[Actress] Ruby Lin Through the Years


We did a feature for Fan Bingbing a while back so now, it is time to do the same for Ruby Lin. The newly wed Ms.Lin (or Ms.Huo? <3) is now expecting her first baby and yet, still has a bright career ahead of her. What an elegant lady. Let’s walk down memory land together. Continue reading

[Actress Special] Guan Xiaotong’s Rise to Popularity


Let me tell you, after reading this post, you will find no flaw in actress Guan Xiaotong. She recently rose to fame thanks to her performance in To Be a Better Man this year and for receiving high score at the Chinese College Entrance exam. But did you know she is a child actress who started acting when she was six years old? She acted along famous people such as Yang Mi, Li Bingbing, Nicholas Tse, Ruby Lin, Yang Yang, Sun Honglei, Lay and many more. At barely 19 years old, she will lead the upcoming hit dramas Xuan Yuan Sword Han Zhi Yun and Novoland Castle in the Sky. Right now, she is known as the nation’s daugther (China version). Continue reading

[Actor Update] Ma Ke Has New Stills for You


Ma Ke rised to stardom last year after portraying Sha Qian Mo (aka Sha Jiejie) in the all-time most watched Chinese drama Hua Qian Gu. Since then, he was announce as star for many many dramas. As of today, only one of his five dramas had been released: Revive. Here is a post for two other of his next projects, probably going to be released soon: The Journey and Hot Girl. Continue reading

Demon Girl and LOCH: Li Yitong Is Ready to Take Over the Cdramaland

Guess who is going to have a bright acting career in 2017? Newcommer Li Yitong has two high profile dramas where she plays the female lead. First, she is starring in the upcoming Yu Zheng drama Demon Girl where she plays a demon lady that survives through time and has a difficult love story. Second, she plays Huang Rong in the next adaptation of popular wuxia novel Legend of the Condor Heroes.

[update 2016/06/17: More pretty stills of the leads for LOCH and one new poster for Demon Girl]

Continue reading

Zhao Liying Special: Zhu Xian and Lucky TianBao!


I hope everyone coming on the blog are Zhao Liying fans are else, you will find June very boring xD It is the time of the year for my girl to shine and she worked extra hard all this time for all her projects that are coming out now… Let’s look into two of them today, Zhu Xian alongside Li Yifeng and Yang Zi and Lucky Tianbao alongside Kim Kibum and Zhu Zixiao. Continue reading

Zhao Liying Special: Rookie Agent Rouge and The Mystic Nine


As both dramas announced their release dates, we have been compiling stills and trailers for both projects. Old Nine Gates will be released for June 20th on IQiYi and later, on Dragon TV. Rookie Agent Rouge will be released for the small screen on June 24th. But I still felt the urge to share these new stills before the release dates! Continue reading

[Actress] Fan Bingbing as Ancient Goddess


When you have a pretty face like Fan Bingbing and you are Chinese, you should definitely act in a lot of period dramas. She has the talent of always coming out really pretty in everything. She played ancient beauties like the Fox spirit Daji, the Empress Wu Zetian, the famous concubine Yang, etc. She topped the Forbes most influential person in China list many years in a roll and rightfully though. She worked so hard and had sooo many projects. Continue reading