 3 4

Yang Zi recently met up with Zhang Yishan. Project soon?


Trailer for Zhu Zixiao‘s Son of Hero. Looks pretty good, but sad to see he is second male lead.

Now, time for some drama BTS filming! We first have handsome Wallace Huo for Legend of Ru Yi.


Him at the airport.


Next, we have Zhao Liying and Shawn Dou for Princess Agents.

3 4 5 6

Gif of the girl at work!


Movie poster for Cock and Bull with Liu Ye and Wang Ziwen.


Movie poster for Storm with Ada Choi, Vic Zhou, Julien Cheung and Louis Koo.


Tang Yan and Kris Wu are filming the movie 欧洲攻略 together in Europe


Finally, Ni Ni and Jing Boran spotted together ❤


50 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Red, Perfect Wedding, Princess Agents BTS, Casting News

  1. the last one… Nini and Jing Boran, ught… hurt hurt hurt… my fave Jing Boran ❤ but i am happy as long as he's happy 😛

    any news about Ady An's modern drama, i forgot the title, but i think it's about two rich people meeting together and then dating, hmm…


  2. noname says:

    長相思 news casts from koalas playground go to Wallace huo, is yang yang offer as the other male leads? I think yang yang ethereal beauty match a lot for Xiang Liu character ^^


  3. zorakrisman says:

    I truly hope they cast younger actors and actresses for Chang Xiang Si. Someone in their 20s please. It’s my favourite TH’s novel apart from YZG, so I have lots of expectation for the adaptation as well. Can’t wait to see the cast soon!


  4. maoh says:

    A lot of South Korean actors are getting replaced. I think I saw that Tang Yan was a last minute replacement for a Korean actress too.
    YangZi is doing so many projects. It seems like no one takes a break in cdrama world.
    LGX and ZLY are having fun filming their action scenes, can’t wait

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Paige says:

    Looks like China is set on banning Korean actors.. Wonder what that mean for already filmed dramas/movies or what will happen to already announced leads. Like I thought Ying Er was filming a drama with Sehun starting in October? So how is she able to start a drama now.. It’s about a month away and she’s female lead in both


    • Hum, probably will have to replace the leads? If they do start banning Korean actors, it is a huge number of dramas that will miss cast members xD But, China has such a huge number of actors so it will probably balance it out. Plus, they can easily find people in HK, Taiwan and SEA countries if not. I heard Exo members are bad at acting so maybe them getting replaced is a good thing? Interesting enough, I find Sehun looks a lot like a younger Hawick Lau. I wish they could had played brothers one day 😦


  6. So happy and excited for Lost You Forever adaptation. This novel is brilliant and gives me so much emotions, I just can’t wait for cast announcing. I hope they cast Yang Yang as Tu Shan Jing he match him perfectly.


    • ChocolateCosmos says:

      Hear! Hear! Yang Yang really does fit Jing the most.
      Can’t imagine who would play XL. Definitely not Wallace lol. Although that’s purely my opinion and XL is my favorite out of the three.


    • Yang Yang sounds like the most popular choice too! And considering Tong Hua adaptations always get ideal actors to play in them (except if Yumama comes along), it is very possible they get YY!


    • Paige says:

      it’s lower views because only 4 episodes come out a week.. also this is only online views on the official sites that should be broadcasting them. Since people have to pay to watch The Mystic Nine on Iqiyi, it’s bound to be lower on official rankings. Same thing for Zhu Xian. They do have good TV ratings though


      • tiffy123 says:

        Wait aren’t all dramas basically 4 episodes a week? Zhu Xian, Ice Fantasy, Mystic Nine all release 4 episodes a week.

        I also wouldn’t say Mystic Nine is low. It’s 4th place lol. It was First place for so many weeks. I think with the release of Just One Smile, and that the fact that nothing too big has happened in Mystic Nine the last few episodes have caused it to drop a bit.

        And yeah IQIYI is a pain. Even some illegal websites are better for watching dramas. I love the fact that I can watch Zhu Xian on youtube lol and Ice Fantasy on Viki. Quick, easy and efficient!


      • Paige says:

        Well Love 020 is 2 episodes daily and Ice Fantasy is 6 episodes a week if I’m not wrong. Zhu Xian is only 2 episodes a week but VIP members can watch a new episode Mon-Thurs. The Mystic Nine is 4 new episodes if you have VIP membership on Iqiyi.. so it costs money to watch it and ZX. Not the case for Love 020 and Ice Fantasy


      • Paige says:

        Ops, it’s actually 2 new episodes for The Mystic Nine. Also, viewing numbers on unofficial sites don’t count for Baidu rankings.. a lot of people might have watched it but not on Iqiyi because they don’t want to pay money when they don’t have to


      • maoh says:

        are you guys talking about the Baike Baidu chart? Arent those just clicks? and yes like Paige said both Mystic Nine and Legend of Chusen only get 4 episodes a week for VIP members 😦
        In terms of online views, I think The Mystic Nine has the most views so far almost 8 billion with ~38 episodes open to everyone. And I think Chusen has over 5 billion with only 10 episodes open to everyone the others are for VIPs (but I think their steam is dying off with their 2 episode/week TV airing and slow plot development).

