[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Episode 45-48 [End]


This is it. The last week of The Mystic Nine or Lao Jiu Men or The Old Nine Gates. Deep breath everyone as we dive into this ending… are we going to get a good one or a bad one?

Update: Yes! I am back!! @_@ So much to do both on the blog and in real life. Thanks for being so active in the comment section. I probably can’t answer them since I have way too much to handle these days.. Anyway, let’s make some sense of this post!!

Drama information:

  • Total of 48 episodes
  • Chinese name: 老九门
  • Release schedule: Two episodes per day on Monday and Tuesday
  • Find the episodes as they get released on iQiYi: here
  • You can watch with eng sub on viki: here (under the name Old Nine Door) ; I also think there is a Lay fansub team on facebook.:)
  • You can download or stream the episodes on Avirtualvoyage: here or read recap on dr-myri-blog: here.

Episode 45

Fo Ye and Lieutenant are at a small village as they expect to find Dr. Mo (the cousin of Xinyue). They wait at a banquet of food left on the side and at night for the villagers to come eat. As expected, people show up to fill their hunger. Fo Ye and Lieutenant chases after them to find that .. Dr.Mo is among them. Dr.Mo says that she is ill and doesn’t want Er Ye to see her in such a state.

She tells her story. She came to the village because she found the illness suspicious and came to investigate. There, she meets the villagers and tell them that she is here to help them. They however don’t believe her and think she will go back to Changsha and tell the people there that the villagers are sick. So they decide to contaminate her with this contagious illness…


Fo Ye tells her to follow them back to Changsha and Ba Ye will probably find a solution for her. However, the villagers want to stop them from leaving. Dr.Mo is worried, but Fo Ye says he promised Xinyue he will bring her back so she doesn’t have to worry. They try to argue with the villagers, but end up in a fight. The narrator in the back says that the villagers are actually also reluctant to help the Japanese people protect the treasure.

In the meantime, little Ya Tou (the girl Chen Pi became friend with later) receives the visit of Chen Pi’s men. They want to bring her out of Changsha so she can be safe from the Japanese people. They also tell her that Chen Pi is thankful to her, but he needs to finish his promise to another person before. Little Ya Tou says she will wait for him however it takes because she, just like him, is a person with loyalty. Awwwnnn *ship*

The men comes back to tell the relieved Chen Pi that she is safe. Chen Pi takes time by himself to think about her and their memories. He however, burns the cloth she made for him. He says out loud that he hopes that she will be able to live happily ever after so that when he die, he has one less thing to worry. 😥

They bring Dr.Mo to Ba Ye’s house. They find everything extremly weird and cannot explain it. Ba Ye suggests to bring out Wu Lao Gou’s house’s dog (One of the Nine Gates member, let’s call him Lao Gou for now)! Fo Ye says that he is being silly since it sounds like he wants to get revenge on Lao Gou. Apparently, Ba Ye and Lao Gou got into a fight last week. To this, Ba Ye argues that there is no way he dare joke around with Dr.Mo’s life, especially because he is scarred of her cousin, Xinyue. To this, Fo Ye says that is very true. Fo Ye also points out that Xinyue will probably be very sad to see Dr.Mo’s state. Awwn


13 15

They bring Er Ye and Xinyue in and they both worry for Dr.Mo’s state.

4 6

Xinyue asks Er Ye why he didn’t go search for her too and he says that he was worried too.


While these two takes care of her, Fo Ye and Ba Ye goes to visit Lao Gou. There, while Fo Ye distracts Lao Gou, Fo Ye goes hide in the bathroom. When both Fo Ye and Lao Gou leaves, Ba Ye has a bit of difficulties but successful steal the dog.


They bring the dog back and they will try to take something (?) out of it to save Mr.Huo. Fo Ye playing with the dog.


They go through the surgery and Xinyue helps Dr.Mo out through it all. Dr.Mo faints during the process, but she is fine now.


Afterward, Er Ye offers to take care of her and Fo Ye sends Ba Ye back to Lao Gou’s house to give back the dog. Fo Ye and Xinyue leave hand in hand.


