[Anticipation Post] Sparrow with Li Yifeng and Zhou Dongyu


Ok, the date on the poster above is obviously wrong, but Sparrow is finally released today! Yeah! Starring two of the cutest looking actors of China (Li Yifeng and Zhou Dongyu), here is a spy drama had been hyped up since last summer!

Synopsis (from Soompi Forums)

This drama is set during the revolutionary time in Shanghai, based on a novel of the same name of Hai Fei. During the republican revolution, Chen Shen is a secret agent under Special Operations Executive Director Bi Zhongliang, among the agents called “sparrow” (similar to the program “zero” in Japan).

Li Yifeng as Chen Shen


Zhou Dongyu as Xu Bicheng


Zhang Luyi as Bi Zhongliang


Yin Zheng as Su Sansheng



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6 minutes trailer


35 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Sparrow with Li Yifeng and Zhou Dongyu

  1. creidesca says:

    I was so surprised at how quickly Viet-subs came out for this drama ^_^ And the raws are even accessible through Youtube no less (a YoYo Television Series Exclusive)! Thank the heavens it’s not exclusive to just HunanTV (known for their butchering of episodes). However, I’m going to wait till the weekend to marathon through the week’s worth of epis.

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  2. I have a phobia with Republican era dramas, having started watching C Dramas with Cruel Romance and tend to stay away from them XD But recently, Disguiser and Decoded kind of redeemed them in my eyes and though I love LYF, 60 eps is really long for this kind of drama that I am ever so worried it might fail 😦
    And I believe Rookie Agent Rougue starts this month too!
    I am sorry LYF, but ZLY and Lu Yi wins over you! kekeke


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Me too… but I came to realize Republican dramas can be really addictive and action packed… if executed correctly. You may be able to watch both since one is airing at the beginning of the month and the other at the end ^^
      However, 60 episodes look long .-.


    • Miss Attache says:

      Is it gonna be 60 eps? Agree, it’s long. I watched the 95 episode Three Kingdoms, but the latter is epic, excellently directed, fantastically acted, and worth my dedication — and of course I watched it much much later after it was aired. And I’ve been waiting for Rouge for so long. So I’ll play ear about Sparrow. If people like it, I will check it.


    • xingfenzhen says:

      Republican era dramas actually is my favorite genre, it’s really shows Chinese society caught in between traditional and modern unsure where to go. Cruel Romance is a rather bad example of it. Disguiser, Decoded, Sparrow and Rouge are all spy thriller, but the era offers much more. If you haven’t tried.

      Romance in the Rain, QSS YMM is THE classic romance drama set in this era. While I don’t like how the story starts in the first episode,I enjoyed the drama from Ep. 2 on wards. Below is the drama in English Sub.

      For Gangster drama of any era, none can surpass Shanghai Bund

      Classis 1982 version with Chow Yun Fat. Not full video availiable, but here is the MV for the theme song.

      Modern Remake with Sun Li and Huang Xiaoming with English Sub

      Story of a Noble Family and Moment in Beijing deals with family dynamics in large family and set against the background of political and social change of the era. I particularly enjoyed Moment in Beijing, its book is originally written in English as a introduction to Chinese culture for American Audiences in the 1930s.

      Story of a Noble Family in Spanish Sub

      Moment in Peking (2006) Raw

      Some of my favorites

      The Days of April, about the life of Poet Xu Zhimo and the women in his lives

      To Northeast, follows a family of peasants from 1902 to 1931. One of few dramas set in this era that’s doesn’t deal with all rich people in cities

      Eighteen Springs, based on the Classic Eileen Chang novel

      The Road we have taken, above Whampoa military academy and some very interest rarely told early CCP history.

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      • Lizzie says:

        Thanks for the recommendations. I loved Eighteen Springs although it made me sad and that’s my general feel for Republican dramas – it was such a turbulent time and it’s hard to have a true happy ending – I just settle for hopeful now. 🙂 I enjoyed Decoded and the TVB Rosy Business. I started Ephilipyium Dream but it got a bit too dog blood for me around ep 16 – let me know what you think! Gonna watch The Disguiser when I have the time to marathon and the emotional capacity to endure! 🙂


      • OMG @xingfenzhen: saaaame republican era dramas are my favourites! I have about 4 typed up pages of early and republican era dramas that I want to watch! I haven’t been able to see most of the dramas that you’ve mentioned (Q_Q not enough time) but no worries — they’re already on my list! Some of them are historically accurate, some of them are glamorous reincarnations of the era but I enjoy them all the same hehe.

        I agree, “Cruel Romance” is not the best example, it adopts a more glitzy, romanticised take on the era. The same can be said for “Destined to love you”. I feel as if “Sparrow” is semi-glitzy — those white heels are far too high for this era lol.

