[Admin] How to Continue This Blog’s Family-Like-Interactions?


Hi there! I am in the middle of replying to everyone’s BEAUTIFUL comments and I realized a harsh reality.. we are letting this beautiful community end. It feels like we are closing door and letting everyone be homeless! Of course, there is also no way we can continue so we are thinking about a “community blog”. And that means we need your help!

Ok, so many people shared their interests to blog and keep the community alive (Ann, J, and others). Would a new blog where anyone can become a moderator and post be a good idea?

My ideas: Just like with the current blog Cdramadevotee, I am thinking of posts for reviews, recaps, news, entertainment updates, features, and more. You can write about anyone you want, be it Zhao Liying, Yang Yang, Ma Ke, Liu Shishi or even people we never talked about before! There will be no limitation as anyone can post about their favourite actors/shows, at anytime of the day. Since there is no commitment, we may end up with no post if nobody is interested by the idea or we may end up with a LOT of posts.

Of course, I may be completely off track with this project. I have no idea where this can go toward as I never did this before. Also, I want to precise I will NOT be a main moderator for this blog  *keuf school keuf*. I would however love to be a side moderator if you guys agree. I will probably not be active next week since I have so much going on with school, but as a moderator for this blog, I have the basic emails of everyone so I can help out to add moderators (anyone interested by the idea) for the newly created blog afterward.

Use the comment section to brainstorm and I would love to help you guys realize this. ❤ Comment if you are interested in blogging (for something new) and how you would vision it, etc. Also, decide on a way to organize/communicate on this as it could get real messy else wise. I may not have time to reply to everyone this time since I am crazy busy right now and I have my lovely comments waiting for me at the other post. ❤

Also, don’t worry if you already have a blog or don’t feel like becoming a blogger. There are tons of good blogs out there in my opinion (check out the external source page we prepared and you would definitely agree with us). I am not asking everyone to be on board with this idea. If it sucks or you think it will not work, then be it. We may start this  new blog and ending it in the next month if it is not interesting or active, and that is fine too! Hopefully, you can still enjoy this new experience and even comment if you think it could work!

If there is enough interest, we will do a follow up article (probably by next week-end).


25 thoughts on “[Admin] How to Continue This Blog’s Family-Like-Interactions?

  1. Hannah says:

    Can we keep it ZLY-centric? Haha

    On a different note, besides Boss&Me, ZLY uses her real voice in which drama?

    I’m impatiently waiting for Zhu Xian, so I’m watching old dramas again lol

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    • tiffy123 says:

      I’m not sure if they dub her voice in Zhu Xian – it’s very similar sounding to her real voice.

      Girl voice dubbing is always hard to distinguish, sometimes I wonder why they do it. Like if they have an accent like William Chan, then yeah obviously dub it. But I don’t get why they try and dub things that don’t need it.


    • I think it was her real voice in Best Get Going (2015 drama with Zheng Kai).

      ps; Although I love when any post become a Liying post, please let’s all try to make this one as efficient as possible. I want to see feedback on the “project” if possible 8D


    • Hannah says:

      Thank you ALL for your replies! 💜

      I will contribute as a reader. Sorry, I can’t read Chinese . 😔

      Blogging requires commitment and dedication. Thank you to those who are stepping up. 😊


  2. Guys, interact with each other! There are so much to discuss if you are really down. Who wants to take the initiative of creating the blog? What would be its name? Do you want to do it on wordpress or blogspot? Or a forum? Do you wand Disqus, if yes, how?! Be creative! I am REALLY busy this week so no time to help planning, but I hope if you guys want, this can happen ^^


  3. Hm…I would love to help out, but most of the time I would probably remain as a reader though, would that be a problem (simply because life is busy and entertainment-related blog posts do take a lot of time and effort)? If it’s okay for me to become a part-time contributor, then most of my blog posts would include: Zhao Liying (lol because you people have converted me! XD), Li Yifeng, BL webseries (lol XD), Chinese music (nugu & indie groups included), and maybe HK dramas (just a big maybe) if anyone would find this interesting, C-dramas (of course), and new actors/actresses to watch out for. lol gonna come back to stalk other people’s posts later.


  4. maoh says:

    I love this idea! I would be willing to help gather ZLY info. I have never done blogging and I am not too confident in my writing skills, but I would love to keep sharing ZLY stuff.