Then, Lao Gou and Ba Ye has a funny conversation where Ba Ye tries to leave the dog at the door, but is caught by Lao Gou. Lao Gou takes his time to make Ba Ye feel guilty and they start a fight.. before Ba Ye reveals that the dog just went through a surgery. Lao Gou immediately starts worrying and forgets the fight: he brings the dog back home. Hihi


Episode 46

Fo Ye, Ba Ye, and Lieutenant are talking together about the precious Yun Tong (the rock or the precious object found in the tomb). They realize that they may had destroyed the tomb and the other Yun Tongs, but there is a third one in that small village and the Japanese people are still after it. Also, the illness is probably created by it, but nobody has a good cure right now.


Fo Ye and Lieutenant leave together to find the new Yun Tong. They dig right and left, goes to a tomb/hotel/restaurant/icy place/others. They meet a little girl in the icy tomb.

10 11 17

At a restaurant, they find Chen Pi talking with the local authority (people wearing black). They realize that Chen Pi allied with the Japanese people and they are also on the same track as them.


At some point, Er Ye learned that Fo Ye left to find the new Yun Tong. Worried for his safety, Er Ye decides to go help them out and leaves Changsha too.


We get some blabla scenes I decided to skip (a lot of these scenes are similar to the ones we saw before). Anyhow, they end up getting caught by the Black Authority people and Chen Pi. Fo Ye sacrifices himself and is caught unconscious. At that point, Er Ye arrives. Thanks to a local little girl’s method and Fo Ye’s Zhang family blood, he survives through it all.



Fo Ye and Er Ye in the wind~~ Er Ye compliments Fo Ye for his fast recovery.


They keep exploring around, but gets caught in a trap. All of our men are left unconscious as the bad guys arrive to catch them.

Episode 47

Fo Ye, Er Ye and the villagers are trapped in a prison. Er Ye and Fo Ye tries multiple tricks to get out, but fails because of Chen Pi’s perceptive personality. Chen Pi makes the trap open up, which leads our cast to fall even deeper in the prison/cave. There, Fo Ye and Er Ye runs around to find the exit. They find a decorative accessory that Er Ye recognizes to be Ya Tou’s. They take it with them.

3 2

Chen Pi catches up on them and they start fighting. The fight with Er Ye is especially epic.



Suddenly, the hairpin falls from Er Ye’s bag and Chen Pi realizes that the gift he gave to Ya Tou years ago was the catalyst to her sickness. Flashback shows that he bought this pin from a vendor a long time ago. Then, Er Ye didn’t want him to have it saying it could be dangerous, but he still insisted to give it to Ya Tou. As the pin broke and it was poisonous, Ya Tou caught the disease….


Finally everyone got out of the place and they “successully” played off the plan of the Japanese. Later, we discover that Chen Pi is ill and caught the same illness as Ya Tou, but luckly, Ba Ye has the cure. Chen Pi intends to contaminate everyone who harmed him and Ya Tou before. Hence, our little group decides to trap Chen Pi out. And Xinyue announces she wants to be the bait.


They decide on a story where Xinyue did some funny things to the medicine that Ya Tou was supposed to eat and that is why she died… Xinyue and Fo Ye having fun as they act out their angry fight in their house and makes sure a very gossipy employee hear them. xD Hence, the rumor is spreading across the city and will arrive to Chen Pi’s ears.



So, how do you rate their performance?






Whatever your rating, they casually end it with a kiss.. cause they can’t actually be mad!!


Xinyue is being chased by Chen Pi into the forest. Xinyue gives him the letter Ya Tou wrote in which she recommends him to let go of his anger since it is nobody’s fault. Chen Pi denies the reality. Whatever, as Xinyue did her job.

2 17

We leave Ba Ye to finish off curing Chen Pi.. (or does he die? I am not sure on that).


Episode 48

Fo Ye and Ba Ye estimates that the third and last Yun Tong is under the White tree of the White village where Da Tusi is. Hence, nobody can really get it out. The Yun Tong is the powerful meteorite rock that the Japanese people are looking for.