        “Romance in the Rain” is such a classic. Every time I hear its OST my heart swells with nostalgia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8WZexqZzgY This was the drama that started my love for the republican era!

        “Shanghai Bund” was talked about on “Up Idol S2” and Angie Chiu sang the song with Fei Yu Ching and ah, such a goodie!

        My dad enjoys watching republican era dramas as well, though he prefers the intense battle ones (of course, coming from a soldier’s son aha) but I prefer the ones where the whole fighting within China and outside of China are used as background context until the later episodes of the drama.

        I am always raving about republican era dramas in the comments section and rarely do I find someone who shares the same sentiment as I do ^_^


  3. Lizzie says:

    Same here! @nayong ZLY definitely takes precedence but am a ZHang Ruo Yun fan too so will watch this when English subs are out. Haven’t seen Zhou Dong Yu before in action but she looks cute. Trying to give LYF the benefit of doubt so hopefully he is better here than in Chusen.


    • I actually liked LYF in Legend of Swords where I first noticed him which was my 2nd or 3rd drama and hence got hooked on C Dramas after that XD One thing I have noticed, it’s kinda hard to find subs for his dramas versus other popular actors, if only Sparrow is not that long, I would give it a shot! LOL


  4. maoh says:

    I really like the clothing for this era so I am tempted to watch just bc of that. Will wait a few episodes to see reviews on LYF’s acting since Chusen is not doing him any favors in that category.


    • Lizzie says:

      At ep22 of Chusen now and it’s starting to feel like Romance of Condor Heroes where everyone says that Xiao Long Nu (Michelle Chen) is so pretty and I am like errr… Everyone else is so hot and she doesn’t even have a fantastic personality to outshine all the outer beauty elsewhere!! For Chusen, all the other male actors are out shining LYF and turning out more attractive

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      • maoh says:

        I am at ep. 23 and yes I agree that XiaoFan is just boring. There is nothing interesting about him. At first, I felt sorry for him because everyone treated him badly but now I dont feel anything. I dont know if his character is written like this or if it is a portrayal problem. However, XiaoFan kind of ruins the drama for me. I am still hoping once he turns to the dark side things will change. I do have a feeling that he will be a soft bad guy but I hope I am wrong. Also that hairstyle on LYF doesnt help.


      • Lizzie says:

        Absolutely – I am not sure if that hairstyle is meant to make him look more innocent but it just comes off goofy! Mao Zi Jun is looking fine though!

        Ps. I even watched Fall In Love Like A Star to see if LYF can portray different characters but nope, he still has that blank look. I honestly am not sure why is he so popular … Sorry to LYF fans. Hopefully Sparrow would be his breakthrough


      • intellectualkitten says:

        It would be interesting if someone who watched Ancient Sword can give us their opinion. Since he gained so many fans with that drama, I thought the character in Zhu Xian would fit him perfectly.
        I think Xiaofan is too “hopeless” for me to empathize with him, and sometimes, I think he deserves the mockery of the others? Hmm… I think it is more a plot problem :/


      • j says:

        @Lizzie, Good for you. Chusen shouldn’t annoy you too much then. I find the actor for Jing yu a bit annoying actually and I have only watched about half of what you watched. Zhou dong yu is usually pretty good. Occasionally she doesn’t make a bland-ish character pop.
        Generally I’m not too impressed with the director(s) for Chusen at directing the newer younger actors in Chusen. Several of the less experienced actors, plus LYF, seem to be “taking the safe route” of acting, and appear a bit bland. But for me, I find it’s even harder to watch when they try too hard to emote and then overshoot. That’s the trouble that Angelababy has. It looks even worse. So I settle for the bland-ish LYF. Some of the Chusen directors have already worked with LYF before. Legend of Fragrance etc. So it’s surprising they don’t get a more nuanced performance out of LYF.


      • Lizzie says:

        That’s true. Between underacting and overacting, I think I prefer the former. At least it’s not grating. I am still watching Chusen (albeit not faithfully) but I gave up on ROCH when the aegyo just got too much and out-of-place. Jing Yu still okay for now 🙂


  5. I love Li Yifeng and all…..but I’m so damn afraid that his acting in this one might disappoint me. @______@ Haven’t watch it yet, but I’m already hesitating because of the stills. But at least, there are plenty of good actors in this drama.


  6. I’ve seen LYF first in Ancient Sword and he was quit good among other actors whose characters were more charismatic and deeper than Susu, but he didn’t seem blunt on their background. Than he was trying too hard in Legend of Fragrance and didn’t try anymore in the lost tomb.. Now Xiao Fang, he is just empty. In conclusion, I think LYF was best in Ancient Sword but then he got regress in his acting. In the other hand most of his lead are bad written, but his acting aren’t perfect too. So 50/50

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