        I didn’t know Love O2O was releasing 2 episodes per day, I was wondering how they are in their mid twenties already. Probably a good strategy, some dramas are easier to marathon. Plus it is better for the audience. I think companies are moving towards online views now. Both iQIYI and Hunan tried to get subscribers with Mystic Nine and Chusen respectively. They air new episodes to VIP subscribers ahead of TV and now they only air two episodes on TV but four online for VIP subscribers. I wonder if they make that much more money off views online compared to TV ratings. I also noticed some product placements in Chusen.


      • Dieu says:

        Is love 020 really a big hit in china or is it slowing down right now. And someone said ice fantasy added their viewers or numbers bc that drama didn’t also go well


      • Paige says:

        Imo Love 020 is a big hit with a certain audience, but not in general. TV ratings hover around 0.4-0.5%, which compared to last year’s Journey of Flower’s high of 3.8% is super low. Even compared to Boss & Me, which had 1.4% ratings. Love 020 is the kind of drama that appeals to a specific age group/gender/personality. Like I can’t imagine families or men or older people watching it.. it’s even too cheesy for me. Ice Fantasy was found to have altered their online viewing numbers. They reported some impossible number, but based on TV ratings, it’s doing badly so far


    • Hum, I don’t think so. I am not even sure if they finished filming yet xD Give them a few months to at least edit out the drama! Considering it is produced by Tangren, I am pretty sure they will get a release date easily (probably with HuanTV) ^^


  7. lizzie says:

    @archidisgn thanks for the baidu link! Could you illuminate me as to the difference between the top 3 boxes? Many thanks 🙂 my written mandarin is not fab!


    • j says:

      Hi Lizzie, Note for the top left box, there’s ” 全部” in red ink in upper left part of the box. This corresponds to “all genres”.
      The top middle box has “偶像” in blue. This is the “idol” genre. The top right box has
      “言情” for “romance”. FYI, you can cut and paste Chinese characters into “translate.google.com” website. It mostly only works for very short phrases. But you can make Google pronounce the characters by clicking on the “microphone-shaped button”, so you could guess better.


  8. Pooh says:

    I just watch love O2O but I feel disspointed because they change fengteng and shanshan..It will more interesting if they have ZH and ZLY as cameo to be fengteng and shanshan.. Haaahhh


  9. More pics #小楼昨夜又东风# weibo tag

    Our darling Xiao Yi Yi got hit on the head :O

    She’s getting married! Is it for real (drama-wise) and not like the photoshoot she had with Hu Ge?!

    Song Yi in a qipao always looking good

    Of course, we have a leading man, Yan Kuan:

    Watch out, he’s good with a gun

    A look through the camera

    Reading lines

    Outing with the gang

    There was also a short video onset celebrating Zhu Zi Xiao’s birthday but I haven’t figured out how to copy the link.

    Liked by 1 person

      • IKR?! She’s so beautiful and so dedicated to her acting roles *swoooons* There’s an interview of her talking about her role in “The Disguiser” as Yu Man Li and she gives such thorough responses; lovely and well-spoken!

        Liu Yifei and Song Yi are my goddesses ^_^ Song Yi is like the underdog, the dark horse ahaha. Tbh, I like that she’s not super popular though — enables her to further hone her acting skills, challenge herself to more diverse roles and be the best actor she can be 😀 without being under the harsh spotlight of netizens and the media like Liu Yifei is, when Liu Yifei started out.

        OMG also when I found out that Yang Yang and Liu Yifei were in “Once Upon a Time” I was like, of only Yang Yang and Song Yi could collaborate in something then ah I would be so pleased and then omfg I found out that they had worked together in the past!!!!!


      • *swoons* I didn’t check her in the Disguiser, but I saw her in Cuo Dian Yuan Yang. I watched the drama because 1) Zhao Liying and Qi Ji’s chemistry is off the roof!! and 2) Song Yi looks amazingly pretty. Haha, shallow reason, but that is when I noticed her, in 2012! Definitely an underdog and she deserves the attention she gets now, or even more! Hopefully, she becomes even more popular from now on!
        Yang Yang and Song Yi?! Need to start searching, they must be sparkling onscreen!

        Liked by 1 person

  10. (((((I was going to post this in the Ent update where we see Luhan with glorious long hair but I couldn’t find it so I’m going to post here instead)))))

    hahaha I know we all tease Luhan for his uncanny resemblance to a girl when he is geared up in ancient period/wuxia/xianxia costuming especially with the long hair. I found some pics of 侯明昊 Hou Ming Hao and whoa hahah, in Yu Xiao Tong’s words 哈哈哈哈特别美 looking particularly beautiful!

    He’s a member of the boy band fresh极客少年团 literally “fresh geeky youth group” lol. He’s currently on “Let Go of My Baby 放開我北鼻 ” also starring Yu Xiao Tong, Ma Tian Yu, Henry Lau and guest appearance from Xu Hai Qiao.


  11. Paige says:

    Omg y’all.. Tao spilled in his live chat fundraising for Bazaar that he’s starring in the Sword of Legends 2, the movie. He’s confirmed to play Li Yifeng’s character. It’s supposed to start filming at the end of August. I don’t know how to feel about this..


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