    I would prefer Disqus or some other type of comment section. Sometimes I get lost trying to answer comments. There is another blog that numbers comments, so something like that could be helpful.

    I think there could be actors centered posts. Some people could make posts with the latests news of their favorite actors/musicians/etc. And then there could be a drama news posts to keep up with the latest stuff. And maybe we could have some open threads, where users could have random conversations related to c-ent. One otp post for those of us that like over analyzing =D.

    Looking at your options a forum sounds good to me. It would be better since it is be a bit more informal, and anyone could start up a thread. The problem is that forums sometimes attract trolls and that would be such a shame. Also, I think setting it up would be a lot of work.


  5. If the new projects have the same quality as centdevote It will be very pleased cause since the blog closed I feel myself like without hands lol finding information by self is takes too much time that I don’t have xD


  6. Al says:

    I would be interested in becoming a part-time blogger! I probably won’t be active in 2016 because of college apps LOL but I would be able to contribute around 2 articles a week starting Jan 2017.


  7. visionofjm says:

    This is actually a great idea. I would love to be part of this community blog, even though I may only blog every now and then because of school and work. I’m not sure if a “forum” would be a good idea since as one of the commenters above has said, it could get messy with trolls around.
    Each one of us could make posts focused on our favorite actors, their projects, updates, etc so that way, it would be less complicated, as there wouldn’t need to have one or two bloggers covering almost everything in the c-ent. Like, one person or a small group of ppl could just focus on ZLY, YY, etc and the others could focus on other actors that they’re most familiar with and keep up with the most. It’s far more efficient, don’t you think?


  8. I was thinking, would anyone be interested by a Facebook Group?! I think there is not one facebook group for Chinese drama lovers whom speak English yet. And it would be a great way to reach more people and let anyone share links (for blog or official posts), pictures, polls and comment. The only problem would be the privacy issue as people may prefer to be known as their online pseudo name instead of their facebook identity.


      • j says:

        Ahh.. maoh. We’re birds of a feather!! 😀 (I don’t have time for facebook.)

        @archidisign. I’ve been using my long-dead email addr here so far. If you’d like to contact me, please use the addr from this post. I had problems with stalkers in the past. Thanks!

        I have official writing experience, but I’ve never tried blogging. So I’m not familiar with using wordpress and uploading/posting pics.

        p.s. Not to put people on the spot, but perhaps those who can’t read Chinese can still help with some of those non-reading related things? Or help moderating (removing foul language sort?). If they have the time?


  9. Annie says:

    Unfortunately, I’ll be dead weight, as my Chinese is quite limited. I’ve never ran a blog before so I don’t have the technical skills/know-how to assist in that department. But if push comes to shove, I’ll take on anything that will help out this community.

    In my experience with group projects, you really need a project manager. Without a leader, the project will run into many problems: inaction, redundancy, etc.

    I say we invade another blog. Just kidding! But what is wrong with commenting on other already established blogs and moving the community (in spirit) there? Other blogs are even looking for re-cappers/reviewers.

    I’m not trying to present the dissenting view but time is precious and I hope that we’re all mature enough to realize it.


  10. keekeepod says:

    My go-to blog for kdramas is dramabeans. After Healer, several Australian and Kiwi and one US -based Beanies started to become more active on mydramalist (About page- http://mydramalist.com/about). A cursory look seems to show that it is flexible and has pretty much all the required features.


  11. Well, I’m new to the group and was looking forward to informative post here, alas I joined too late. I watched my first drama in mid-to-end of last year, and recently got into them to were I’ve been binge watching. With that said, I know very little about that actors/actresses to even think my posts would be benificial. However, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at blogging, so I’m up for learning.

    As someone mentioned before I’m willing to be a part time blogger until I learn the ropes and then take on being a moderator if I fit the mold. The only thing I can contribute are reviews (as I was planning to start out with that on my blog), editing images, or other side jobs. I agree with what others said about forums — although there is more freedom, there’s still a chance of trolls. I still like the idea to continue using WordPress.


  12. SailorS says:

    Hi! There. I am mostly a lurker. I am so sad this blog would end. I cannot read Chinese and does not know anything about blogging, so I may not be able to help much but…I would love to help if I can.

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