At Ya Tou’s tomb, Er Ye is preparing his own coffin. He tells Dr.Mo to not worry because he intends to join Ya Tou in a few months. He made his coffin a bit higher such that Ya Tou can lean on him even in the other world. .-. Ok… As long as you find peace in yourself I guess… Dr.Mo doesn’t know what to say either to this.


In the meantime, the Japanese/Caucasian dude finds out the secret about the last Yun Tong. He goes there to dig and only finds a mysterious map…

9 10

Jumps to year 1939. It is time to prepare for war. Fo Ye tells Xinyue that he is going to participate in the upcoming war and when everything will be done, he will go get her. For now, he wants her to go hide at her father’s house.

1 2

Xinyue reluctantly accepts. And they… kiss!

3 4 7

Gif version! Repeat, repeat, and repeat!!






However, after Fo Ye leaves, Xinyue tells her maid that she is not leaving. She will wait for Fo Ye in his house, in Changsha. They will live or die together.


It is also the time to disperse the Old Nine Gates group as everyone announce where they intend to go from now on. Most people sound like they found nice places to hide outside of Changsha.



We then see Fo Ye walking around the empty streets and remembering the first time he met everyone in the Mystic Nine.

4 12

During the war scene, we see Fo Ye and Lieutenant fight. There are bombs and airplanes everywhere.



To Fo Ye’s surprise, everyone joins in: Er Ye, Ba Ye, Jiu Ye and Ms. Huo. After an epic speech, they charge toward the enemy.


Notice Er Ye’s cute expression. Haha!



===== END OF ALL 😥 ===

Now, it is a last glance time at our favorite characters.

Do we have any fans of Zhang Fu Guan aka Lieutenant? He worked so hard through it all!

1 3 4

Now, it is time to go back and remember all the good moments! Fo Ye had been handsome since the beginning, right?

4d7f0a6dgw1f7sdf9pyhng20b404w4qq 4d7f0a6dgw1f7sdfbs8a1g20b405h1ky 4d7f0a6dgw1f7sdfdvwlkg20b405ehdt 4d7f0a6dgw1f7sdfm4zpxg20b405cb29

Xinyue looked beautiful at every scene.

1 2 3

Our main and favorite OTP, Fo Ye and Xinyue



Now, time for some more BTS!

Fo Ye looking good *HEAVY BREATH* in these BTS

1 2

Xinyue and Er Ye playing around:


Another Beautiful FMV


Amazing Sand Art of Er Ye and Fo Ye ❤

Now, what are these two are up for in real life?

William Chan will be going on Happy Camp again next week! 😀 I think he is going to promote the movie L.O.R.D. Interesting, considering Lay went last week!

10 11

William is helding his concerts right now and it looks like he is having a blast! Why wouldn’t he when we think of his extremly successful summer? 😀

2 3 4 5

William’s photo shoot!


Zhao Liying attended the 2016 China Bazaar with many of her fellow stars and everyone looked flawless. Including her!

6 7 8

She looked especially close with Chen Xuedong and I can’t remember when they became so close @_@ Happy for a new friend though since Xuedong is a good actor in general ^^ Maybe they got introduced by Ouyang Nana who filmed with him this year? Also, she is in the same frame as Er Ye (Lay) and Huang Bo! Awesome @_@


Last note:

This has been a wonderful experience with all of you guys! Fangirling and recapping, meeting new commenters!! I am so happy this is my last recap project on this blog and it is all thanks to you guys!! Much love ❤ And as many told me, I also hope for YOU GUYS to find your Fo Ye if you didn’t find him yet 😉

So, isn’t Fo Ye badass?


He is perfect for our Xinyue. ❤



248 thoughts on “[Storyline Short Recap] The Mystic Nine Episode 45-48 [End]

  1. LOL there a rumor WC and Dilraba are dating because some items they used are similar…is our ship going to sink girlS ??? BUT does it need that cruel to let it spread out on ZLY birthday?? 😦


      • lizzieyen says:

        Awww he looks so happy just reminiscing ! It’s hard not to ship them….even the apple scene where they were fake fighting was also their own creation. So cute!

