About Us

Hi to our beloved visitors/followers. We are a team of two online writers and drama devotees. We started writing about Chinese Entertainment during March 2013 and have two blogs. The first one is https://cdramadevotee.com/ and this one is a follow-up, https://centdevotee.wordpress.com/. The two blogs are similar in style, but different in content

archidisign: Hi! I am always following what is happening in the Chinese Entertainment industry, especially when it comes to dramas. On this blog, I will write reviews for my favorite Chinese dramas, some recaps, and update you on the newest events happening in C-entertainment. I am gonna write a lot about Zhao Liying, Ady An and Yang Rong (my girl crushes :3 ) and Chen Xiao, Wallace Huo, Hu Ge and William Chan (my gods!).

intellectualkitten: Hi guys! I love c-industry and I am really pumped to write regularly about c-news for you guys. Most of the time, I just watch variety shows (such as Go Fighting! and Run Brothers) and movies (Tiny Times, Those Years)  but I irregularly do some marathon:).