[Breaking News] Kimi Qiao Dies in Accident [More on Cnewsdevotee]


First, I want to let you know Cnewsdevotee have been created *mini celebration*! However, it is not time to celebrate as the first post will be a tragic one: our beloved Kimi Qiao is dead according to the latest media news. Visionofjm is preparing an article to this effect on Cnewsdevotee  at the link: https://cnewsdevotee.wordpress.com/

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[Admin] The End of Cdramadevotee


We mentioned this a few times in the comment section so this should not come out as such a surprise anymore. The increasing number of posts during the last few weeks was also an indication of our decision… Today, we have the sad, but important responsibility to announce that we are ending blogging on Cdramadevotee as of September 6th, 2016. Continue reading

[Part 1] Wedding for Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin


We are making a two part posts for the amazing and unexpected wedding of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin! I say unexpected because they went public barely a month ago and now, we have one of the most celebrities packed event of the year. ❤ Today, they held their pre-wedding dinner and they invited their closest friends. Continue reading

[Part 2] Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen Wedding


Ready for part 2? What, there is a part 2?? Yes! The couple is a very intercultural couple as Chen Xiao is mainland Chinese while as Michelle Chen is Taiwanese. Hence, on July 21st, they held their second wedding in Taipei, Taiwan. Michelle Chen personally invited the 300 guests. Congratulations to them and be ready for tone of dreamy pictures! Because one thing is for sure and that is they are getting pro at organizing wedding!! Continue reading