        How come ZLY didn’t attend this ? Probably stuck with Princess agents.

        I am sure they will find each other in the end… like Shu Qi and Stephen Fung!


      • haha i read that interview too, she said doesnt want someone in entertainment while wanting they have same talk/speak, dont you think it too conflict ?

        u mean two weddings or only wedding night?


      • fireflymaoh says:

        the wedding night
        yeah it was random, I think she just wants all the rumors with her costars to end. She is probably tired of it.


      • @lizzieyen today LY attend Golden Eagle and win Favorite Actress/ Golden Eagle Queen, i guess if she have no schedule she will attend Mystic Nine party

        btw its so weird why WC has named to attend the award today before but then he didnt go, sigh…i thought at least he and ZLY can reunion there…


      • Aizz just watch the clip, WC does look happy when talking about this making scene, but some how i still think he look sad , not much cheerful as usual …dont get what they said, could u help to translate a bit @fireflymaoh ?


      • fireflymaoh says:

        actually @lizzieyen can help us more
        I only understood that part about the wedding scene and eating fruits being their own creation and I think he evaded her questions.


  2. Lizzie says:

    hi both!! My Mandarin is only passable so I am not sure if can do a 100% word for word translation as I too am not familiar with all the words but will try and give the gist of it 🙂

    1. The MC asks WC to look at the big screen and she asks how come it stops here as the subsequent scene should be the consummation scene. He says to “edit scene” [I am not too sure about the exact words but essentially to stop] and she asks why? I want to see more. She then says “but this is not what i want to ask” and he says “yes, this is not what you are supposed to ask”.

    2. She says this scene is very adorable especially the two expressions (XY tossing the petal and smiling at him while FY opens the door and smiles at her). he says “yes, errr” and she interjects “when you acted this, you were very happy or i guess, very relaxed” and he says” i notice that you are continuously digging holes for me to jump in” and she says “no, i am being very serious in my questions” and he says “but your hand is shaking and i notice that you shake when asking these sort of questions” to which she says “no no dont observe me its just cold” 🙂

    3. She then changes the topic and says that this scene evokes a very warm feeling to the viewers as usually FY is so serious and is burdened with huge responsibilities but the wedding night is always a happy event (she says some proverbs to do with love but thats beyond me!). WC laughs continuously and she says that “even thinking about it now, you are so happy! If there is a second season, you will continue with this as we (the audience) like to watch and you are clearly so happy acting it!. You are really so happy!! Is it because you are reminiscing to the time you were acting this scene? WC is just laughing and smiling sweetly (in a kinda i-cant-help-myself-way) throughout this entire conversation and then he sobers up and says ” i think you really like to joke, is there nothing else you want to say?” She says “yeah, I am here just to joke” and then goes on to the actual interview 🙂

    4. She asks him what is most memorable for him in this scene? (I think that was the point of this interview – to demonstrate that him and LY did the scene themselves but she deviated from the set question and teased him earlier 🙂 ) and he says “all is scripted by us”. I thought it was interesting that he never says LY and I (which I guess you would if in a strictly professional relationship) but he refers to them as an entity (they are definitely close friends if not in a relationship thats my take!) Because all the actions (which at this point he chuckles again) is scripted by us. He then gets serious and says that this show gives the actors space of express themselves and he noticed that all the QiYue scenes that the audience likes are the ones where they scripted it themselves. The director gave them full flexibility and none of the dialogue in those scenes where in the script (at which point he smiles broadly again!) and since its not crucial to the storyline, they felt that they can improvise and add scenes with own dialogue to make it more authentic to the characters and make the audience happy (a nod to their CP fandom). He also says that the scene where they are eating fruits (their fakefight) was something they added in themselves because they had some free time and just asked the director to continue to shoot while they improvised.

    5. MC then says that since the actors had so much room to express themselves, the end product would be really good as its based off their own feelings. She also hopes for him that there would be such opportunities in the future because it does seem that the audience appreciates such scenes (ie ones in the actors themselves create the dialogue and the scene).

    6. I am not 100% sure of the subsequent conversation as it seems that there was also an earlier scene broadcasted which shows WC in his serious FY mode and basically both scenes are meant to represent WC, I think she also says that in one scene has WC laughing heartily.

    7. She then goes on to say that for an artist, the highest acclaim from fans would be when they start to imitate him (which WC says err no…) but she says yes! If you are an Andy Lau fan, you would imitate his singing and if you are a WC fan, you would imitate his laugh! He starts to chuckle again and then it stops.

    Hope this helps!! I cant help but feel that WC and ZLY have discussed this before hand as in what WC wants to be asked at the fan meet – it seems that they consciously do not want to be asked about any rumors on their relationship/friendship. It seems odd that this question was not asked outrightly as they are both single and attractive – would only make sense if they were teased about it Also seems a bit co incidental that both of them are in Changsha and he decides to go for the fan meet although previously confirmed to attend the Golden Eagle Awards. Seems like they have discussed this before hand!! That is my overactive imagination working 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • fireflymaoh says:

      I do think they have both agreed not to have questions asked about their relationship. They were a really popular OTP this Summer but no one asks them about their OTP in interviews and when they do both of them deflect. Like for one interview someone mentioned Qiyue to ZLY and she brought up BiYao and XiaoFan lol. I dont think they want any more rumors and stuff.
      Anyways here is an article with some fo the cut scenes. It has pictures and gifs. I havent been able to find the uncut episodes.

      I am glad that all our favorite Qiyue scenes were made by WC and ZLY. It is nice when dramas give actors a chance to go off script and be creative.


  3. this really helps, indeed! many thanks for the long translation @lizzieyen *bow*

    1. LOL sure the producer or itsWC request to stop at that scene but not show next one on bed, I think he was shy to re-watch it 😛

    2. the MC is very funny, clearly she is Ting Ying shipper, must emphasize many times he was very happy when acting this wedding night 😀 but I notice WC always answer like this when being asked as a trap question about him and LY relationship “you are digging holes for me to jump in”, if they have nothing he can answer comfortably “we are actors and just acting professionally or etc…”

    3. LOL at the MC again, teasing him looking happy to reminisce the scenes …aww those sweet smiles >~< he evade and mislead the question but his expression is full of happy *oh my heart*

    4. I swear when watching the clip I tried all best to hear ZLY name from his mouth but only heard “Wo Men” “Wo Men”, like you I also think normally the actors would say “I and ZLY…” but he didn’t, just call themselves as “We/us”, MC asked the most memorized scene but he didn’t say which one but just answer “all scripted by us”, din’t mean that all the scenes between him and LY are very good memories to him, plus he can’t stop smiling/laughing to talk about how they filming, I can’t help to ship them harder …ahh so the fruit scene given out just because they are so free? LOL the actors often take time to take a rest after finished the scenes but he and ZLY want to act more, these two really enjoyed filming together ❤

    5. oh I think she is referring Mystic Nine season 2 to see more those creation by ZLY and WC themselves 😛

    6. WC is cute but sometimes he did look like FY, especially when he is serious and doesn’t smile

    Huhm so the party also held at Chang Sa where Golden Eagle happened, I feel weird too, about WC final cfmd to join the party but not attend the awards…maybe you are right, they avoid to appear together in public because they were teased before at IQiyi awards earlier this year, but none of them felt unhappy or awkward, proof that they still chat a lot and interact closely while filming Mystic Nine…

    btw many ppl wonder if WC already sent his wish to ZLY for her birthday 😀 hahha Im sure he did (message/weixing or other ways) but if he can meet ad talk to her at Chang Sa yesterday it was really good 


  4. I just finished this drama over the weekend … ahhh i know super late…. the ending though, i really don’t understand it, can anyone it explain it to me >_< please?? …

    so they charged towards the enemy ……….. and then??

    Did The Mystic Nine all die? Survive the war? Did Fo Ye reunite with Xinyue? i felt like the ending left me hanging in way **sigh**


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